It was an amazingly awesome conference, probably the best I’ve had so far, but my expectations are pretty high for NYC. So I say “so far” with great foresight.

I hung out with lots of cool people, didn’t see some people as often as I’d like. Altogether, the conference went amazingly well, considering how fast the board put it together.

I’m now in Alabama, doing a writer’s retreat. And that’s going very well. I might actually survive the summer… and all the incipient deadlines. It’s super hot, here, though, so I don’t want to leave the aircon. How are y’all keeping cool?

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  1. Pamk says:

    I’m not lol. I in Alabama too. Will you be doing any signing while your there. I’d love to maybe come get my book signed depends on where you are in Al.

  2. Rosie says:

    We have “dry” heat here in the high desert of SoCal. I swim and stay where it’s air conditioned as well.

    It’s hotter than Orlando?

  3. MaryK says:

    I stay inside as much as possible.

  4. Lauren says:

    Like Pamk said, are you going to be doing any signings while you’re around here?

    I tend to hide inside and drink as many sodas as I can get my hands on to stay cool.

  5. Michele Lee says:

    We’ve got fans, and refrigerated towels and two efficient window units. Cold tea or lemonade helps too.

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