sharon shinn…

Is all that and a bag of chips.

She totally chatted with me for an hour and a half before our panel. (I had a panel with her! *dies of bliss*) Then I sat next to her at the signing. Her line was a sight to behold and I had a few people stop by as well.

I know I had a goofy happy smile on the whole time, but hello, I was sitting by Sharon Shinn! It wouldn’t have mattered if people had been throwing fish at me. I’d have still been beaming. The fact that I had a few books to sign was just frosting on the cake.

It’s so awesome when your idols turn out to be every bit as amazing as you have imagined over the years. Today was pure win.

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6 Responses to sharon shinn…

  1. Katie says:

    I’m so happy for you! I’m glad your idol turned out to be so cool!!!

  2. azteclady says:

    I’m smiling just reading this. Yay for you, Ann–and yay for Sharon Shinn.

  3. Stacy ~ says:

    How cool for you. It’s awesome meeting a favorite author and discovering they are even more incredible in person.

    Btw, I saw a short article on you in RT magazine, and it’s made me even more anxious for “Wanderlust”. Can’t wait!

  4. pinkshadow says:

    Sharon Shinn is an awesome writer, so I understand you! But so are you! Just saw that Wanderlust has reached my bookstore here in Sweden so I’m going out to get it tomorrow. Yey!

  5. I’m still so excited you got to meet her. You rock, and it again proves that it never hurts to ask…

    I so enjoyed meeting you at Nationals.

  6. Ann, I so happy for you. And jealous. I would LOVE to meet Sharon Shinn. I just devour her books. And I just devoured GRIMSPACE on Sunday. Wow! Ok, WANDERLUST here I come! I wasn’t ready to leave Sirantha, though. Will we see her again? I haven’t even looked to see what Wanderlust is about. I want to be surprised! Great meeting you at National, and I want to be like you someday, published and sitting next to Sharon Shinn on a panel.

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