Which Boundless hero is right for you?

No new posts until the winner is announced on Sept 12

Which Boundless hero is right for you?
Dev is your true demon lover! By turns tender, impassioned, and playful, Dev yearns for someone to love him. He’s willing to do anything to be with you. He’s spent countless lifetimes looking for someone just like you, and now that he’s found you, he’s never letting you go. He needs someone like you to teach him about real love and longing.
How do you find your hero?
Take this test!

To enter, here are your options. Take this test, and post your results in the comments here. That’s good for one entry. For a second entry, post your quiz results on your blog, along with a purchase link to Boundless. For a third entry, buy Boundless and email me a copy of the receipt you get from Liquid Silver. So that’s a total of three ways you can win. Yeah, the people who do all three will have the best chances of walking away with the loot. I don’t want to leave out blog-less folks, but I also intend to reward those who pimp us and/or buy the book.

The prize? I thought you’d never ask.

It’s a $40 Amazon gift certificate, courtesy of Dionne, Bonnie and me. We’re going to run this contest for a full week, which means announcing the winner on September 12. Let the pimpage and purchases begin!

PS – Pimpage should flow both ways, so be sure to stop by Lauren Dane’s blog and read about her awesome new release Fire and Rain.

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