Too good not to share

Bonus post today — my agent made a great three-book deal for fellow author, Cynthia Eden. I heard about this on Thursday, but I wasn’t allowed to mention it until all the details were ironed out. Check this out.

Cynthia Eden’s TOUCHING THE DARKNESS, a psychologist whose patients are all supernatural creatures — lovelorn succubi, vampires with blood phobias and the occasional shifter with commitment issues — is pulled into a brutal murder investigation as a profiler, to Kate Duffy and Megan Records at Kensington Brava, in a nice deal, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency (World).

This looks like a lot of fun; I’ll certainly be checking this out. Congrats, Cynthia!

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9 Responses to Too good not to share

  1. QB says:

    This ol’ werewolf ho wants to thank you, Annie, for the head’s up about Cynthia. No way will I be able to resist those stories of hers!

  2. Ann(ie) says:

    “lovelorn succubi, vampires with blood phobias and the occasional shifter with commitment issues”

    I think that part looks really fun and fresh.

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks so much, Annie! And I certainly hope you have a great agent relationship with Laura!

  4. Ann(ie) says:

    Thanks, Cynthia.

    Like I told my husband last night in bed, I’m positive Laura is “the one.” He cracked up laughing and said, “I’m glad you’re over your breakup with Michelle.”

    I can’t wait to read TOUCHING THE DARKNESS (or whatever you wind up calling it). Sounds very cool.

  5. Tara Marie says:

    …in a nice deal…

    I always wonder about this, would anyone admit to not getting or giving a “nice deal”?

    PS The book sounds interesting :D

  6. Ann(ie) says:

    Hehe, Tara, it’s actually “code” because it’s gauche to talk about money in public. Here’s the breakdown:

    Nice deal is $1 to $49,000
    Very nice deal is $50K to $99K
    Good deal is $100K to $250
    Significant deal is $250K to $499K
    Major deal is $500K and up

  7. Tara Marie says:

    I figured it was code and someone would take pity on me and explain :D

  8. Ann(ie) says:

    I’m hoping for a “nice” deal someday soon. Anything more than that would make me really nervous about earning out my advance.

  9. Cora Zane says:

    Awesome news! Congrats, Cynthia. ^_^

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