A Jewel of a Contest

Yes, I punned. Punish me. I deserve it.

But before I go into the details of the contest, I have to show off this sexy reader sporting her Team Chance shirt. Doesn’t she look amazing? This is @fantasydreamer on Twitter and I linked to her blog above. I give her major props for getting a shirt to support young readers. So let’s give her a round of applause. Or if you’re a gaming nerd, you can “huzzah” for her in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

And moving on.

indiscreet You saw the word contest in the title. You know you did. So now I reward your patience with an explanation. During my Bacchanalian week at RWA, I met up with the delicious and delightful Carolyn Jewel more than once (at one point I was in her bed, and she was in mine on another occasion. Oh, the scandal! Yes, that’s yet another wondrous Jewel title. If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out.) At any rate, she gifted me with an Indiscreet arc, which I find beyond awesome. I devoured it at once, naturally, which means I want to share the goodness.

There are conditions, however. If you win this, you must commit to writing a thoughtful review of the book shortly before the release. That’s the first week of October. You’ll need to post it on your blog and Amazon. If you don’t have a blog, you can borrow mine. If you’re willing to do that, then I can totally hook you up with an arc.

To make things interesting, I will state that one comment equals one entry. However, you may NOT post back to back comments. No spamming. No random links. Each comment must have content that relates to something someone else said or be a question for Carolyn who may be kind enough to stop by. We can keep our fingers crossed, right? If I see back to back comments, I will discount all of that person’s entries. I am not obliged to tell anyone they’ve broken the rules or been disqualified. You just won’t win. Clear enough?

To recap: no spamming. No random links. Each comment must have content. No back to back comments. Talk to each other, okay? You have three days, which means I’ll post the winner on Tuesday. Play on!

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41 Responses to A Jewel of a Contest

  1. katiebabs says:

    I wore your Butch t-shirt.
    And I am a reviewing junkie.

  2. Shell Bryce says:

    Wow I would love to do a review… I know that if Ann has given her recommend that it will be a great one…. I would be honored to do a review on my blog


    and to Fantasy Dreamer congrats. You do look wonderful

  3. Breia B says:

    I would totally blog about this. Look great. I also need to get me a Team Chance shirt, Donna looked awesome wearing it.

  4. leighann says:

    Ive never written a book review, but i would certainly give it a try if I win. Thx

  5. Yvonne says:

    It would be a privilege to review Indiscreet on my blog, should I be privileged enough to win the ARC.

    Leighann? What I have learned from doing various reviews is that it always gives me the warm fuzzies to do them.

  6. Aymless says:

    Hook me up! Whee!

    So did your ARC make it home with you? *g* Or did it make it’s way into someone else luggage. ^_~

  7. Moth says:

    I thought Scandal was very well written, although the big twist halfway through kind of threw me for a loop. Still and all I knew I wanted to try her next book so if I won this ARC it would be a great opportunity to do so. And I would love to write a review if I won.

    The t-shirt picture is not showing up in my browser. :(

  8. blodeuedd says:

    Would love to read this, and since all I do is review on my blog then that is simple :D Not to mention I finally ordered from Amazon and I am able to post there, yay.

    The book sounds great, and a question would be for Carol.
    Q: Ok, that is one yummy cover, how much do you as the author get to say about covers?

  9. Ann: thanks so much for doing this give away!

    And thank you to everyone who’s entered, too. Now, for the question about covers, the answer is “not very much.” Typically authors are shown an early version, but by then, the decisions have been made and unless there’s something seriously amiss there’s not much that can be done. That said, both my agent and I have mentioned areas that need some work. The early version of Scandal, for example, looked had a heroine with a smooshed boob, something my agent and I both noticed independently. That was addressed.

    I’ve been very lucky in the cover department but honestly, I don’t think that’s just luck. I think the art departments work really hard on covers. It’s their area of expertise and marketing, of course, knows what’s been working for them.

    In fact, I thank the over gods that no one actually puts me in charge of making cover decisions because I know I would be very very bad at it.

  10. Moth says:

    Question: Do the cover models actually resemble the characters in your book?

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the time with romance novels (particularly if the hero is blonde in the book) the people on the cover don’t actually bear too much resemblance to the characters in the book. Has that happened to you?

  11. Hi, Moth, thanks for the question.

    Book marketing departments have observed that covers with blond heroes do not sell as well as covers with dark-haired heroes. That’s why you rarely see a blond hero on a cover, even when the hero in the book is blond.

    It’s not uncommon to see covers with people that don’t resemble the characters as described in the books. I do understand how that happens, after all, the cover needs to sell the book and sometimes the “BUY ME!!” factor needed in a cover trumps the “here’s what you’ll find in the book” factor.

    Sometimes that’s because the book is on an aggressive publication schedule and there may not have been time to match a cover with what’s described.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with covers. The cover of Scandal, for example, is very close to the emotion of the book and does a great job of conveying the characters’ appearance (despite a historically improbable gown). The hero of Indiscreet is a tall, muscular man, and the cover conveys that wonderfully, I think.

    The cover for my (long ago) book Stolen Love is actually pretty inaccurate. The story is set in 1844, firmly Victorian. Yet the cover is pure Regency. But the thing is, I like the cover. It has orchids on it, which play a big part in the book, and it captures the relationship between the hero and heroine. Even though the clothes are several decades off.

  12. Shell the Hockeyvampiress says:

    Jewel, Is this a part of a series.? And if so can it be read as a standalone as well.? Also what genre do you read? Do you read the same as what you write or do you change it up? I would so love to do this review. Thanks again Shell

  13. limecello says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy Carolyn’s books – actually, have already done that- but I’d love to read and review this one.
    Also, that’s quite a skintastic cover. lol. Very eye catching, but doesn’t look very comfortable :X

  14. Moth says:

    Book marketing departments have observed that covers with blond heroes do not sell as well as covers with dark-haired heroes.

    I have heard that before. It is just so weird to me. I like variety, you know? I have no problem with blonde heroes.

    And for me, it does bug me a little when the characters don’t match the description in the book.

    I just googled “Stolen Love”. It’s very purple, isn’t it? :)

  15. @Shell the Hockeyvampiress:

    Indiscreet is not part of a series. It’s completely stand alone.

    As to what genres do I read, the answer is I read everything. Seriously.

    @limecello Hello!

    @Moth: Yes, Stolen Love is very purple. I’d prefer it too when the people on the cover actually resemble the characters. I think books need two covers, one to make people buy the book and then another where you see a depiction of the characters as they’re described. That would be cool!

  16. Pam S says:

    I would love to read this one and post a review. I can send it for posting on your site or review it for Romance Junkies (review as Pamela Denise).

  17. Pam S says:

    @ Carolyn Jewel regarding the covers:
    I have to say I absolutely love your covers!

    I agree with something depicting the characters. They could have the cover and then an inner photo page right in the front when you open the book. That would be awesome.

  18. Marie says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! And I love the fact the scandalous-ness of eating donuts on the bed. Oh the tabloids.

  19. Kaetrin says:

    Hi, Please enter me in your competition. I’ve read Lord Ruin, The Spare and Scandal and I’m looking forward to Indiscreet (especially after just having read the excerpt on your website – very intriguing!) Plus, I do so love a muscular hero…

    I haven’t written a book review before but I’d certainly be willing to give it a red hot go!

    • @Pam S, yeah, but it’s only the big time authors (like Ann Aguirre) who get step backs and extra pictures inside. But so cool!

      @Marie I’m afraid I can’t comment further on beds and donuts. ;-)

      @Kaetrin Thanks so much! I always want to give an extra hug to people who read The Spare because there’s only about 10 of you and I really like that story a lot.

  20. Margay says:

    Carolyn, that is one amazing cover, so I would love to review what’s inside.

  21. Angela T. says:

    I enjoyed reading A Darker Crimson a couple of years ago. I would love to review Indiscreet.

    I never heard that before about blond heroes on the cover. I like blond heros!

  22. rebyj says:

    Jane is bullying everyone on twitter to enter the contest because Indiscreet is such a good book! Enter me! No one reads my blog so I’d review it for yours LOL.

  23. Mandi says:

    I can’t wait for this book!! I would definitely post a review. I bought Scandal the day it came out and devoured it but that was before I had my blog:)

  24. Lorelie says:

    That’s why you rarely see a blond hero on a cover, even when the hero in the book is blond.

    Which is *such* a damn shame. If I could figure out how to insert a pic of Mr. Skarsgard in here for ya, I would. :)

  25. Sadly, the closest I got to either Ann or Carolyn was the other side of a book signing table. Can we rewind time so I can bed-surf too? :)

    Indiscreet looks fantastic – I’d love to read it (and review) it.

    Re: blond heroes – I seriously doubt Johanna Lindsay had trouble selling HER Viking-bedecked book covers way back when. I firmly believe the world still teems with women who like their men blond and windblown!

  26. seton says:

    I was going to buy this book anyway when it came out. Happy to review if I win.

  27. SonomaLass says:

    Perhaps it’s not fair for me to enter this contest; I know I will buy Indiscreet and post reviews in several places. However, I could get a head start on that with an ARC, and I could even share that copy with a couple of other bloggers I know to get the early word of mouth going.

    I knew you two would end up in bed together at RWA. It was the daffodils, wasn’t it?

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  29. VampFanGirl says:

    I’d love a chance to read and review Carolyn Jewel’s ‘Indiscreet’. I devoured the yummy goodness that was ‘Scandal’ and I’ve been dying for ‘Indiscreet’.

  30. SarahKay says:

    I’m hoping this contest is worldwide as I’d love to read and review this book.

  31. First thank you for all the kind comments. I’m feeling so warm and fuzzy now!

    Next, I want to thank @Lorelie for mentioning my One True Love, Alexander Skarsgard , AKA Eric on True Blood. I would be happy indeed if he were on the cover of my next book. I believe I’ll tootle off to look at my collection of Skarsgard art.

  32. Amanda T says:

    I just started a book review blog, and I’m always looking for more opportunities to get ARCs, and new releases to review on my blog. I also belong to Librarything, and I would be happy to review it there. I would buy more books myself to review, since getting a new release at my local library can be difficult, but as a poor student in college, it doesn’t always work out.

    So rest assured, if I won the book, I would review it on my blog, amazon, library thing, and anywhere else I can manage.

  33. SarahKay says:

    Carolyn do you have a say on the covers? If so, do you prefer photos over drawings or does it depend on the book?

  34. bridget3420 says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?


  35. Caffey says:

    Hi Ann. I so love that cover! There’s just something about reading the regencies and picturing those dresses and balls, and the like that I know if I had a choice, I’d be time traveling back to then (Eventhough I read some research that some kept those beautiful dresses together with pins! Ouch!
    I love Carolyn’s historicals and would love to be in for INDISCREET! Thanks!

    Thats a fab blog of Fantasy Dreamers and the T-shirt is neat!

  36. Valorie says:

    Hi! I just finished reading My Forbidden Desire not too long ago and loved it. Nice dress on that woman on the cover!

    How do you come up with your book titles, Carolyn?

  37. angela parker says:

    Vampgirl I totally agree! I read Scandal 5 times in 8 days, all my friends and family now know Scandal has usurped the title of my all time favorite romantic novel. I had been racking my brain as to how I could get my hands on an advanced copy of Indiscreet. I have read the excerpt so often secretly hoping by some computer fluke that a full copy would appear on my screen. Oct. 6th seems like an eternity away. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into Jewels next “GEM”.

  38. Shell the Hockeyvampiress says:

    I too am a fan of the Sherriff. I was quite upset to see him in one of my sons videos he was watching and …. he… wasn’t too healthy by the end of the video… Hopefully he was just a stunt double… LOL

  39. @SarahKay Authors generally have little to no say in their covers. The most publishers are willing to stipulation to is a “consultation.” There are some comments about this in this very thread, so if you scroll up, you’ll see more on the subject. I’ve been lucky with my covers so far and I’m very happy to leave this in the hands of experts.

    As to photos or drawings, I’ve had lovely versions of both. There are trends in cover art, as in fashion, etc., so a cover that’s a drawing came seem tired or fresh depending on where it is in the current fashion.

    @Bridget Whoever Alexander Skarsgard is seeing now? I admit it, I’m shallow. Shrug.

    @Valorie: Book titles are a delicate thing. I’ve had titles occur to me from the time I start writing (Lord Ruin and The Spare, for example) which have stuck through to end up on the cover and I’ve had books where I had only a working title I knew wouldn’t make it to the book.

    Chris Keeslar at Dorchester came up with the final title for A Darker Crimson, my agent and I submitted over 200 possible titles for the book that ended up as My Wicked Enemy and no, that title wasn’t one of our suggestions.

    Once I was completely reworking Scandal before sending it to my agent to see if she could sell it, I had the title Scandal in mind.

    For about two weeks Indiscreet was going to be titled something else, until marketing pointed out Penguin had recently published a book with that title. They didn’t want any confusion when buyers were looking at the catalog.

    So, the answer is, it depends.

    @Shell the Hockeyvampiress: Eric is My One True Love. Please do not lose sight of that fact. My laptop (Fang) is named after him. Thank you.


  40. Moth says:

    For about two weeks Indiscreet was going to be titled something else, until marketing pointed out Penguin had recently published a book with that title. They didn’t want any confusion when buyers were looking at the catalog.

    What was the other title going to be?