True story

I finished Shady Lady revisions today. The book is now with a couple of trusty beta readers and I have washed my hands of it for the time being. Here’s some stuff you might not know about me:

When I’m working hardcore, I’m insanely focused. I do only the minimum to keep this house running. My family takes up a lot of the slack, and they are awesome. Sometimes I forget to eat. Often, I forget to eat. You wouldn’t know that by looking at me, but it’s true. I work on a book to the exclusion of all else, just about. These revisions were challenging because my work day was broken up with promo and guest blogging. So that meant I burned the midnight oil instead. I went with less sleep. I lived in my jammies. Clean ones, of course. Showers are not optional.

That means I haven’t had on a decent outfit in weeks. (I don’t count the jeans and t-shirt I wore out to the family restaurant on Wednesday night. My brother in law owns part of a restaurant, and I love hanging out there because it’s close by. Great for when there’s no way I’m cooking.) It also means I have no idea what my conference clothes are doing; you know, the nice ones I wear on special occasions…and to conferences. So today, I dragged out my good black pants and a black shirt with white and brown embroidery around the neck. (I’m going out to lunch with the family and want to look decent.) Both shirt and pants are … TOO BIG. The shirt is quite large, and the pants are 2-3 inches gapping in the waist. Finally, my work ethic is having some impact on my body! You know, that doesn’t involve sweating and working out. Maybe the forgetting-to-eat thing had something to do with it. I never try to lose weight because I am of the opinion that weight loss / weight gain, the yo-yoing, is worse than just being whatever you are, eating reasonably well and getting a fair amount of exercise. I’m at peace with my body. But it’s never a bad thing to find out your pants are a little too big. *grin*

Anyway, apart from the contests I’ll be running on my blog, I’m going to unplug for a bit. That means I’ll be off the internet as much as I can be, enjoying my time off and spending it with my family. If it’s urgent, mark it so in email, okay? I’ll be back around in a week or two.

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  1. Deidre says:

    Well then chill out girl. You deserve it! Everybody needs a break.


  2. Melissa says:

    Congrats, Ann!! And I hope you truly enjoy your down time!!

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