Dance monkey does the YA sashay

dance monkeyIt has been really hard to keep quiet for the last two weeks. Major excitement has been percolating behind the scenes, but now, at last, I have clearance to announce the uber-exciting news.


HORDE, the final book in the dystopian Razorland trilogy, again to Liz Szabla of Feiwel & Friends, in a nice deal. By Laura Bradford, World English

MORTAL BEAUTY, Doctor Faustus meets Mean Girls in this edgy paranormal revenge trilogy set in a dark world of secret societies, twisted bargains, and forbidden love. Three books, in a good deal, to Liz Szabla of Feiwel & Friends. By Laura Bradford, North American.

Those are my guesstimates of what the PM announcements will say. How close I am, who knows? But the important bits are, I have sold FOUR more YA titles to Feiwel & Friends. Squee! Uber squee!

The schedule will tentatively look like this:

Fall 2013 Horde
2014 Mortal Beauty
2015 Dire Charm
2016 Dead Lovely

Title and projected dates may change. (Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.)

It’s so awesome to be able the share the news at last. Feel free to post comments, questions, and squees.

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28 Responses to Dance monkey does the YA sashay

  1. David says:

    CONGRATS! That’s awesome! :)

  2. Anna says:

    Glee! I think I’m going to join the monkey in his happy dance.

    • Ann Aguirre says:

      His dance is pretty freakin’ infectious — and it’s simple enough that I could do it. (The irony being that “I” replaces monkey, which is an actual monkey, in this instance.)

  3. eridani99 says:

    Dang, congrats! You’re gonna be one busy little bee!

  4. So dang excited!!!! Excited!!! Excited!!! YAY!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us :D I have been so excited to read Endgame, and yet so depressed that it’s coming to an end. This makes me so super happy that there will be much more Ann Aguirre books in my future. All the way up to 2016!
    PS: You’re my favorite author :P

  5. Keith Melton says:

    Congratz, Ann! Great news. ^_^

    However, that monkey needs more caffeine. If you watch him for long enough he starts to slow down… ;)

  6. Ann Aguirre says:

    I’ve been using that monkey since 2007 to announce deals. He’s been dancing for five years! You’d be slowing down too.

  7. Jenn Bennett says:

    Best. News. Ever.

    Major, major congrats!! :D

  8. Ann Aguirre says:

    I feel the same way!

  9. Cari says:


  10. Karen says:

    It’s a little sad to say good bye to two of my favorite series but YIPEE!! bring on the “Doctor Faustus meets Mean Girls” goodness!
    I have no doubt it will be as full of awesome as your other books!
    And Horde…. OMG – dying…..just dying to read that.

    *spins, twirls, throws confetti*

    • Ann Aguirre says:

      Jax is hard for me. She was my first heroine, first sale, first series. So it’s bittersweet, but she deserves to rest, and I’m happy where I’m leaving her. It feels right.

      However, to be honest it’s very surreal how far I’ve come. I signed with Laura Bradford on March 31, 2007. We pitched Grimspace on April 11, my husband’s birthday. Within a few weeks we had a nibble, and by May, we had an offer.

      Since May 2007, this is what I’ve sold:

      Adult / SFF
      Jax: Grimspace, Wanderlust, Doubleblind, Killbox, Aftermath, Endgame (6 books)

      Corine: Blue Diablo, Hell Fire, Shady Lady, Devil’s Punch, Agave Kiss (5 books)

      Dread Queen: Damnation, Obliteration, Liberation (3 books)

      Apparatus Infernum: Bronze Gods, Silver Mirrors (2 books)

      Adult / Romance
      Ava Gray: Skin Game, Skin Tight, Skin Heat, Skin Dive (4 books)

      Ellen Connor: Nightfall, Midnight, Daybreak (3 books)

      YA / SFF

      Razorland: Enclave, Outpost, Horde (3 books)

      The Beauty trilogy: Mortal Beauty, Dire Charm, Dead Lovely (3 books)

      That puts me at 29 titles sold. (Feel free to check my math.) That doesn’t count novellas and short stories. Just… wow.

      And it’s all thanks to my amazing readers. I heart you guys!

  11. WOOHOOO!!! WTG, Ann! Congrats!

  12. Tes Hilaire says:

    Squee! And congrats :-) Can’t wait to add these to my keeper shelf.

  13. Congrats Ann! This is amazing news. :) And love the dancing monkey. :)

  14. SQUEEEE!!! Congratulations!!!!!! How crazy excitIng!!!! :)

  15. Ann Aguirre says:

    Thanks. It’s physiologically impossible for me to be more excited. My heart couldn’t take it.

  16. YAY!!! That is so wonderful! Congrats!!!!

  17. azteclady says:

    If you heard a really high pitched, vaguely hysterical sound just now…yeah, that was me. So absolutely happy for you, Ann!!!

    I told you it would sell, remember? *hug* Congratulations, Ann!

  18. Marjorie says:

    Yay!!!!! So excited!

  19. Congrats and may the monkey continue to dance for you. I love your books and doing the happy dance for you.

  20. Congrats on the new sales!

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  22. Maja says:

    Jeesh, Ann, when I see that list, I have to wonder: when do you ever sleep?

    Anyway, congrats! They sound even better than I expected, though I’m really not surprised – you always manage to exceed my expectations, no matter how high they may be.

    Hugs and heaps of good wishes!

  23. Meghan says:

    I have to agree with Maja, when do you sleep? Or plan/do home remodels and spend time with your family and everything else you do? Big congrats to you on all you’ve done. I always eagerly await your next titles and though I too will be very sad to see the end of Jax I agree she deserves to rest and I trust you to craft an ending I will not be angry with (unlike Bioware and Mass Effect…?). And I’m super excited to know the final book of the Razorland trilogy sold, I know I’d be super disappointed not to see that conclusion. I can’t wait for Outpost. Big congrats! And I can’t wait to see what you come up with next…

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