Early Christmas – day 1

EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a special holiday treat for free! Remember I told you we were working on a holiday pastiche? Go devour chapter one. Chapter two will be here tomorrow in addition to the second day of early Christmas.

Hi and welcome to the first day of Early Christmas, where I give you an opportunity to meet authors of books I’ve loved. What’s even better than that? Well, of course, I also give you a chance to win them.

This is the second annual celebration. I did this last year, and it was a big hit, I think. This year, I have five amazing authors in the house. First up, we have Annie Solomon. Here’s a holiday greeting she was kind enough to send my way.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope good times and warm celebrations are in store for all. I tried to take the month of December off, but alas, that darn thing called “work” had other ideas. I just turned in the final revisions on my May 2009 romantic suspense, ONE DEADLY SIN, and need to start on the next book, TWO LETHAL LIES. No rest for the wicked. I hope the rest of you are goofing off and getting ready for friends and family.

When I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, I’m knitting scarves and making jewelry and thinking about how to avoid all the calories in store for me in the upcoming weeks. May the New Year bring you breathing space and guilt-free apple pie. And lots of good books.

–Annie Solomon

I’ve squeed about her books more than once on here, but in case you need a reminder…

Annie writes romantic suspense — and not just any romantic suspense. Totally ass-kicking suspense. My chief objection in most RS that the hero and heroine are on the run for their lives, fleeing whatever psycho killer is stalking them… and what do they do? They stop somewhere to bump uglies. It’s like watching a horror movie where the blond in her white nightie insists on going down to check out the dark basement, even though she knows someone is stalking her. Only with books I’m totally denied the satisfaction of hurling popcorn at the screen.

With Ms. Solomon, there’s none of that. Her plotting is taut and realistic. The threats are always credible, and her characters are very smart in their behavior… except when they’re not. I mean that in a good way, however. Sometimes the characters are so damaged (which I love!) that they act in self-destructive ways, taking stupid risks. But NOT because they’re stupid or because the plotting requires that particular bonehead move. It’s never like that, a fact I simply love about her work. She’s not afraid to push the envelope, not afraid to write about an ugly heroine getting her happy ending, or about a nurturing male who makes no apologies for the fact that he likes to take care of people. Her sexual tension is always smoking hot, layered with serious conflict. DEAD SHOT just rocked my world. If there’s anything romance needs, it’s more authors who take risks (and nail them). They also need readers looking for that kind of thing, which is where you come in.

Today, we have up for grabs the first Early Christmas prize package. To enter, you tell me in comments why you want an Annie Solomon trifecta in your stocking. It’s gonna be busy, busy, busy around here this week, so keep watching this space.

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27 Responses to Early Christmas – day 1

  1. dd03 says:

    I love a set of books!
    Your enthusiam is catching!

    Look them up. Although, all sound great…Blind Curve really caught my interest. I love books with Plain Janes in them!

    …makes me believe we all can have a HEA. :wink:

  2. Dawn M. says:

    I love romantic suspense and I’m always looking for new books and authors. Annie Solomon has now been added to my list to buy the next time I’m at the book store. In the meantime, winning these 3 books would be a great introduction. :cool:


  3. Wendy says:

    Hi, Ann & Annie!

    I want that trifecta in my stockings because I love reading romantic suspense yet I haven’t read her books yet!

  4. katiebabs says:

    I have never read Annie Solomon, so this would be a perfect way to start :D

  5. I adore suspense books and anything that is similar to mystery and thrillers. When anyone can point me in the direction of a new author that I can add to my reading list, I always appreciate it! I would love to read Annie’s books!

  6. Cate says:

    The only thing better than a good book is finding a new author who rocks! I’d love to read Annie’s books. Happy holidays!

  7. These sound intriguing. I am always on the lookout for new writers to read and share. I think Anne’s books sound like some that would make the rounds of our Mystery Readers group, hooking more than one new fan before coming back to rest at my house, where they would be an honored part of my library. :)

  8. Katee says:

    I have the same problem with romantic suspense but I’m always on the look out for new takes! These books sound like a really good read!

  9. I read an incredible amount, so I’m always on the lookout for new authors. I like the way you described her pushing the envelope – I’ve gotten a little inured to the same old same old formula for romance – this author sounds like she’s produce an interesting read.

    Thanks for considering my name.
    Happy holidays!

  10. Lori Ann says:

    I have never read a book by Annie Solomon, but you make her books sound like I would really enjoy them. I love a good romantic suspense book.

  11. Jennygirl says:

    First off, thanks for the Christmas give -away festivities.

    My feelings on romantic suspense are the same as yours. I like and want smart, intelligent, real people, in these situations. Characters who are always beautiful but silly get old after a while, and make for boring reading. I know the characters are going to get together, but keep me in suspense, will ya?

    Solomon sounds like she can deliver, and I always enjoy a great read.

  12. Pam P says:

    I like characters with smart behavior and a really good plot is important in a suspense for me along with any romance. These sound good and you give pretty good recommendations, Ann. I’d really like to get these for my mother who mainly reads suspense and looking for some new authors to read (and then she can send them back over to me, lol. Interesting my mother makes gifts to go along with those she buys being good at many crafts, and making the same as Annie. She’s been making jewelry for our birthdays we all love and I’m sure we’ll get more for Christmas, and I know she’s knitting scarves for us all this year since I had to go online for her to find a particular yarn she’d picked up and she ran out of for one she’s making when she couldn’t find it locally anymore. Maybe that’s a sign for her to try Annie’s books.

  13. Teresa W. says:

    Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite genres to read and she would be a new author for me, would love to give her a try!

  14. CrystalGB says:

    I have never read Annie Solomon’s books. They sound wonderful. :grin:

  15. Brandy W says:

    I’d love a trifecta in my stocking because before I was a romance reader I was a die-hard mystery reader. Hubby and I shared books and talked about what we liked and didn’t like. I’m still looking for a great author that combines both and maybe I can get hubby to read them too. :grin:

  16. BoxingKing says:

    I wouldn’t mind checking these books out for the great reason of the characters saving sex for an appropriate time. It just makes it more realistic! Thanks for the chance to win another prize, Ann and Annie!

  17. Katie says:

    Thanks for the great contest, Ann and Annie.

    I want the trifecta for my stocking because I have almost two weeks off for Christmas and have nothing to read. In a daring plot, the neighborhood squirrels raided my home and stole all of my books. They are now selling on the corners for cash to buy nuts and mittens.

    Times are hard here in Wisconsin. :-D

    Thanks again for all of the contests!

  18. Jane says:

    I want the Annie Solomon trifecta in my stocking because romantic suspense is my favorite genre. I love the combo of action and romance.

  19. Beverly says:

    I would love the Annie Solomon trifecta in my stocking. There is nothing better than a good romantic suspense book on a cold winter night that has hot suspense and even hotter love scenes.

  20. Deidre says:

    Cuz you like her. Nuff said. LOL


  21. Tiffany says:

    I would like Annie Solomon trifecta in my stocking because romantic suspense is one of my genres and also since I haven’t had the chance to read her books yet this would introduce me to her work. I am always looking for new authors to read.

  22. erin says:

    I would like Annie Solomon trifecta in my stocking b/c I love romantic suspense and I *can’t* find any of her backlist in my local bookstores. I’ve looked in several stores ever since Ann 1st spotlighted her. Please, please, please!!!

  23. Lori T says:

    Hi Ann and Annie~

    Happy Early Christmas!

    I would like Annie Solomon trifecta in my stocking because I have recently taken a bit of a break from all the paranormal that I have been reading and Annie’s books sound really good!

  24. Donna says:

    I love finding new authors and romantic suspense books are so good. I also have never read anything by Annie Solomon and this sounds like a great introduction to her books.

  25. Chicki Brown says:

    I just found out about this giveaway, and I LOVE Annie Solomon. Hope I’m not too late to enter.

  26. Caffey says:

    Hi Annie! Nice to meet you. A friend of mine recommended your books to me not long ago, so I have one of yours to read! I think its BLIND CURVE I got. So I’m looking forward to reading it very soon! I enjoy romance suspense that has both the tension of the romance and the suspense. Just got to have that romance, :razz: I just came back to RS after having not read it in a while, looking for more with the romance in them. Readers and author recommendations are great to have!

  27. sara hurt says:

    I would love an Annie trifecta also, that is if I am not to late. These sound great.

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