Devil’s Punch cover art

Devil's Punch art

And here it is! What do y’all think? Leave a comment to enter to win a signed copy of Shady Lady. Winner in one week.

Shady Lady winner – David7118. Awesome!

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27 Responses to Devil’s Punch cover art

  1. Frank Tuttle says:

    Stunning! Perfect in every way. Your cover artist did a fantastic job!

  2. THIS IS SO HOT!!!! Best cover yet so far in the series. Can’t WAIT for this book!

  3. Sullivan McPig says:

    Oh! Gorgeous! I want to lick it ;-)

  4. David7118 says:

    Great cover! I agree with some of the others that this is the best cover so far.

  5. Maithe says:

    Oh, very cool cover! You have a very talented cover artist. I can’t wait to read this one! *G*

  6. Oh my Goodness! Look at her! She looks great, and I love the hair. :) Great cover! Now really can’t wait for the book to come out. :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. Has says:

    I agree! I think this is the best cover yet!!!! :D I love how fierce she’s looking!

    P.S Please don’t enter me for the giveaway!

  8. Cary Caffrey says:

    …Sorry…what was that? I was looking at this gorgeous cover.

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cover! It is very cool. I love the look on her face, so “I dare you to mess with me”.

  10. Jenn says:

    Oh I love love love Enclave, excited to read all of your books! Looks great! Thanks Ann!

  11. Michelle G. says:

    I know you’re not supposed to love your children more than another, but this cover may be my favorite now

  12. Jacqueline C. says:

    I like it, but the Hell Fire is still my favorite.

  13. BevQB says:

    While BLUE DIABLO will always be my favorite Corine cover, this one is truly a beautiful piece of art. Congrats, Ann. Evidently, NOT pissing off the cover faeries remains one of your talents. ;-p

    Don’t enter me in the drawing. I wait for your new cover announcements so that I can get the upcoming books preordered. That way Amazon makes sure they’re in my greedy hands on release day.

    BTW, it just dawned on me that I don’t really know how YOU pronounce Corine. Do you say cor-EEN or cor-IN?

  14. EmmaD says:

    Ohh it’s stunning Will have to go check it out.

  15. Ann Aguirre says:

    It’s Cor-EEN. Rhymes with Doreen. I actually put in that in one of the books. *g*

  16. Tez Miller says:

    Ooh, spooky city in the background! Where could you be? ;-)

  17. Lan-Dinh says:

    Totally different than how she was portrayed in previous books. And her big ass knife? When did Corine become a badass?

  18. Cat Russell says:

    Not crazy about the model, but I do like the background. Thank you for the contest. I love Corine and Chance. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!!

  19. Sandy says:

    Wow! I love kick ass women! add me to the contest please!

  20. Lisa Forgan says:

    Wow, the cover of Devil’s punch is amazing. The use of colors have a nice dramatic impact. I love the look on her face. It makes me think of her strength and that she’s going to be doing something courageous and mischief. It has that nice mysterious feel to it and I can’t wait to read it. I love all the Corine Solomon books, especially Shady Lady. Now seeing this one is making me anxious and waiting for April 3, 2012 seems like forever…oh the anguish. ;)

  21. This is THE BEST COVER yet for the series. I absolutely love it!

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  23. Lisarenee says:

    I must confess to being a book cover addict. I tend to pick up a lot of books just for the cover. The cover is one that would catch my attention. It’s beautiful, intriguing, and catches the eye. You should totally thank the cover artist. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to read it.

  24. Tracy Haidle says:

    Love it! i totally judge books by their cover! can’t help it, this is great!

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