8 random things about me

Lainey tagged me, so here we go.

1. I have a heightened sense of smell…

2. …and a black thumb.

3. Before I put on an item of clothing, I smell it. This is a habit picked up in college when I didn’t do my laundry as often as I should have. I still do it because I love the smell of clean clothes. And y’know, it never hurts to be sure you’re not about to put on something funky that wound up in the wardrobe by mistake. Note: this doesn’t apply to undergarments. I trust those are clean if they’re in my drawers; I’m not weird enough to sniff my own panties.

4. My favorite perfume is CK Escape.

5. I once dyed my hair pink on purpose.

6. I hate answering questions, particularly stupid ones, and yes, there is such a thing; I don’t care what your teacher told you. There’s a special circle in hell reserved for people who ask you something, don’t listen to the answer, and then ask the question again five minutes later.

7. I camped out for Prince tickets in my misspent youth.

8. One thing I miss about the States is canned ravioli. No, I’m not kidding.

I’m not tagging anyone. If you wanna do it and you read this, feel free. Otherwise, I shall subject nobody else to this me-me-me meme