Doubleblind Countdown Celebration-wk 3

Only a little over a week until Doubleblind comes out on Sept 29! People have sent me a few pictures from where they spotted the book already in the wild. Grimspace came out like two weeks early as well in select locations. I’m told readers are finding it in Hawaii, California, and Florida. I don’t know if it’s anywhere else yet.

This is the final week of the contests leading up to Doubleblind‘s release, and I have something special planned for y’all. I have a fabulous cover artist, Scott Fischer, who does a fantastic job on the Jax books. So to celebrate those covers, I’m giving away a print. You can pick art from Grimspace, Wanderlust or Doubleblind, whichever one you like better. It will be high quality and framable. My agent has some from Scott and she reports they’re absolutely beautiful, prettier than she expected. You can have one for your wall at home.

How do I get this? you ask. Simple. I’m calling on your creative side now. This is a fan-art contest. Bring one (or more) of the Jax characters to life, however you choose. Any means is fine: sketch, paint, clay, computer programs like Poser or Photoshop. Make a video out of Lego people, if you want, enacting your favorite scene. Whatever makes you happy, I want to see it. Here’s an example by Moira Rogers, the Bree half: Jax and March

Once you’ve created your work, upload it somewhere & post a link here in comments. Be patient. I’ll check the spam folder often in case the link red flags your comment (and it does more often than not). One lucky winner will receive a print. The rest of you, I’ll create a fan art page and feature your work on my site. I’m super excited about this, and I hope y’all are too.

anthoFor those of you who are far too lazy busy to do this, I’m giving away a copy of the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2. I have a story in it. It’s called CIRCLE UNBROKEN, and I’m actually pretty proud of it. To win this, you have to promise to read my story first. I’ll post the winner(s) on Sept 29, which means you have until next Monday at 11:59.

Good luck to everyone! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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35 Responses to Doubleblind Countdown Celebration-wk 3

  1. Lindsey Ekland says:

    I will check out your story first and then see who else is included.

  2. blodeuedd says:

    Cool, I will see what I can do, it might just be the ugliest painting lol.

    And yes I am in, I do promise to read it first

  3. katiebabs says:

    Can sheep be used? :wink:

  4. Ann Aguirre says:

    Hm. If you envision one of the characters as a sheep, then yes. ;)

  5. janicu says:

    Fan art. I don’t remember the last time I drew something!!! So..put me down for the Vampire Romance book!

    Moira’s fanart is GORGEOUS. Wow.

  6. FanArt…ahah i don’t think i have any artistic skills! We’ll see if i grow an artistic hand during the night ;)

    But i do promise to read your story FIRST *grins*

    Moira’s view of March/Jax is gorgeous =)

  7. Katie says:

    Ann- I promise to read your story first. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. :-D


  8. Sabrina says:

    I super duper promise to read yours first!

  9. Kristy says:

    I’m really enjoying this countdown to the book, and can’t wait to see all the lovely fanart. ;P

  10. Fedora says:

    Ann, I definitely promise to read your story first :) Can’t wait to see what your artistic fans come up with, too!

  11. TJ says:

    You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you? *goes and dusts off her art supplies*

  12. Pamk says:

    roflmfao You don’t wan’t me to draw, paint anything. I am creatively challanged. so I’ll take the lazy way out. I promise to read your story first if I am fortunate enough to win .

  13. Donna S says:

    I did not get the artistic gene so I would like to go with option 2!

    I would definitely read your story first. It is one of the main ones I am looking forward to in the anthology.

  14. Rosie says:

    I’ve got zip talent for this sort of thing but you certainly have my attention and I’m ever so curious to see what the fans come up with. Moira’s example is beautiful.

  15. Jamie says:

    I have no problem reading your story It sounds really interesting so it would work out great!!

  16. Jen D. says:

    Cross my heart I’ll read your first story. :mrgreen:

    If I had any kind of artisitic inclination I’d submit artwork but I’m sure you’re not interested in stick figures. :wink:

    Thanks for the contest!

  17. Ilona says:

    I’ll read your story first if I get the book (if I don’t win it I will have a looong wait).

    Meantime I best try and find some time to try my hand at some fan art :D

  18. Deidre says:

    Hi Ann! Here’s my contribution of fan art. I would love either a print or The Vampire Romance anthology. I think it’s win-win either way.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  19. Diane M. says:

    I’ll definitely read your story first.

  20. Ilona says:

    OK Now I am both intimidated and impressed. I love both T J’s and Deidre’s artwork and I just know I couldn’t match that skill at all :(

  21. Patti says:

    I’m pretty sure you aren’t looking for Jax as a stick figure, so I’ll throw my hat in for the TMBoVR2.
    Of course I’ll read your story first!

  22. dd03 says:

    I’d love to have the book & yes, I’ll read the story. I’m not great with reviews as you know, but I do twitter what I like and don’t like! lol

    I may try to dust off my photoshop elements if I get a chance!

  23. Carol Thompson says:

    I can’t even draw a stick character !

    But I can read !

    So please enter me for the book giveaway.


  24. Ilona says:

    Even though I am intimidated by better artists I decided to try my hand at some artwork anyway. My Jax wallpaper can be found here:

  25. Jacqueline L. says:

    I solemnly swear to read your story first. :)

  26. Paula says:

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted that anthology or not, but now that you’ve told us you have a story in it, I’m tempted. I’d totally read yours first.

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  28. Beth says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I will definately read your story first.

  29. Poppy says:

    I would totally read your story first if I got that anthology!

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