Movie Review: Star Trek

I have been secretly in love with Spock for years.

There, I said it. Go ahead and laugh, but I imprinted on him when I was a kid and I first saw the old Star Trek series in reruns. When I saw that episode where his passions are unleashed and he goes from icy control to primitive sex beast, my pre-teen self went melted-y-melty-melt. Yes, that is the technical term for what occurred.

Sadly, the movies never focused enough on Spock for my tastes. He always seemed more as a foil for Kirk, who I think is a bit of a man-whore. I don’t hold it against him, of course, because he’s scrappy and charming, but he doesn’t move me on any visceral level. Spock, on the other hand, is a man torn between two cultures: one that demands iron emotional discipline and another, that of his mother, that asks him to lead with his heart. Oh, the delicious internal conflict! You will see echoes in Spock in my heroes, particularly the one in Skin Tight. He too demonstrates iron control and complete discipline, except where one woman is concerned. Nalini Singh’s Judd was spock. All the untouchable dukes …are Spock.

Heaven almighty, do I love Spock.

So imagine my delight when I went to see a new Star Trek movie, a JJ Abrams film that hit me as if Mr. Abrams has been reading my secret “I Love Spock” diary, where Spock gets the girl. With my great and unholy love for Fringe, I am starting to feel toward Mr. Abrams the way some people (I believe) feel toward Joss Whedon. Alas, I cannot worship at the altar of Joss, for my heart belongs to JJ. And Spock.

Let’s get back to Spock.

First, Zachary Quinto was insanely hot. For about the first ten minutes I saw him, I kept thinking, what is Sylar doing with Spock hair, but within a very short time, he was no longer Sylar to me; he was Spock. Pitch-perfect, and so sexy-tough-controlled-icy-vulnerable that… well, I think it best that I don’t go into further detail. Let’s just say my love for Spock has reached a new level.

Yes, there were other people in the movie. They were all amazing. The casting was spot-on. I loved Simon Pegg as Scotty; he was brilliant. Bones was wonderful. Chekov, Sulu — both fabulous. And the fact that Spock is carrying on a secret affair with Uhura? Magically delicious. Everytime she touched him and he closed his eyes, a little tic in his jaw as if he was fighting dark urges and I just went, ohhhhhhh

Leonard Nimoy offered a beautiful gravitas to the project. I am so thankful he gave his blessing to it and participated. One moment in the film is positively breathtaking, like seeing two sides of a mirror. If you’ve seen it, you likely know what I mean. If you haven’t seen it, GO RIGHT NOW. Get a ticket.

Other stuff. The pacing was perfect. This flick began with a bang and just kept banging. There were no dead spots. No lulls. For the time I was in the theatre, I belonged utterly to that film. And there’s no higher praise.

As for the alternate reality premise, that was nothing short of brilliant. They have, indeed, reinvented the franchise and can imbue a whole new generation with love for Star Trek.

As for me, I think I might start watching Heroes again. Just to stare at Zachary Quinto, my one true Spock.

Live long and prosper, yo.

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  1. Jessa Slade says:

    A friend of mine saw an interview with Abrams where he said that he’d shoot scenes with Quinto and not know what he had until he saw the dailies, the work was so subtle. You know, the nostril flare, the narrowing at the inside of the eyes. Such yummy dark passions repressed.

    But we might have to throw down about the monstrous plot and motivation holes…

    • Carrie Lofty says:

      I read that too. Wasn’t it in Entertainment Weekly ? Anyway, I’d just come off watching all 12 episodes of “Lie to Me,” which is all about reading unconscious expression to detect lies, when I watched Star Trek. So I was in the habit of watching faces. When Spock says, “Live long, and prosper,” to the Vulcan Science Academy, his lip tilts up on one side, ever so slightly–a micro-expression of contempt. I about hooted in my theater seat. Quinto got it SO right.

      Anyway, Ann–I’m immensely pleased that you loved this one. I know you go for the popcorn fun of most movies and you think I’m too critical, but isn’t this one just head and shoulders over just about anything else?? *happy sigh*

      • Ann Aguirre says:

        OMG, we agree on Lie to Me too. Andres and I have been watching for micro expression in EVERY show ever since we watched it. I freakin’ love Lie to Me.

        And yes, Quinto had the most gorgeous subtle expressions as Spock. He was perfect.

        Yes, I agree the movie was completely wonderful. And yes, I think generally you expect too much of movies. I expect to be entertained: nothing more, nothing less. So for a movie to boring, that’s a fail for me (and many critically acclaimed movies fail because they’re slow and dull). But we agree on Lie to Me, Dr. Who, and this movie, all the way. :D

        Also, have you watched Leverage? I think you’d like it. You should also be watching Fringe.

  2. Ann Aguirre says:

    Oh, you did NOT just come into my happy place and start talking that way. You’re about to incur some fangirl wrath here.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Haven’t seen the movie – yet – but I’ll have to agree about Spock – great overall character.

  4. Stacia Kane says:

    Plot and motivation holes? Huh? Where in the world did that come from?

  5. Now I’m a Kirk fangirl, me… but oh my yes, I can see the appeal of Spock. And I had great, great fun at this movie.

    Extra bonus points for Spock/Uhura Awesome! ^_^

    • Ann Aguirre says:

      Kirk? REALLY?

      But him shagging the green chick at the Academy was kind of hilarious.

      • Yeah, though I’m still more of a fangirl of the original Kirk than I am of this one; Kirk’s the first hero figure who taught me that hazel eyes could in fact be swoonable. ;) Plus, I’m a sucker for handsome dashing heroic captains, anyway; I love me some Jack Aubrey too!

        Young Mr. Pine is not yet quite seasoned enough to really seem like The Kirk to me, but I’m fairly assured that he’ll get there. And I have to admit, I really rather liked that whole “If you don’t tell me your name I’ll have to make one up” schtick.

  6. Isabo Kelly and I were having a conversation on Twitter the other day. We think that the new McCoy is also quite yummy. ;)

  7. Katie says:

    I have to agree it was lush to have Spook and Uhura together, but for me the movie was all about McCoy. Dude. Come to mama!

  8. janicu says:

    You know, I saw the plot holes too, and I thought it would have been nice if there were bigger roles for the women in the movie, BUT – I was having SO MUCH FUN watching it that those things didn’t bother me *at all*. It was just – entertainment at it’s best. And I thought the casting was perfect. I liked so many of the characters, it made me all aglow. I don’t think I saw any BAD reviews of this movie! I hope they do another one.

    • Ann Aguirre says:

      There will be NO plot hole talk on this blog. Seriously.

      Star Trek was PERFECT (and the empress’s new clothes are f’n lovely).

      I’m not looking for critical analysis at all. If I don’t see the flaws, I surely don’t want to see them. I haven’t felt this giddy about a movie in years.

  9. Mmm, Spock. I also imprinted on him at a very young age–my first “fan letter” at age for was in green crayon asking him to marry me. Needless to say, when they started showing reruns when I was in middle/high school, I totally fell in love with him all over again. Kirk just never did it for me.

    So was all fangirl squeeing over the new Star Trek, too. I so hope they keep up this level of class and the affair with Uhura over the sequels. I’ll keep watching as long as they want to make them!

  10. Uncommon Jen says:

    Like you, I also have always loved Spock. He has that untouchable brokenness that makes you want to kiss him in the hope that you are the one that can make it all better. Just like that scene in the lift. Or that delicious scene on the transporter pad. Mmm . . .

    Being a fangirl desperate for subtext, I always saw a hint of something between Spock and Uhuru. I never liked Nurse Chapel because she was always trying to butt in where she didn’t belong.

    Anyway, loved the film and Quinto. And Pine does a fantastic job as Kirk. The new cast as a little something for everyone, really. I could work up a crush on just about any of the boys. :lol:

  11. Ann Aguirre says:

    TBH, I barely remember Nurse Chapel. Janicu commented that she wished the roles for women were bigger, but y’know, I thought they gave Uhura a bigger part than she had in the show. With the success this project has had, of course they’ll be making a sequel, so perhaps her role will be expanded. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about this movie.

  12. mMm says:

    Ann, I too was one who “imprinted” on Spock. I got my first “makeout” boyfriend because he was into ST and well, reminded me of Spock. All intellectual and shizz. In high school I watched the reruns…in fact, was watching the original series on disc not too long ago before I even knew they were making a new movie (or before I’d even started watching Heroes) and I was all mmmm, unattainable, emotionally unavailable yet hidden passionate sex beast man…WHEEEE.

    I too, have written Spock. I will do it again and again and again because that untouchable thing (but for one woman, of course, the one who can get inside there and just break him apart…) YUMMMMMMMM!


  13. readerdiane says:

    Sorry but Jean-Luc Picard is my absolute favorite.
    I did really enjoy the freshness that JJ brought to this movie while envoking the whole Star Trek feel. I am ready to go see it again in the big theatre. we missed seeing it at the IMAX.
    I thought is was so great to have actors playing actors playing in a movie.
    I love Lie to Me also.

  14. Vivi Anna says:

    Praise thee be Spock. I’m with you on that Ann. I’ve always been a Spock fan. And Zachary Quinto’s Spock just shot up to one of my favorite movie heros EVAH.

  15. Caffey says:

    Ann, I have to wait til this comes out on DVD so I can have the closed captioning for it. I rarely watched any SF movies but so remember watching Star Trek when I was younger and without the captions, I was always interested in watching Spock! So for me, he was my hero rather than Captain Kirk. I should go see if the earlier shows are on TV and captioned now or not (they don’t have to caption older shows but some do, so I can hope). Even tho I don’t watch much movies I think this is one I’ll be watching!

  16. Rosie says:

    Saw this with my husband and sons and the GFs. We all loved it and that’s an eclectic group to come to an agreement on a single movie. Of course we dissected and discussed ad nauseum afterward. We all have favorites and agreed on that for TV only TNG was IT. For the Trek movies, this one.

  17. Larissa says:

    I. Loved. It. Not the first time I saw it, tho. Oh, it was amazing the first time, but I was SO destroyed over the way they changed history.

    BUT…by the third time I saw it (twice in one day, mind you!) I was over it. LOVE the casting, am totally in love with Spock (always have been,) and now Kirk (never was before.)

    Need another Star Trek tat…

  18. Ann Aguirre says:

    The way I read it, Larissa, they didn’t change history. The time-travel created an alternate reality universe. In old Spock’s original universe, things have still happened the same.

    In this new universe, we have a new future to explore. It opens the doors to all kinds of awesome stuff, and basically reinvents the franchise.

  19. Moth says:

    I just re-read Grimspace and Wanderlust back to back and this time I was picturing Zachary Quinto as Vel in his human form.

    And yes, it made me happy in my head. :)

  20. I loved the new Star Trek movie. I love Spock, who doesn’t? My husband tried to hold me down and force me to watch the ending to The Wrath of Khan where Spock dies. I started crying before the part ever came, and I’ve never watched it to this day!

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