What a Scoundrel Wants (the contest!)

The Contest:

To celebrate the upcoming debut of Carrie Lofty’s fabulous WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS I’m hosting a total blowout of a contest. For starters, I’m offering TWENTY (20) free copies of this book. If you win, you must promise to review it somewhere within a month of its release (that’s December 2). Amazon is fine if you don’t have a blog. Two lines on Shelfari is not. Now to make this even more interesting, I’m offering a bonus prize of a $50 gift certificate (to a bookstore, naturally!) if we hit a hundred (100) entries.

How can you sign up for the fun and games? I’m glad you asked!

The Rules:

Rules for entry for people with a blog:

Copy the code for that sexy contest widget from here. Post it somewhere on your blog. Note: it’s probably too big for most sidebars, so it’ll need to be a post. Then let us know in comments on this blog that you want a copy of the book, and that you’ve spread the word via viral kung fu. Make sure you leave a link back so we can check out your handiwork. For a bonus entry in a separate comment, tell us why you’re interested in reading Will Scarlet’s story. (I could give you a gazillion reasons, myself! But then, I’ve read it. This book is fierce. If you’re tired of the same old time periods, the same old heroes and heroines, you’ll want to be first in line to get a taste of this hot-sexy-fresh historical. It’s lightning for your brain!)

For those who don’t have blogs, here’s what you do to enter:

Tell at least one other person about the contest. That means spreading the word on your loops, groups, emails, or IM or whatever communique works best for you. Mind you, I’m not asking you to spam all of the above. Please don’t do that. One venue per person will be just fine. And then come back and let us know where you mentioned the contest. It would be great if you could also include a link to the sexy contest widget when you mention the contest. That’d be this link here. Just like the bloggers, for an extra entry, you can tell us why you lust for Will Scarlet. (Yes, it can be because Christian Slater said, “Fuck me, he cleared it,” all those years ago.)

In either case (blog or no blog), for a third and extra-special-sauce entry, why don’t y’all give me your best guesses at WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS?

So to clarify, if we get 100 entries (that’s entries, not people), I’ll sweeten the pot with 50 large for some lucky soul to spend on books. Additionally, whenever I get crazy with the Cheez Whiz like this, there are always random surprise giveaways, so you never know who might be the lucky poster. This will run until December 1. Are you guys ready to light it up?

Then why don’t you c’mon and tell me WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS!

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135 Responses to What a Scoundrel Wants (the contest!)

  1. AmyC says:

    Hi Ann,

    You are awesome with your contests! I posted about it on my blog!


  2. AmyC says:

    One of the main reasons I would like to read What a Scoundrel Wants is because you are pimpin it so graciously! The first book I came across that you highly recommended was Meredith Duran’s Duke of Shadows and it is one of my most favorite books of all time. Another you’ve pimped a few times is Jeri Smith-Ready’s the Aspect of Crow trilogy, which I was already reading, but it was nice to see it was one you felt strongly enough to spread the word about. SO, I’d say you have excellent taste in books, how could I NOT want to read something else you’ve found that deems this kind of pimpage? And of course, the book sounds wonderful too! Something different is always good :).

    Whether I win or lose I am still going to pick up a copy of this book! :)

  3. Lea says:

    Hi Ann:

    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest! I have posted the widget at my blog:


    I love doing reader reviews and have posted a number now on my blog and on the Amazon websites in the US and Canada. I also post on the Chapters website in Canada.

    I would love to read Will Scarlet’s story because the “Robin Hood” story is a favorite of mine. Will Scarlet has always been this handsome sidekick whose character has never been paid his due. I think he would make one handsome kick-ass hero!!!

    Regards and Thank You Again
    Lea :grin:

  4. KristieJ says:

    Would it be too simplistic to say what a scoundrel wants is me?
    No, I think that would be the other way around.
    So a longer version:
    What a scoundrel wants is someone to tame him, but still let him keep is scoundrelish ways. A scoundrel wants a woman he knows can take care of herself, but also allows him to do some taking care of ’cause really a scoundrel is just a hero with too much energy that needs to be directed – at least in the romance world ;-)

    Oh – and I posted you contest on my blog. I was oh so glad to do it too!

  5. Barbara says:

    Hi, Ann! Count me in! I’ve posted the widget and spread the word on my blog :)

  6. Anna says:

    Hi Ann,

    You have great contests, count me in. I post the widget on my blog.


  7. Anna says:

    Recently I’ve started to really get into reading Historical Romance. What I Scoundrel want look like the perfect book. Plus I love discovering new authors.

  8. Jennifer Y. says:

    I have posted it…it took me a bit to figure it out because my blog doesn’t like widgets :sad: But it is up…


    I’d love to read and review the book.

  9. Jennifer Y. says:

    So why do I want to read Will Scarlett’s story…

    …well, I first learned about the book last year from Carrie. Then I had Carrie as a guest back in February and she talked about the book and the inspiration behind it. I have been dying to read the book ever since I learned about it. It seems to be a unique book and I love the idea behind it.

  10. Jennifer Y. says:

    Oh, and my best guess at What a Scoundrel Wants…um…anything he darn well pleases. I don’t believe a scoundrel is one to wait around while we try to figure out what he wants (in fact, he is probably laughing at my attempt here)…he goes after it himself regardless of what anyone says, thinks, or does. So, I think, if you want to know what a scoundrel wants just give him time and you’ll see for yourself as he goes after it. But I think he just wants something that will make him happy, but sometimes even he isn’t sure what that is…

  11. Greta says:

    Hey – Ann I have it posted on my blog!


    It took me awhile to figure it out, since my blog is through wordpress.com.

    I would love to review this book on my blog and I’m always looking for new authors to read. I have reviewed a few books for my blog.

    A scoundrel wants and should have anything he pleases.

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  13. Jackie says:

    Great contest Ann! I’ve posted about the contest over at my site.

  14. In process of posting to my blog…I’ll keep trying.


    Don’t need a copy won–Mine’s on its way from Amazon already. And I got to read an advance advance copy ’cause I know the author :-)

    What a Scoundrel wants is for someone to counter his every move with strength and love and acceptance. Will he find this in Meg? Gotta read and find out!

  15. Jackie says:

    For my second entry…..who wouldn’t want to read about Will Scarlet? We always hear about Robin Hood and Maid Marian, but what about Will?

  16. AnimeJune says:

    For my first entry, I put your widget up on my blog, here: http://gossamerobsessions.blogspot.com

    Great contest!

  17. AnimeJune says:

    For my second entry – I’m interested in Will Scarlet because he’s an outlaw who formally worked for the law – there’s always an interesting conflict to read about in stories like that!

  18. AnimeJune says:

    And for my third secret-sauce entry:

    I think a scoundrel wants is sweet, sweet, luuuuuurv.

    And, guessing from the cover, a fresh can of Nair to replace the one he emptied on his chest.

  19. natasha b says:

    This book sounds intruigingly awesome. I posted the widget on my site: http://www.xanga.com/heidenkind

  20. natasha b says:

    A scoundrel wants his tru lurve? :lol:

    Was Will Scarlet really that much of a scoundrel, though? Anyway, I would be interested in reading his story because I’m total Robin Hood fan. I have every Robin Hood movie ever made on DVD, and when I was 8 (which was when the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood came out), it was my favorite movie.

  21. natasha b says:

    I also posted it to this blog: http://heidenkind.blogspot.com/

    Does that mean I get entered twice?

  22. Brandy W says:

    I’d love to check it out. Posted the widget on my blog: http://brenaereads.blogspot.com/

  23. Brandy W says:

    Now as to why I’m interested…..You made it sound irresistible.

    “This book is fierce. If you’re tired of the same old time periods, the same old heroes and heroines”

    Come on now…I’m intrigued to see what that is all about.

    Thanks, Brandy

  24. Dev says:

    Oh please enter me! I’ve been looking forward to this book for months.

    I posted about it on my blog:


  25. Donna says:

    Please enter me.

    I dont have a blog. (Really I plan to get one in 2009 for real this time.) But I did email some friends about it and this contest.

  26. Did my comment make it through?

  27. Now it did apparently! haha – okay so I’ve spread the word on my blog!

    The link is: http://www.loveromancepassion.com/spread-the-word-win-a-book/

  28. I can’t seem to post my link through the comments so it’s on my blog Love Romance Passion dot com and the title is:

    Spread the Word – Win a Book

  29. I also tweeted it on my twitter account… if that counts as another entry. :D Twitter name: reviewromance (since I have no idea how to link to a specific twitter microblog post)

  30. Meljean says:

    I pimped it, but don’t enter me :-) I plan to pick it up.

  31. Caffey says:

    Hi Ann!
    I have found so many new authors by reading these Zebra Debut books! My heart holds a special place for these historical romances. They are a wonderful comfort read!

    So looking forward to it. I love Scoundrels, and Rakes and more! Good to say Hi again!

    My blog is http://www.Caffeys-Reads.Blogspot.com

  32. Caffey says:

    Oops, Not sure if my post disappeared, as least my blog didn’t after i put it up, whew!
    Its up at http://www.Caffeys-Reads.blogspot.com

    I had a blast doing this! I love chatting about books that are coming out and so love these debut authors! Its a wonderful way to try new authors! Don’t put me in for the book since I’ll be picking it up!!

  33. Ann Aguirre says:

    We have satisfied the criteria for a random giveaway! What are those conditions, you might ask:

    (1) We’ve passed 25 entries (sometime ago)
    (2) We’ve had our first celebrity commenter pop in. (Yes, that’s Meljean! No, I didn’t arrange it with her beforehand.)

    Now I’m drawing a winner…

    AmyC (#1), come on down! You’ve won any book you like from Meljean’s backlist. Take a gander at her website (http://www.meljeanbrook.com) and decide which book. Even the anthologies are fair game, so make up your mind and email me. Congrats on being the first winner in this scoundrel of a contest!

  34. Caffey says:

    Ann, I posted on my blog at www . Caffeys-Reads . Blogspot . com

    (I’m trying to post here for the 3rd time so I’m thinking that it won’t accept a link on your post? Don’t put me in for the book, I shall be getting it. I love these debut authors at Zebra!

  35. Caffey says:

    Yeah, congrats AmyC!!!

  36. Lori says:

    What a great contest; this looks like an awesome book! I’ve posted the widget…

  37. Sandy M says:

    I put your widget on my MySpace page.


    And I also posted a bulletin for it!

  38. Marg says:

    I’ve posted on my blog here

  39. Hi,

    I have posted the link here. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=1936492736124728445&postID=1525218619250555427&page=1

    If I win I will review it at my other blog site.

    I am still pretty new to this field and I love finding new authors, reading and reviewing them. I am also a member of a romance lovers group and I will gladly review it there.


  40. Hmmm I don’t think my first try came through.

    I have posted it to my blog.

    I would love to review the book as I love to try out new books and new authors.

    I have also shared the contest with my friends on this website.
    http://www.realmsonourbookshelves.com/ROOB_Dutch/index.php [there is also an awsome english language section there]

  41. AmyC says:

    Woot! Thanks so much, Ann! This was a nice morning wake-up surprise!

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  43. Amelia says:

    Great. I will definitely be blogging about this in the days to come. Count me in!

  44. Liinda says:

    What a neat contest. I have never written a review, but I will certainly give it a try if I’m lucky enough to win this book. I’m emailing my daughter and granddaughter about it. For another entry, my theory on what a scoundrel wants is the reputation of a scoundrel to protect his gentler inner self. Thanks for the contest; I’m an addicted reader of books and blogs about books.

  45. Ann Aguirre says:

    A quick note: if your comment doesn’t show up right away, it’s probably been snagged by the spam filter or been pegged for moderation. My spam filter can be a bit aggressive when the comments have links.

    I’m aware that this occurs and I’m checking both the moderation panel and the spam box assiduously, so if your comment winds up in either location, I will fix it. :grin:

  46. I love posting about the stuff you’re up to, Ann. You’re an inspiration.

    Which means this is posted at Win a Book. I usually say there’s no need to enter me; it should be evident this time since I’m widget-impaired… But if a copy winds up in my hands thanks to you, heck yeah, I’ll review it.

  47. Jill Myles says:

    How did I possibly miss hearing about this book? :)

    At any rate, I’ve widgeted on my blog:


  48. Ann Aguirre says:

    Amy C. has chosen Demon Night.

    Now it’s time for the next random giveaway!

    The first person to tell me what song I’m quoting and who it’s by when I say, “Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz” wins a prize. (yes, you can google)

    Ready, set, go!

  49. Vernieda says:

    It’s “Loser” by Beck, right?

  50. Ann Aguirre says:

    Holy cow, that was fast! Check your email for prize fulfillment. :grin:

  51. sadieloree says:

    I emailed a few people the link and and widgeted on my blog :


    I don’t know how I missed it either, but thanks to Jill Myles for posting!! Whether I win or not, I’ll be buying it on December 2nd!!!!! Yay!!!

  52. sadieloree says:

    GAH!! It ate my comment!! Anyway, what I said was that i emailed a few friends and widgeted on my blog:


    I don’t know how I missed it either, but thanks to Jill Myles for blogging it!! Whether or not I win, I’ll definitely be buying this book on December 2nd!! Yay!!!

  53. becky4444 says:

    i mentioned ur fab book at my book club! please enter me in this fab contest!


  54. Darby Lohrding says:

    Hi Ann,
    You and your chesse whiz are a wacky cracker pair! What a scoundrel wants is an ANGEL! He wants a sweet, pure and innocent women for all he has had are chesse whiz junkies and/or “undesireables”. ;-*
    Thanks for the fun!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  55. Quilt Lady says:

    Hi Ann, I have told several of my friends about this contest and your new book.

    I think a Scoundral wants sex and a lot of money. He wants a women to take care on him, while he still runs around and does his thing. I don’t think he wants to be tamed, because he wants his cake and eat it to so to speak. He still wants to live up to his scoundraless ways and will not change.

  56. Ann, I don’t have a blog, but I’ve posted the contest on my website under my contest page…www.staceyjoynetzel.com

    Not sure how to else to get the extra entries, but I lust after Will Scarlet because in my mind he’s still, and always be, played by Christian Slater. Reading Carrie’s book I will have the best ever visual in my mind.

    What does a scoundrel want…I’m going to have to say he wants his cake and to eat it, too. Until the heroine tames him. Then he’s willing to compromise and just have the cake–but because of the heroine loves him,…ah, I just realized anything I say here will have double meanings so I’ll leave it at that.

    Congrats to Carrie! Looking forward to the book. :)

  57. I SWEAR I did not read Quilt Lady’s response and then type mine. I figured I’d come up with my own (hah!) answer and then go back and read the others. So much for that. Oh well.

  58. Wendy says:

    Hi Ann

    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest! I have posted the widget at my blog: http://mindingspot.blogspot.com/

  59. Linda says:

    I pimped you on my Facebook account! I have to admit that this caught my attention because I loved Christian Slater as Will Scarlet in the movie Prince of Thieves.

  60. Eshani says:

    Hi Ann!
    I love your contests, and it’s always fun to get hyped up about a new book :) I definitely spread the word to my book friends!

  61. Maya M. says:

    As someone who’s heard about Will Scarlett from earliest days of conception I’m buying my copy regardless, but I’m thrilled to promote the book and contest anyway

    haven’t been able to get the widget working yet for some reason (worked beautifully for Meljean’s contest) but I’ll keep trying

    and as to what a scoundrel wants? judging from the cover, how about:
    – Way more substantial greenery. It’s called Sherwood FOREST, not Sherwood Shrubbery
    – A couple of eyes. Not only is vision pretty much essential for people who make their living taking travellers by surprise, but this is a classic case of artists not reading the manuscript. It’s someone else who’s seeing impaired!
    – Some pants and a belt that don’t look like this is Timetravel Scoundrel who shopped at the Gap
    – A tunic or something for that cold shivery manchest. This is chilly Olde England after all, not Barbados

    Fab contest, Ann, and Yay, Carrie!

  62. Wrighty says:

    Great contest! I posted the widget on my blog.


  63. Wrighty says:

    I forgot to mention that of course I would like a copy of this book!

  64. Wrighty says:

    I can’t wait to read Will Scarlet’s story. Any book that is lightning for the brain has to be read immediately!

  65. Wrighty says:

    To answer what a scoundrel wants, Will Scarlet is suppose to rob from the rich and give to the poor but from the looks of him I think the rich, the poor and everything in between will gladly give him anything he desires. Since all of his needs will be met, what’s left for him to want? World Peace? Sounds good to me! :lol:

  66. Wrighty says:

    I’m emailing friends and family to tell them about your contest. I’m sure you will have 100 comments here in no time!

  67. Hi

    I’ve linked to it here http://rhiannonleith.livejournal.com/9242.html

    I’d love to review it. I’ve been obsessed with all things “Robin Hood” since I was about 5, and its just getting worse all the time.

    Rhi :mrgreen:

  68. May B. says:

    I always think Robin Hood is overrated and other characters are more interesting than him. I read a story about the sheriff of Nottingham but never about Will. Together with Christian Slater, it make me very interest to read this book.

  69. This is way cool! What an awesome way to get the word out and to get 20 reviews. :grin:

    Hmm What a scoundrel wants…. :wink:


  70. Lori Ann says:

    This is a great idea for a contest! I just posted the widget to my blog:


  71. Katie says:

    Come on! A scoundrel wants a piece of pie!

    I did post this to my blog: http://bigferret.livejournal.com/#696434

    Good luck everyone!!

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  73. Edie says:

    Carrie is in my chapter, but I’d buy this book anyway because it sounds like such a great story. I’m thrilled for her!

    I posted about this on my blog, with widget. As for WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, it’s the heroine, of course.

  74. Ann Aguirre says:

    Hey, it’s time for another random giveaway!
    We’ve passed the criteria (1) past 75 comments and (2) another celebrity poster: Jill Myles. Ordinarily I’d give away one of her books but they’re not up for pre-order yet.

    In any event, the first person to answer this question correctly wins a prize:

    What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    (I want an actual answer, not Monty Python references. I know the skit by heart! And yes, I know the answer. Yes, you can Google. That’s how I found out!)

    Ready, set, go.

  75. Eshani says:

    Hi Ann,
    So I’m actually not sure if this is correct, even with google..but I found thatth average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.
    Hope that’s correct, and it’s definitely tempting to bring in some monty python references :wink:

  76. I’d love to get a chance to read this book. And I already have the widget posted up at my blog: http://ladyvampire2u.blogspot.com/2008/11/i-know-what-scoundrel-wants.html
    As for what a Scoundrel wants? Well, its a guess but maybe he just wants his own way.

  77. BoxingKing says:

    Hi Ann!


    I’m very proud of myself that I could figure out how to post the widget. It took probably longer than it should have, but success!

  78. BoxingKing says:

    I’m interested in reading Will’s story cause it sounds Robin Hood-esque, I love historical romance, and am looking for a new fav. author of historical romance. :)

  79. BoxingKing says:

    As to what a scoundrel wants – are we just supposed to pull something from thin air??? I’m hoping soo…

    If I were a scoundrel, I would want men – sex and love, money, success, and a huge ship! Also… good teeth! You don’t want rogues with dental problems, eew. :)

  80. BoxingKing says:

    Ok, here is an answer to your question. I’m hoping it is right, I clicked on the first answer on google and know absolutely nothing on the subject. Sooo, if it looks like a load of bs I plead stupidity. :) It looked legit, though.

    “Although a definitive answer would of course require further measurements, published species-wide averages of wing length and body mass, initial Strouhal estimates based on those averages and cross-species comparisons, the Lund wind tunnel study of birds flying at a range of speeds, and revised Strouhal numbers based on that study all lead me to estimate that the average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour. ”


  81. BoxingKing says:

    Hi Ann!

    First of, this is the second time I’ve posted the post about the widge – I didn’t see mine above! Sorry if I’m blind and just missed it…

    This is the link to my blog, http://boxingking-wordsofwisdomonwriting.blogspot.com/.


  82. BoxingKing says:

    AGH! This is the third try to post the link to my blog! I don’t understand why it won’t work – I just posted three other posts!!

    I’m not going to post the link on this one, since maybe that is why.

    You should be able to click on my name (BoxingKing) and get a link to my blog. If not, I shall try a fourth time…. >.<

  83. Ann Aguirre says:

    Congratulations, Eshani! You were first.

    Email me for prize disbursement.

  84. Deidre says:

    I posted this on the Romance Bistro chat loop.


  85. Deidre says:

    Let’s see….. a scoundrel wants a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed. LOL

    That would be my guess.


  86. Lea says:

    I think a scoundrel would want a woman who is deceptively soft and feminine but is actually a kick ass heroine in disguise.

    LOL – Hell if I know! I do so suck at this kind of stuff! :lol:

    Thank you for a fun contest Ann.

  87. Maya M. says:

    What the heck is an unladen European swallow?

    Sounds like the clock them when they’re carrying luggage and without.
    Also, that they held a contest between unladen European, American, Asian and African swallows and somehow these guys came in first!

  88. Ann Aguirre says:

    After some discussion, Eshani has walked away with a copy of HIDDEN by Eve Kenin. Woohoo! I’m crazy and I love givin’ away prizes.

  89. Lea says:

    By the way, over the weekend I posted over at Writeminded Readers and Romance Reading Ladies yahoo chat groups. :grin:

  90. Judy H says:

    Hi Ann,
    I am new to all the blogging and contests and reading of this genre of books, so I will be honest…….
    I just want the book, I told my daughter about the book and contest and if I am lucky, “A scoundrel” wants me! Its posted at

  91. Christine says:

    I finally caught the viral kung fu bug and posted this awesome contest and a link to Carrie’s website on my blog Go, Carrie!.

  92. Christine says:

    Second entry: I want to read Will Scarlet’s story because frankly, Robin Hood gets way too much time in the spotlight and I’m thrilled to read about someone else in the Forest for a change. :wink:

  93. Christine says:

    Third entry: What does a scoundrel want? He wants the girl, of course! Except she’s usually too good for him, so he has to do a bit of reforming first. I love reading about the scoundrel’s path to reformation, believing it, and totally melting at the HEA. ::sigh::

  94. dd03 says:

    Hi, would like a copy of the book. Here’s my link:


    p.s. I’m #99!!

    p.s.s. Thanks Christine for the FYI!!

  95. dd03 says:

    Oh, noes!!…my 1st comment didn’t post!

    I’d like a copy. my link is:


    I’m #99…and maybe #100 too!! o.O


    p.s. thanks Christine for the FYI!

  96. Amy S. says:

    I would love to read this book because the excerpt was great!

  97. Amy S. says:

    I posted it to my blog. Thanks for the chance.

  98. Amy S. says:

    What a scoundrel wants is love.

  99. Carrie Lofty says:

    Hello all! So happy to see you here!

    My husband is English and therefore holds a knee-jerk hatred of all things Prince of Thieves. Not only did the Bryan Adams ruin his teenage life during the summer of 1991, he resents the Americanization of the Robin Hood myth–the careless accents, the weird scenery jumps from Dover to Hadrian’s Wall to Nottingham. So it’s actually distressed him how many people have been making Christian Slater comments.

    But me? Enjoyin’ the love!

    Good luck, everyone. And to all the Americans here, have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

  100. Jennifer S says:

    A scoundrel wants a chance to redeem himself and prove himself worthy of praise and love :mrgreen:

  101. Jennifer S says:

    I don’t know if it went through or not…so I’m gonna post one more time.

    I posted the widget on my blog:


    Sorry if I posted it twice… :blush:

  102. Zara says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I sent an email to all of my reader friends and book club members. :grin:

    The book sounds wonderful! I went over to Carrie’s website and joined her group as well, to keep up to date with her book news. Thanks for bringing my attention to a promising new author.

  103. Zara says:

    A scoundrel wants a woman that nurtures his soul and frees his passions. Or maybe he just wants a 52 inch flat screen lol.

  104. Kimmy Lane says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

    I just posted to myspace blog. I can’t wait to read the book. It sounds great.

  105. Lisa W says:

    I would love to win a copy of What A Scoundrel Wants. I posted the widget on my blog. http://ljsaddictions.blogspot.com

  106. Lisa W says:

    I want to read Will’s story because I love historicals, especially ones with scoundrels. :wink:

  107. Lisa W says:

    I think scoundrels want a woman who will see past what society thinks of them and love them for who they really are.

  108. Melissa says:

    With 3 kids and a husband who travels ther’s nothing like curling up and disappearing into another world.

  109. Melissa says:

    What a scoundrel wants – what everyone wants, someone to love him for who he is … and of course someone who makes him laugh.

  110. Melissa says:

    I’ve just realised my comment with my blog post didn’t come up, I’ll try again.


  111. Rosie says:

    I’m so happy for Carrie. I remember talking to her about the book’s release in SF. In a bar of course. I also read her ‘first book’ story at DA. Kudos to Carrie.

    Here’s my link. No need to enter me in the contest either. I’ll be buying the book on Tuesday.


  112. Lori T says:

    Hi Ann~

    I don’t have a blog, but I did post this on my MySpace page:

    I hope this counts and I have also mentioned the upcoming release to a few of my friends.

  113. carolyn jean says:

    Hey Anne,
    I’ve posted on this contest! I can’t wait to read the book.

  114. carolyn jean says:

    As for what a Scoundrel wants…well, don’t they all sort of want mom? But not in a creepy way!!

  115. carolyn jean says:

    This is such a fun contest, Ann, very interactive! Okay, now, why I want to read this is the time period and the magic of this Sherwood Forest world. Anything can happen in a forest!
    Hmm, my original linkage comment isn’t up there. Maybe it’s in spam at the moment. I’ll check back.

  116. Nicola O. says:

    1) This looks like a great book! Looking forward to reading it, one way or another. :grin:

    2) Why Will Scarlett interests me – I’m a big fan of Robin Hood tales, I have been since I was a kid. I own the copy of Robin Hood that Santa gave me in 1976, and more adult versions by Marsha Canham, Robin McKinley, and Jennifer Roberson. Yep, I’m interested! :lol:

    3) What does a scoundrel want? Hmmm. Hard to say, but just maybe… a law-abiding, mild-mannered homebody type with a good imagination. Someone a little like me…. :grin:

  117. Jennygirl says:

    Please enter me in this contest.
    I have also posted the widget on my blog

  118. Jennygirl says:

    1.) I have always been interested in Will Scarlet’s story for many reasons such as, adventure, good vs evil, chivalry, and the realtionships between men and women.
    Have you seen the new Robin Hood on BBC America? I think that says it all.

    2.) So what does a scoundrel want? A good and safe home with a loving wife and good friends. Safe family and a fair shake from life.

  119. Pingback: Lainey Bancroft's Blog

  120. Lori T says:

    Hi Ann~

    I forget to tell you why I want to read What a Scoundrel Wants because you are so highly recommending it. The last time I followed an authors suggestion to read a really awesome book by an amazing author…I read Grimspace and I was clearly not disappointed!!

    Also, I think that a scoundrel wants to find a happily ever after and true love…let’s be honest who doesn’t want to find that?

  121. azteclady says:

    Today is the day!


    Who will it be????


  122. Ann Aguirre says:

    Actually this is the last day. The contest runs until 11:59 tonight, my time, of course, and the winners will be announced tomorrow.

  123. azteclady says:




  124. Caitie says:

    I read a review of Carrie Lofty’s new book on Dear Author & am definately intrigued…I don’t read a lot of historical romance, because I get tired of the same old time periods and settings, but this one sounds different. I’ve also found a few really awesome authors reading these Zebra Debut books and always liked Robin Hood spin-offs.
    I don’t keep a blog, but I mentioned “What a Scoundrel Wants” and this lovely contest to a few friends with similar reading interests on http://www.bookmooch.com.
    As to what a scoundrel wants….I’ll say he wants the love of a woman :grin: Of course, we’d have to read the book to know for sure!!

  125. Ann Aguirre says:

    Just fyi, if we hit 150, there will be a final bonus round.

  126. Eshani says:

    Just to speculate on what a scoundrel wants..
    I think what a scoundrel would want is someone that will let him play out all his scoundrelish fantasies and challenge him with some fantasies of her own :wink:

  127. Ann Aguirre says:

    And that’s a wrap. Drawing winners now…