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First, thanks for the outpouring of support that came in the form of comments and emails after my crappy United experience. Things did get better, and I had a lovely time at RT. My first day was hurried because I had to locate boxes before my first event, and I would have preferred to do that the day before, but the RT staff came through down at the wire (thanks, Kevin!)

So let’s talk high points. I’m not giving a minute by minute account, just listing some things that struck me as awesome.

Even though the Hilton was a bit lacking in basic amenities (she said in a massive understatement), they made my stay a pleasure. When our room proved too small for a cot, we pushed the beds together and made an Ann-wich. They’re both so much fun I can’t even articulate it. I miss them both already!

Hanging out with the Bradford Bunch.

I loved meeting Lauren, Vivi, Megan, and Anya. Sometimes people aren’t what you expect in person, but that wasn’t the case here. I don’t know what I’d have done without them. I’m sure, in fact, that I would have been miserable because I’m the type to sit in my room with a book if other people aren’t actively inviting me places. I suck at networking and I never assume anyone wants to hang around with me unless they actively say so.

Meeting readers.

I participated in a couple of reader events, which were fantastic. That was the whole reason I came to RT and I wasn’t disappointed. It was cool to have people recognize me, sometimes even in the elevator. She said, “Hey, you’re the Grimspace lady! I read your book and LOVED it.” There’s nothing like it for feeling like a ‘real’ author.

Selling out at the book fair.

God, I was sooo excited. I had worried myself sick before leaving for RT that I wouldn’t sell any copies, and to my astonished delight, Grimspace moved really well. I got to meet readers I’ve communicated with via email, and they brought friends by my table to recommend the book. (Thanks, Shannon!) I will also never forget the wonderful lady who bought my last copy (K.E., I’m talking to you). I hope the Chandler dance was worth it! It was also a crazy thrill to sign books for Keri Arthur and Shiloh Walker.

Being interviewed by Smart Bitch Sarah.

I can only imagine what that interview will look like, but Morgan seemed to think we did all right. It was wicked cool talking about my book in person with Sarah. She said I have mad skills and she really liked Grimspace. She also totally got Jax. Her insights impressed me; it’s just fabulous when a reader totally tunes into what I was trying to do, and the way I envision her character and motivations.

I also had fun dancing at the Faery Ball. My ass-shaking drew the attention of the venerable Fred, who danced with me to Come on, Eileen. Jeri said cover models are like cats; they only come to those who don’t seem interested in petting them.

I’m not much for the spectacle aspects of RT; all the costumes and pageantry are lost on me. It looked like the participants had lots of fun with it, though, and some of the dresses were astonishingly lavish.

I sneaked away from the convention twice. The first time, I bought myself a new PDA, and the next, I hied myself to Barnes and Noble, hoping against hope that I might have a chance to see the special display. I told myself it was unlikely, but I cabbed over to Squirrel Hill anyway. I squeed quietly when I found it in the SF&F section; I couldn’t believe it was still up! I took some pictures, then I signed their stock. It was one of the best moments of my life. I’d seen my book in stores before, but never like that, set apart from the others. I can’t really describe how it made me feel, except that I came pretty close to crying over it.

I met so many cool people that I couldn’t possibly name them all. Rather than possibly upset somebody by leaving them out, I’ll just say it was fantastic to put so many faces to names and be social for a week. If I met you, it was a pleasure. Thanks for being kind enough to converse with me.

In conclusion, RT was worth attending, and I enjoyed it immensely. How did it shake out for everyone else?

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19 Responses to RT in review

  1. azteclady says:

    I’m glad to see that things did look up at RT–still, I’ll nag you to write to United and bitch (politely and calmly and all rational-like) about their piss-poor customer treatment.

    Post pics of the Grimspace display at B&N, pretty please?

    Please tell me you are coming to Orlando next year? If you do, I’ll be able to stalk meet you! and squeeeeeee over you, and stuff. (How’s that for motivation?)

  2. julia says:

    RT sounded like so much fun, but the Hilton got royally panned everywhere it gets mentioned. Nothing like good word of mouth, eh, Hilton…?

    Your visit to Barnes and Noble sounds like something that would definitely make me cry. You’re made of strong stuff, Ann.

  3. Lauren says:

    Cupcake, it was beyond wonderful to finally meet you face to face. You’re just as fabu in person as you are online.

  4. Mariana says:

    I’m sorry I missed going to RT, I would have loved meeting you. This book is so absolutely GREAT. I can’t wait for Wanderlust.

  5. MaryKate says:

    I was sorry not to be able to attend, but RWA is in DC next year, so I’m hoping.

    MK, who is desperately jealous that you got to meet Vivi, who I totally want to be when I grow up.

  6. Anya Bast says:

    It was awesome meeting you in person, Ann. :) I hope you’re planning to attend RT next year!

  7. Michele Lee says:

    >>I’m the type to sit in my room with a book if other people aren’t actively inviting me places. I suck at networking and I never assume anyone wants to hang around with me unless they actively say so.

    Me too. I’m somewhat anti-social, mostly because I assume if I have to work at it that no one really wants to talk to me and they’re just doing it to be nice.

    I find dressing up fun, but it never fails that I see someone who spent twice as much or just plain has a better body or something and it triggers feelings of inadequacy.

    I’m glad you had fun. I saw Anya’s pictures with you in them. Looks like everyone had a blast.

  8. Ann says:

    I had a blast, and it was great meeting you and talking to you (and next year you are totally invited to hang with us). :grin:

  9. Jaynie says:

    I had an awesome time at RT. Went to your reader party, too; it was great.

  10. Had fun at RT and liked meeting you at the Sat book signing and getting a signed copy of Grimspace.

  11. Bonnie Dee says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I can fully imagine your emotion at seeing that end cap display and I’m glad your books sold out. That’s so cool.

    As for the RT events, I felt the same about the big parties the time I went. While I enjoyed the costumes, it all seemed kind of silly to me. The thing I loved best was meeting the other authors and my publishers in person.

    When I went, I only had a couple of books out and no one knew me. Maybe if I went again people would actually recognize what a “Bonnie Dee” is.

  12. Aargh! There was a B&N closer to downtown than the one you went to. Coulda saved yourself some cab fare.

    But you got to experience Squirrel Hill. I love that neighborhood; I lived in the corner of it for two years.

  13. katiebabs says:

    Where are the pictures of this Ann-wich?

  14. Ann Aguirre says:

    AL- I’ll see if I can get them off my phone.

    Julia- I may have teared up. Don’t tell.

    Lauren – I think the whole world is talking in your funny “bring me my hookah” voice. You’re awesome!

    Mariana – I’m SO happy you enjoyed it. I’m starting to get feedback from Wanderlust, and people are telling me they love it. I hope you do too. August!

    Anya – it was so cool meeting you. And your husband was invaluable help.

    Michele – sounds like we’re both a bit anti-social. I did get to feeling overwhelmed sometimes. Other people seem so naturally good at the networking thing.

    Ann – we should def get together. I’m aiming to come to RT next year.

    Jaynie – you have such a fab accent. I’m glad you had fun at the party.

    Taige – it was so cool to meet you!

    Bonnie – will you be in Orlando next year? I’d love to hang out!

    Susan, I loved Squirrel Hill. It was really picturesque.

    Katiebabs, there are no pictures. Just my warm memories of the memorable three-in-a-bed interlude with Jeri and Gennita. *swoon*

  15. Stacy ~ says:

    So glad everything worked out when you got to RT. Sounds like such a blast. I’ve not been to RT, only RWA in Atlanta, but I’d love to go to Florida next year. We’ll see.

  16. I had fun, but I’m still mad I didn’t know you were there until like Friday.

    And I didn’t know Gennita was there at ALL.

    Sulk. I’m going to be pouting clear through to NEXT RT.

  17. Jaynie says:

    OMG, Shi, you didn’t know? I should have mentioned to you on Thurs morning because the first thing I said to Ann was: “Shiloh Walker made me read Grimspace and it rocked.”


  18. Ann Aguirre says:

    If I’d known, I would have gotten together with you for dinner or something. And Jaynie absolutely said that. Gennita is a blast to hang around with, life of the party.

  19. katiebabs says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask if you danced your booty off at the costume balls? :mrgreen:

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