Meet my new imaginary boyfriend

Yet more Viggo He played Lucifer in The Prophecy movies, and he rocked. He embodied Aragorn in the Tolkien-inspired blockbusters. Viggo

But he didn’t win my devotion until last night when I saw him in Alatriste, speaking excellent Castilian. Today he sealed the deal in Eastern Promises. Be still my heart; he was freakin’ awesome. Oh, and the movie was good too.
More Viggo

So let me introduce you to my new imaginary boyfriend.

be still my heart, Viggo

The scary Viggo Those cheekbones, those eyes, that fierce mouth… he’s just amazingly versatile and he fairly radiates passion, leashed intensity, and raw charisma, and did I already say passion? Fetch my hartshorn, I’m fixin’ to succumb to the vapors!


if you’re interested in starring as March, I could throw out all my preconceived notions about what he looks like. We could talk about it over dinner…


*So not gonna happen. “Shattered dreams! Need clean up in Aisle 1.”

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23 Responses to Meet my new imaginary boyfriend

  1. azteclady says:

    *coming by with mop and bucket*

    But one can dream, can’t one?

    (How’re the Wanderlust edits coming along, by the way? :grin:)

  2. Lauren Dane says:

    I love me some Viggo.

  3. limecello says:

    :grin: I love Viggo – and I always keep an eye out for his movies.

  4. wendy says:

    He’s teh hotness! what is the name of that mafia movie he was recently in? I think he’s naked on it. Ahem.

    A little visit to Blockbuster is in order!

    I think since I saw the ads for this movie, I’ve been having those thoughts about marrying into the Russian (I think it was Russian, gotta check) mafia.

    TMI? Thought so too! :grin:

  5. azteclady says:

    Wendy, that’s Eastern Promises. I haven’t seen it yet :sad: but I hear there’re tattoes and a naked fight scene…

  6. Ann Aguirre says:

    Eastern Promises, yep. And yes, he’s naked. You get to see his butt and brief hints of his dangly bits.

    That fight scene is BRUTAL.

  7. bettie says:

    Eastern Promises is on my NetFlix list. Have you seen A History of Violence? It was a David Cronenburg / Viggo Mortenson collaboration, too. Director Cronenburg never fails to both creep me out and gross me out–the man’s a genius. And Mortenson does such an awesome job humanizing brutal characters. He’s horrible, but sympathetic, menacing but attractive. And now I’m insanely curious about Mortenson en Espanol. It’s good to know going in that he doesn’t have any sort of reverse Penelope Cruz thing going (she’s phenomenal in Spanish, but meh in English). I’ll have to check out Alatriste when it gets to our neck of the woods.

  8. Lorelie says:

    Yep, it’s on my Netflix too. :::rubs hands in glee:::: It’s almost up.

    It’s kinda weird how I’ve been hearing more good things about this movie now, since it came out on DVD, than I did when it was in the theater.

    And I’m sure this is going to make me seem totally shallow compared to Bettie’s discusion of humanizing brutal characters, etc, but the angry-sex-on-the-stairs scene in A History of Violence? Ohmigod wowza.

  9. Ann Aguirre says:

    Oh, Wanderlust edits are done. Shoulda answered that earlier.

    And Lorelie, I can see I need to watch that film. When my husband recommended it, he didn’t say anything about sex on stairs…

  10. wendy says:

    Eastern Promises! Awesome, thanks guys. I found a Blockbuster gift card I got back in Thanksgiving and the second I get a chance I’m so going hunting for that film, heh heh.

    Angry sex on the stairs?! Damn, I gotta check that one too.

  11. Lorelie says:

    Funny, sex on the stairs was one of my husband’s first points when he recommended it. lmao Guess he knows I live in the gutter.

  12. Therese says:

    Hey, he’s MY boyfriend. That two-timer.

  13. Bonnie Dee says:

    Sorry. Can’t get into a dimple-chinned man. Unless it’s Ewan MacGregor. Every time I look at Viggo I can’t get past the Ken-doll squareness of his jaw and that damn pit in his chin. But you go ahead and enjoy him.

    My current make believe boyfriend is James McAvoy. I can’t get enough of his eyes and his smile. I’ve tracked down most of the movies he’s been in as well as the Brit TV series, Shameless (which is a great show with or without him).

  14. Ann Aguirre says:

    Hehe, Therese. :)

    Hm. Who’s Ewan McGregor? I’m not normally a fan of chin clefts either, but with Viggo it just doesn’t matter.

  15. Therese says:

    Oh, Ewan. My other boyfriend. Here’s a linkie to a pic of him and Nicole K; they co-starred in Moulin Rouge (fantastical movie):

    I prefer Viggo’s weathered look, though, and his poet’s soul. Sigh.

  16. Ann Aguirre says:

    “I prefer Viggo’s weathered look, though, and his poet’s soul. Sigh.”

    Me too! That weathered look is what makes him so utterly delicious. He’s just fantastic in Eastern Promises. There’s some really interesting subtext in his relationship with his mafia “boss”. I’d love to talk to someone else who’s seen it.

  17. JaimeK says:

    I’ll put it out there – Viggo is just plain Hhhhhhoooottttt!

    He will have to be a three-timer (if there is such a thing) because he is my boyfriend too – my husband is checking this e-mail out and he is rolling his eyes!!


  18. JaimeK says:

    Okay, let’s try Viggo is just plain HAAAWWWWTTT! Looks better than what looks like “hoot!”

  19. Therese says:

    Hmm, making note to self: Must add Eastern Promises to NetFlix list!

  20. Ann Aguirre says:

    Jaime — I agree. Viggo is hawt.

    Therese — let me know when you watch it. I’d love to discuss some of the subtext.

  21. Karen B. says:

    Ann I’ve seen Eastern Promises and the whole subtext with his boss and homosexuality in the Russian mafia is great. Anytime you wanna discuss, email me and I’ll give you my IM.

    Viggo is HOT!

    The first movie I ever saw him in was Ruby Cairo with Andy MadDowell and Liam Neeson … it was really good and I was hooked on Viggo as soon as I realized that I liked the bad guy more than the hero.

  22. He totally has a thing for languages. He did a good job of speaking Lakota in Hidalgo. And le sigh. Boy oh boy did I love Eastern Promises.

  23. Shoshana says:

    I’ll come over and watch you clean up aisle 1…with a book in case you take a long time.


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