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Friday, November 30, 2007
looking ahead

As most of you have gathered from the minor tweak of my blog design and my lack of a T13 yesterday, I'm retiring that meme. I had a good run, but deep down, I'm always looking for the next shiny.

Next week, I have something cool planned. I'm calling it Early Christmas, and I'll be featuring five amazing authors, who have been kind enough to participate in what I call Speed Blogging. I ask them for their inspiration for a particular book in 100 words or less, so I'll have that along with some very fangirl squeeing. So if you've ever wondered what jumpstarted Eve Kenin's creative engines for Driven, or why Eileen Wilks wrote the Lupi books, or how Jeri Smith-Ready conceived the idea behind the Aspect of Crow series, you won't want to miss Early Christmas.

I'll have a speed blog from Eve on Monday, something from Eileen on Tuesday, and Jeri on Wednesday. But I'm not gonna tell you what's in store for Thursday and Friday.

Why am I calling it Early Christmas? Well, because I'm putting together a prize package of books that have rocked my world this year. And you'll get a contest entry for your first comment, and then an extra one for every twelve comments (yes, for the twelve days of Christmas, aren't you clever?!) you make on my blog that whole week. The big winner will walk away with five free books from Amazon (which includes three from the authors mentioned above, and two special mystery titles to be announced later). There will be random, surprise gifts awarded at any time as well.

It's gonna be a party up in here next week, and I hope you're as excited as I am. After Early Christmas week ends, however, you won't be seeing me until well into the New Year. So I wanna make this a bash to remember. Won't you join me?


Blogger Angela/SciFiChick said...
Fun idea! I'm looking forward to it..

Anonymous Susan said...
I'm counting the days!

Have a great vacation!

Blogger Angela James said...
Is Grimspace up for giveaway? Because I can be the most obnoxiously frequent commenter ever, if that's the case ;)

Blogger Ann said...
I'll be here. :)

Blogger Sweet said...
I'm really looking forward to this. Free books and random prizes, thats my kind of party. :)
I hope Eve Kenin writes more stories that take place in her Driven world. I so want to find out what happened to Wizard's sister.

Blogger Wendy said...
Um, Ann? It is MONDAY! lol *cough* I'm patiently wait here... *g*

Blogger Ann Aguirre said...
Hehe, post is up. Let's get the party started!

Anonymous catslady said...
hmmmm I can't see it?????

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