News you can use (reminders)

In case you forgot, you have but a few short hours left to enter the Monthly Favorites contest on my message board.

I’ll announce the winner in my monthly chat, tonight at 7pm central. I’m also going to be giving away at least one Wanderlust arc, so even if you haven’t entered the Monthly Favorites contest, it would behoove you to attend the chat. You never know what might happen.

Edited to add:
I’m doing a lotto thing for the arc. You’ll all pick a lucky number between 1-100 and type it into the the chat window, so it’s officially recorded for posterity. Then I’ll use a random number generator to come up with the winning “lotto”. Whoever comes closest (either under o over, this isn’t The Price is Right) will win an arc of Wanderlust. Fun, right?

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  1. Has says:

    Hey Ann – I’m glad you had a great holiday – sounds fantastic :grin:

    I wish I can attend tonight’s chat :sad:
    But I hope you guys have great time!

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