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I’m also happy to appear on other people’s blogs now and then, though I no longer have time to do this regularly. To request I visit yours, please email my assistant, Mel Jolly at Author Rx.

In Person

July 9-13, 2019

Potential Appearances

If you’d like me to visit as a speaker or a guest, I’m happy to consider it. Your organization will need to cover travel, food, and lodging.
I’m available for school visits, where I can give a variety of presentations, including but not limited to:
• How to Draft a Book in 6 Weeks (or less)
• So You Want to be a Writer
• The Payoff of Perseverance
• Finding your True Voice
I’m also available for general Q&A and readings. I’m glad to spend the whole day at your school, but will only do presentations for grades 9 and up. I’ll also be delighted to sign while I’m there. Since I live outside the US, it may be wise to invite me when I’m already planning to be in the States so check my travel calendar to see if I’m in your vicinity. With some advance notice, I can extend a trip or leave a day or two prior.

If I’m not already in the States, I prefer events in CA and TX because those locales are the quickest / easiest for me to travel to, but it never hurts to ask! Feel free to email my assistant, Mel Jolly at Author Rx. for more information about scheduling.

Finally, if you want a signed bookplate (or signed bookmarks) and you won’t be in my vicinity this year, send a request to my assistant, Mel Jolly at Author Rx.