The Wanderlust Wingding

Wanderlust I know you’ve all been expecting an awesome slam-bang contest to celebrate the release of the second Jax book. I understand I’ve become known for this sort of thing, so without further delay, I will reward your patience.

The contest is simple: the book releases in one week. At that time, you will go and buy it. An Amazon (or other online bookseller) preorder counts as well. You will then report back with your confirmation number (if you ordered online) in comments. If you’ve already preordered, dig up that email and post your order number in comments. If you buy it next week on the 26th in a brick and mortar store, there should be a receipt number. Use that and post it in comments. That’s your entry.

Think of it as a drawing (hey, you were gonna buy the book anyway, right? Right??) where you can win:

$200 in free books from your choice of booksellers

That’s right; you get to pick. I’ll do a gift certificate from your favorite local indie store, or you can do BN, Borders, Booksamillion, Amazon, Powells, Coopersmith… the sky is the limit. Where do you want to spend my money?

So that’s the contest. It’s shiny and simple. Why this? Well, the street date is important, and I need lots of people buying the book right then in order to make bestseller lists. Do I care about that? Absolutely. So go, tell your friends, and then post your purchase info. I want to give away this loot! There might also be unannounced bonus prizes if y’all publicize this well for me.

(Contest runs two weeks, starting today. Winner announced on September 3.)

Void where prohibited. Standard restrictions apply. No purchase necessary to enter, but those entries must be mailed. Contact the author via email for further instructions. Snail mail entries must be received by midnight on Sept 2.

Edited to add:

I’m drawing for the second bonus round; we hit 50 entries! (If we reach 100, I’ll draw another. There, now you’re motivated!)

And the winner is…


Send me an email and I’ll hook you up with $25 in book money from your choice of retailers. (Winning a bonus round does not disqualify you from winning the big prize.)

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122 Responses to The Wanderlust Wingding

  1. Katie says:

    Here is mine: order number: 102-6162765-5821868


  2. azteclady says:


    Welcome back (again), Ann!

  3. Christine says:

    Of course I am absolutely, positively going to buy Wanderlust on release day. Like there’s even another option after having lost in every single possible contest or in-person drawing for an ARC in the last few months?! :lol:

    … I’ll be back… :wink:

  4. Lisa Iriarte says:

    Ok, now I’ve got to go pre-order it. Was planning on doing so, anyway.


  5. WOW. I was going to buy the book anyway, but color me impressed. :) I’ve spread the word to my LJ! Good luck to all who join in!

  6. Ocy says:

    You’re all pimped out on my blog, Ann. Awesome contest.

  7. […]This just in: Ann Aguirre is hosting a contest celebrating WANDERLUST, the second book in her Sirantha Jax series!

  8. Wendy says:

    Of course I’m buying Wanderlust when it comes out! it’s a fabulous book!

  9. dd03 says:

    OMG! I’ve been on the hunt for Grimspace! ack!

    OK…may be time to break down and order books online!

    will pimp this on my blog and lj!

  10. BoxingKing says:

    Do you have to buy it on the 26th, or just that week? What if it is released a day or two early, or late for that matter?

  11. Ann Aguirre says:

    Even if you see it before, I’d ask you not to buy before August 26th. That’s the street date. Sometime that week would be perfect. Contest closes on Sept 2 at midnight.

  12. GrowlyCub says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my online retailer already shipped me my copy. I got it yesterday. And they did not list it as a pre-order either…

  13. Michele says:

    Eeep! I thought it was out next spring and that Blue Diablo was out in Sept. Jeez, where did I go wrong?


  14. Michele says:

    By the way, September 3rd is my birthday :D

  15. Abbey says:

    My Amazon pre-order # is 105-5810816-3965845. I’m anxiously awaiting my amazon package!

  16. JaimeK says:

    Order #: 103-3636365-4437869
    1 “Wanderlust”
    Ann Aguirre; Paperback; $7.99

    Sold by:, LLC Because of Pre-order Price Guarantee, you might pay less. Why?

    Yippeee!!!! I am a happy freakin’ camper – Jax fix is closer than I think!!!!!

  17. limecello says:

    Welcome back, Ann – and wow. That is one brilliant contest- and definitely an awesome slam bang in terms of prizes. Jaw dropping. Congratulations on the new release!

  18. Rosie says:

    Of course I’ll buy, your precious pressie notwithstanding. If I could only carve out the time to read it. I’m so intrigued and I’ve only read about 8 pages. Aaargh!

    I just got a chance to visit your alter ego’s site. Very cool. Congrats on the success.

  19. DawnM says:

    Fabulous contest Ann. Thanks for thinking of it.
    My order :
    Order #: 102-1093937-5961815

  20. OtterB says:

    Preordered from amazon, order # 002-3314135-2719418

    Looking forward to it.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I preordered mine from Amazon back in early May 2008. Can’t wait for it to show up! order #002-9580016-0190638

  22. :grin: :grin:
    ipleaseeeeeeeeeeee enter me inthis contest, i could make 200 last me along time :cool: im good with money
    PICK ME!

  23. Jaime says:

    I bought Grimspace after reading a review from Tumperkin and I fragging loved it!

    Just ordered Wanderlust and can’t wait.
    Amazon order# 105-4820021-6729031.

  24. Sandy Bennett says:


    Loved, Loved, Loved Wanderlust. I got it yesterday and I am already done with it. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book ever since I read Grimspace when it released.
    I love your characters, although now I can’t wait for the next one.
    When does it come out? Can you give us a sneak peak?

    conf # (B&N) 104013415

  25. Ann Aguirre says:

    Wow, Sandy, you already received and read it? That’s really impressive! Did you find it on the shelves at BN or get it shipped from online?

  26. Ilona says:

    Having read Grimspace and loved it, there was no question about buying the next one. So naturally I will be buying it asap.

    (in fact if I had the $200 I could buy it immediately lol).

  27. Adam Lipkin says:

    Amazon order #103-4285557-0218655

    (And since we have Amazon Prime, free two-day shipping. Woohoo!)

  28. Meryl R Cohen says:

    My entry! I loved your first book in this series bunches.

    Amazon pre-order
    Order Date: April 8, 2008
    Order #: 102-9003212-3413006
    Recipient: Meryl R. Cohen

  29. Mora says:

    Date: August 23,2008
    Order Number: 736-9724057-8889749
    Buyer: XXX
    Seller: [email protected]
    Items Purchased: 1 of Wanderlust [Paperback] by Aguirre, Ann (£1.65) 0814F064419 V_BOO_0441016278

    Ordered and I cannot wait!!!!

  30. Wendy says:

    I couldn’t help it, I preordered it instead of waiting for release date.

    Order #: 105-0851131-5847462


  31. Anna says:

    I loved Grimspace! I just pre-ordered Wanderlust a few days ago. :grin:
    Order Date: August 22, 2008
    Order #: 68564340

  32. GrowlyCub says:

    Hi Ann!

    My copy of Wanderlust was ordered on Aug 12 and shipped by on Aug 14, order number 4185573134991.

    You made my copy of Grimspace out to Sasha and I had a very, very long name on my name Worldcon badge. :)

    It was great to meet you and your number one fan and I’m really glad I picked up Grimspace because I loved it.

  33. mazoku says:

    This is so cool!! *mazoku running around happily*

    I ordered Wanderlust last week at, order number 3150959. :D

    Thanks Ann!!

  34. Shari C says:

    You are right! This is absolutely an awesome slam-bang contest to celebrate the release of ‘Wanderlust. I can’t wait to get my copy to read as I was not fortunate enough to win an advanced copy…boo hoo!

  35. CathyG says:

    Wow! What a great contest. Here’s my order receipt information from Borders Express: #15011064646
    Can’t wait to read it!! CathyG

  36. Zee says:

    what a cool contest! Even better is that Amazon shipped my copy of Wanderlust yesterday, so I should be getting it soon. Here’s my info: Order Placed: August 4, 2008 order number: 002-9391575-9811406

  37. Ann Aguirre says:

    GC, I totally remember you! I wish you’d said something in person. But it’s great to put a face to the name.

    I really hope everyone enjoys Wanderlust. As the book starts arriving, let me know your thoughts!

  38. Nyx says:

    Monday, August 25, 2008 at 7:11:59 PM
    Wanderlust (Preorder) OR35309093 (chapters.indigo)

    I was just going to wait until the next time I was near a book store to buy the book, but it wouldn’t have been during the ‘trying to make bestseller’ week… so I decided to be lazy, order it and have it come to me. I love this contest btw, almost as much as I loved Grimspace :wink:

  39. S. Baker says:

    I pre-ordered Wanderlust and it just shipped today. :>) My order number is 103-8155058-2501066. Thanks!

  40. L.A. Kane says:

    Way cool. Free books is always good ;-). Hope I win… Loved the first one Anne; just ordered the second. Looks like it shipped today. Looking forward to reading it. Amazon order number is 103-4543236-6655424. Thanks!

  41. Kerry D. says:

    Whoo-hoo! It’s the 26th and I’ve just bought my ecopy at BooksonBoard.

    Transaction ID: 8UL253953P7939323

    Cool competition, Ann. I’m looking forward to reading the book as soon as I can.

  42. azteclady says:

    Mentioned the contest here (right hand column, scroll down a bit) and here… and there’s a review too :grin:

    Good luck, peeps!

  43. Amy S. says:

    I orderd it today from Amazon. Order number is 104-8582274-5830616. Congrats on the new release! :mrgreen:

  44. mazoku says:

    OMG!! OMG!! O_O I won the bonus round!!! Thanks Ann!! :D

  45. Amy S. says:

    Congrats mazoku! :mrgreen:

  46. Has says:

    CONGRATS Mazoku :grin:

    I also got Wanderlust today- amazon UK shipped it off early- I wasnt expecting it until next week but I’m a happy bunny.
    I do have to say it was much better than Grimspace

    My order number is from Amazon UK –

  47. Lisa Iriarte says:

    Ok, I bought it this morning. Hubby picked it up for me. Had to go to three stores to get it, though.

    My number is 9780441016273

    Lisa Iriarte

  48. Lisa Iriarte says:

    I’m assuming that’s the right number. There was also a transaction number of 2104 on the receipt, but that didn’t seem long enough.

    Lisa Iriarte

  49. Ann Aguirre says:

    Three stores? Ack, that’s not good!

  50. Anji says:

    Found it as an ebook on BooksOnBoard, woohoo!!!! (only in Mobipocket format so far).

    Order Placed: August 26, 2008 (15:40:28 pm)
    Order Number: 0000068608

    Yay, I can’t wait to get started!

  51. Lisa Iriarte says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what the deal was with the three stores thing. He went to Borders, then a Barnes & Noble. At Borders, the computer said they had the book, but they couldn’t find it. The first Barnes & Noble didn’t have it on the shelves and he couldn’t get any service so he left. The second Barnes & Noble had it in the computer but not on the shelves. He made someone go hunting for it and they finally brought him a copy from the back room. I know that’s not what you want to hear. I’d be livid if it were my book.

    Lisa Iriarte

  52. Angie says:

    Ooh, wonderful contest. I picked up my copy of Wanderlust at my B&N today. Transaction #: 7916. Pimped the contest on my blog as well.

  53. Carrie says:

    I bought it this morning!! My receipt number is: 282101782010280377

  54. Kristen says:

    I bought it at the local Borders as soon as I got out of work today!

    I’m not sure which number it is although I am guessing this one:
    Long number under subtotal: 8635122099

    Just in case:
    Tran#: 1009
    EMP: 00426
    Store: 0125

    I also posted about the contest and noticed a couple of other sites linked to my link as well: Contest

  55. Ann Aguirre says:

    Lisa, I’m not livid so much as concerned that folks in your area may have trouble finding the book. Not good!

    You guys are so awesome. It thrills me to death to know you can walk right into a bookstore and get my book. *g*

  56. Ashley H. says:

    sweet contest!
    Amazon order #105-4019132-7948236

  57. Christine says:

    Happy Release Day, Ann!

    I didn’t get to the bookstore today since I spent the day at the beach with my girls (I know, rough life…), but tomorrow I’ll be wandering to the bookstore with lust for your new release! LOL Is that corny or what? :wink:

    Congrats, mazoku! :mrgreen:

  58. Christine says:

    Oh! And I publicized the Wanderlust Wingding contest on my blog with a post here as well as in the sidebar of my blog. PLUS I noticed that The Book Binge picked up on the contest, too. Wo0T!

  59. Michele says:

    Happy Release day!1 I finished Wanderlust this morning at 11 am… after staying up til 4 the night before reading it. I think I’m in love with Vel. :D

  60. I am vexed! Vexed, I tell you!

    I went to my local Barnes and Noble today, all ready to buy the book–and couldn’t find it. Even though the store’s in-house computer search system claimed five copies of the book were physically in the store. Hrmph.

    I shall check again tomorrow, and if they don’t have it then, I’m going to Borders. :)

  61. Nancy Clark says:

    Your Barnes & Noble Order # 103053772

    Looking forward to it :)

  62. Casee says:

    My order number is: 102-5364860-2050608

    I’m such a procrastinator. This contest was a kick in the butt for me to go buy one of your books. So thanks…even if I don’t win. LOL

  63. Ann Aguirre says:

    Casee, just as an fyi, before you read Wanderlust, I do recommend you read Grimspace first. It will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the second book. I’m not just saying that to make another sale. *g* Check your library if you like.

  64. Lori T says:

    I’m giving my bookstore another day to get their copies in and then I am ordering it from somewhere else! This book is absolutely amazing…I really really loved it!

  65. Alexandra says:

    Detail de votre commande n° 402-2435920-0809943 (passee le avril 28 2008
    11:10 MEST):
    Quantite Article Prix Envoyes Sous-total
    1 Wanderlust EUR 5,04 1 EUR 5,04

    as you can see I preordered it on april ;)and it was sent the 22ND.

    Cool contest by the way.

    Congratulations Ann

  66. Alexandra says:

    ok i meant to say it was sent on the 22nd of august. :roll:

  67. Katie says:

    My copy from Amazon arrived safe and sound. It seems funny to have it arrive since I was fortunate to get an ARC and have already read it. :-)

    Mostly, I just wanted to add to this thread this:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN! I hope this week’s gift is great sales numbers for Wanderlust!!


  68. Ember says:

    Order number – 105-2861948-6571418

    Can’t wait to read it!!

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  70. Candy Ream says:

    Purchased 8/26/08 at Barnes and Noble Booksellers #2193

    (Not sure which of these is the receipt# )


    STR:2193 REG:002 TRN:0805 CSHR:Heather G

    Wanderlust – 9780441016273

  71. Rosie says:

    Because I love you…

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers #2090
    STR:2090 REG:002 TRN:6351 CSHR:kira b


  72. lys rian says:

    Here is my BN transaction# 1782, store# 2107, Cashier Terrance R

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  74. Amy S. says:

    Happy Birthday Ann!

  75. Amy says:

    Hi Ann! I’ve done my best to publicize the contest :) And I’ve just bought the last Wanderlust in my local Barnes & Noble store! Here’s my #: 9780441016273

    PS: Congrats Mazuko!!

  76. Ann Aguirre says:

    Okay, I said when we hit 50, I’d draw again. That’s entries, btw, not comments. I counted 37 entries with numbers. Anyone want to double-check my count?

  77. GrowlyCub says:

    Ann, if I had thought you’d recognize GrowlyCub I would have said something. :) I didn’t realize Growly was so famous, grin. And I count 37, too.

  78. Li says:

    I’m looking forward to reading it – my BooksonBoard confirmation number is 0000068607

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  80. Jennifer says:

    I love Amazon. I love UPS. Most of all, I love Ann.

    “Why?”, you ask. Because my ver own copy of Wanderlust. Just. Arrived! Yippee!

    Happy birthday to Ann! …And merry un-birthday to me! I’m off to read my new purchase. :)

  81. Ann Aguirre says:

    Yay, Jennifer! Let me know how you like it, ok?

    GC, of course you’re famous! *g*

  82. Diane says:

    Picked it up at my local B & N.

    Reg: 004
    Trn: 6671
    Cshr: Gigi B

  83. Connie says:

    B&N receipt number 978044101627 or 07850047007

    i can’t figure out which number is actually the receipt #….i’m technically inept :D

  84. Laura says:

    Books-A-Million had Wanderlust in stock last Saturday. I already finished it, very good book, can’t wait to see how the story continues.

    The receipts number: Trx 7931 (hope that’s enough my receipt lacks any impressively long numbers)

  85. And now, finally, I got my copy! The Barnes and Noble where I am found the mystery copies they weren’t able to find yesterday. ;)

    STR: 2957
    REG: 014
    TRN: 6434
    CSHR: Lashanta C
    EXP: 01/31/2009

    Good luck to everybody else!

  86. Emily says:

    I picked up Grimspace on Monday, learned there was a new book on Tuesday, and immediately went and got Wanderlust on Wednesday XD I cannot wait to read it! I’m so glad I picked up this wonderful series!

    Receipt Number: 9780441016273 or STR: 2080, REG: 007, TRN: 5910

  87. katiebabs says:

    Here’s mine:
    Barnes and Noble
    STR: 2234 REGL 005 TRN: 085 CSHR: Tatiana G

    Does this work? :D

  88. Ann Aguirre says:

    Yes, ma’am! You’re in the running now. I can’t wait to see who takes home this jackpot. It’s the most I’ve ever given away at one time.

  89. katiebabs says:

    So generous!! And you were under all the new hot paperback section. The book was so hot it burned my fingers. :P

  90. Ann Aguirre says:

    I was? *cheers wildly* In a rack or on a table? Pleeeeeeeeeease tell me? *begs prettily*

  91. katiebabs says:

    A huge ass rack. and yet I forgot my camera at home again. *arg*

    *maybe I should venture to another B&N and take a picture…*

  92. Ann Aguirre says:

    A rack! Yay!! You do that… and I will guarantee you a Doubleblind arc. And I’ll email you a juicy excerpt from Doubleblind, too.

  93. katiebabs says:

    heh heh I am tenacious and will succeed!

  94. Erica says:

    Barnes & Noble Order #104232691
    I preordered it & it was delivered today.

  95. Villia says:
    Order number: 701-9110245-7202660

  96. Julia says:

    From my very favorite Powells, which I miss visiting in person – Order Number: 6758714 Quantity: 1 Wanderlust ISBN: 9780441016273 by Aguirre, Ann Woot Woot! so excited to read this next one :)
    Congrats and happy birthday a couple days late!

  97. erin says:

    Barnes and Noble
    str:2836 reg:007 trn:6175 cshr: suzanne k. 8/27/08

    I *loved* it!!! I can’t wait for the next–i sat and didn’t move til the end–which– I’m not a person who squees (for the longest time didn’t even know what that was) but yeah–ok-ok-can’t do it still– but wowzer!!! to think I wandered across your name on another website. You’ve been added to my must read list!!!

  98. Kristen says:

    I started Wanderlust today and finished it today – it’s been a long, long time since I read a whole book in one day. Once I started it, I could hardly put it down. Great work, Ann! Can’t wait for the next one!

  99. Ruti says:

    Hope ebooks works too…

    From Invoice number: 656329

    Can’t wait to start reading!

  100. Cathy M says:

    Just placed my order at Borders

  101. Ann Aguirre says:

    Ooooh, this is exciting! This means I get to draw for the bonus round. We’re at 50 entries now.

  102. Christine says:

    Congrats, Ashley!! :D

    I bought Wanderlust on Wednesday, 8.27.08 and just found the receipt. It turns out my daughter was using it for a bookmark in the book I bought her on the same order. :roll:

    STR: 2946 REG: 009 TRN: 4584 CSHR: sherry p

    Thanks for running this amazing contest, Ann! :cool:

  103. azteclady says:

    Congrats to Ashley and mazoku!

  104. Jackie says:

    I’m in! I’m in! Thank god for gift certificates!

    Sold by:, LLC
    Order #: 102-4777450-5237066
    1 “Grimspace” Ann Aguirre
    1 “Wanderlust” Ann Aguirre

    Did I make the deadline? Am I good?

  105. Ann Aguirre says:

    Yes, ma’am. The deadline is 11:59PM central, Sept 2. Winner announced on Sept 3.

  106. Lori T says:

    Thank goodness…my local bookstore finally unpacked their stock and I got my copy of Wanderlust. It totally drives me crazy because I know what should be out and I am dying to get it and then I have to wait for them to find it.

    Sale 1179 102 9969 08-29-08
    Rel 8.3/1.12 71

    I hope that is enough information…there really is not anything on there that mentions receipt number.

  107. Jo. says:

    Preordered three weeks ago through Karen’s Bookstore & Java Stop (even before I found out about the contest :D) . Picked up today – receipt number #6017. :mrgreen:

  108. Nyx says:

    I just finished reading Wanderlust. I loved it! I can’t wait for book 3… do you know (approximately…because I know these things can change) when it will be released? Is it written yet?

    Love your work.

  109. I picked up both Grimspace and Wanderlust at B&N on Friday, so I would have something good to read over the holiday weekend. Grimspace was so good I couldn’t put it down, and I’m expecting Wanderlust to be just as good :)
    B&N had Wanderlust in the ‘new paperbacks’ shelf of the Sci-Fi section, and it looked intriguing so I picked it up, noticed it was the 2nd book, and picked up Grimspace as well (I hate coming into a series in the middle).
    According to the B&N receipt, the transaction # is 1465, store #2590, bought on 8/29/08.
    Thanks for a great series – I’m really hoping that you can make this a long running series!

  110. Rylie says:

    Bought my copy at B&N; here’s the info:

    STR: 2937
    REG: 005
    TRN: 3996
    CSHR: Thomas F

  111. April Disney says:

    k here’s mine:
    Bought at Barnes and Noble, Store 2888
    TRN: 4470.
    Weeeeeeee and thanks for the great contest, Ann!

  112. Joy says:

    made a special trip to get it from Borders.
    Store: 0289

  113. Just had to enter. Couldn’t help myself.

    Borders Store # 249; Tran# 5469

  114. CindyS says:

    Your order number is, OR35350413
    Your order includes the following item(s):

    1. Wanderlust – 1 @ $8.54 (In Stock)

    Thanks for the great contest!!


  115. Ann Aguirre says:

    Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed Wanderlust.

    Nyx, Doubleblind comes out October 2009.

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  117. shaunesay says:

    I picked mine up yesterday!

    Borders store #0373
    Transaction #4837

  118. Pamk says:

    got mine today. 104-1148364-5001866
    great contest.

  119. Julia Haynie says:

    I’ve been procrastinating on this contest, because I’m in the middle of another series, and I know I’ll want to pounce on WANDERLUST as soon as it comes.

    Anyway, my Amazon Order #: 103-0310762-3801826


  120. Carrie says:

    Just finished Wanderlust. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!! I cannot wait for the next book!!!

    Carrie – the book girl

  121. I finished Wanderlust this weekend (yay for holidays!), and about the only thing I have to say is that I can’t wait! for the next book. I wish we could strong-arm the publisher into a faster release cycle :lol:

    Thanks VERY MUCH for a GREAT series! I’m going to write up some nice reviews on LibraryThing for them.

  122. Ann Aguirre says:

    And that’s a wrap, folks. I’m drawing the winner now.