The Fade Giveaway.

Outpost Fade.

Age 17 (or so).

Black hair.
Eyes so dark they look black.
Olive skin, he tans easily.

Likes: Deuce, killing Freaks.
Dislikes: Stalker, feeling powerless.

Personality: (Here’s where you come in.)
The Contest
You can earn up to four entries. Here’s how.
Entry 1: You fill in Fade’s personality description in comments.
Entry 2: Find a picture that looks like you imagine Fade and link to it in comments.
Entries 3 & 4: You create original Fade art. This can be a sketch, computer generated image, something you produce in Photoshop or a macaroni and blackbean collage, whatever moves you. Then you share the art with me in comments. For obvious reasons, this is worth two entries, as it requires effort.

So if you do all of the above? 4 entries. Total up how many entries you have for me, please, in your final comment. That will help at the end for picking winners. ( Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up at once. Sometimes if your comment has links, it will get caught in the spam filter. But I’ll fish it out I promise.)


The prize
2 OUTPOST arcs, to be signed and personalized, then sent right out to you.

You have a week. Rock on.

ETA: Winners!

Karolyn S & Ashley B, congratulations! You’re the proud winners of the Outpost arcs.

Thanks for playing, everyone. I loved your art and your casting choices. (You can continue to chat, comment, talk about Fade if you like, but the contest is done.)

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41 Responses to The Fade Giveaway.

  1. Sierra Dean says:

    Okay, I know this is going to be weird, because usual YA heroes are all sexy and muscular. And I DO think Fade is sexy (for a 17 year old), but I also think he’d be a lean, mean, Freak-killing machine. It’s not like they had a ton to eat in the Enclave, so I don’t think he’d be all huge. Fade is tough because he has to be, but there’s a softness under that that makes him so unbelievably lovable.

    This is actor Jack Carpenter. He’s more known for really geeky roles, but I love him, and I think he’d make a pretty excellent Fade. He’s not as broody as he maybe should be, but this is what you’re getting, and especially in this photo I think he’s super Fade-esque: Fade

  2. Maddie says:

    Fade is protective and a little bit shy until you get to know him. He’s sensitive in a tough kind of way and really independent (until he meets Deuce). There is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on too, and he is secretive about it. And he had a past, which is totally sexy, so I’m gonna end on that note. Fade is totally sexy ;)

  3. Maddie says:

    Alrighty, so I literally just finished watching The Amazing Spider-Man and it was like revelation! Andrew Garfield IS Fade! Okay, at least for me. He had this great emotional intensity that I pictured for Fade and he also has the looks, with just minor flaws. that goes to the pic of him!

  4. Heather says:

    Sigh, Fade…he’s secretive and aloof yet kind and protective. He has never had a chance to relax so he’s rather serious but in an endearing way. Trust doesn’t come easy to him. I love that there is so much more to him that you get at first glance which is why I think this guy reminds me of Fade. He looks like he’s complicated. =)

  5. Heather says:

    Ok so hopefully this link will work for my artwork…if not I tagged you in the picture on Facebook or I can try again!

    4 points! =)

  6. Ashley B says:

    Fade is reserved and secretive, with a tendency to fade into the background. Not that he’s in any way bland or unoriginal – it’s a cultivated skill. In private, among people he trusts, he can become quite outspoken. He has a tendency to play his cards close to his chest, sharing information only when necessary.

  7. Ashley B says:

    Also this is who I see for Fade! :)
    Ben Barnes!

  8. Kim Buckley says:

    Hi Ann, I loved Enclave so much and am super looking forward to reading Outpost!! I made a glogster poster in honor of Fade! You can see it here

    Fade has had to survive on his own for a very long time and he has had time to become a deep thinker and a problem solver. He never makes rash decisions and he calculates his moves like a strategic planning machine. Fade doesn’t even know how good he looks. He is dark and handsome and his eyes are brooding because he is thinking of his next move and how he will decapitate any freak that comes near him. As a child he suffered the horrible experience of losing his father and the trauma has made him deep, dark and secretive, which has made him guarded and manifested terrible trust issues for him. As Fade gets closer to Deuce he realizes that he can actually open himself up and care about someone or something other than survival. But you better believe that survival is in his every fiber and down to his core so if you think that he will turn into a silly lovestruck teenager you are very very wrong. Fade does not have time for games, but he does have a good heart and is loyal to the end and that’s what makes him so irresistible!

  9. L.J. Duett says:

    Fade’s personality is serious. He’s seen and done too much to be overly cheerful but I think Duece brings out the lighter /brighter side in him on rare occasions. Of course, that is probably a double edge sword for him, since he’s probably desperate to protect her in a world were danger is everywhere. I think that could be very overwhelming on a person.
    He’s loyal, takes care of those he loves or feels responsible for. He can be quiet but thats part of his personality. He takes in more detail of those around him that way…like a people watcher, hence his more aloft personality. He probably seems snotty to those who wouldn’t know him, but I bet those he allows in his inner circle know deep down he’s got their back.
    I also think, he’d be weary of any new individual introduced simply because in a time like that, you can never really know who to trust. Therefor he’d be somone slow to warm up to another.

    That’s my take on Fade anyway.

  10. Ashley B says:

    And finally, here’s a rough sketch of my Fade. :)

    Ignore my thumb in the corner!

    So that makes 4 entries!

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  12. Megan says:… I think he could look like Fade!! His personality is quiet and observant, yet he is protective and dangerous. He isn’t very emotional because he was raised to be strong so he doesn’t know anything else. I did 2 entries!

  13. Jocelyn Hernandez says:

    Fade is very reserved and has trouble trusting people. When he gets angry he has a hard time forgiving unless he can feel their sincerity in their apology, he cares about the people around him and wishes the best for them he cherishes his friends specially Deuce. Has difficulties controlling his emotions sometimes.
    The person whom I think fade would resemble in real life is:
    Liam Hemsworth,r:12,s:11,i:151&tx=102&ty=57

    As for my art work hope you guys like it:

  14. Karolyn S says:

    Fade is full of quiet desperation, full of little cracks in a tough outer shell that is seemingly unbreakable. Trapped in an endless cycle, he doesn’t really believe there is light but the light finds him. Tentative and hesitant, the light only lingers nearby at first and not quite close enough. He’s not sure how to let it or if he should want it. The tough shell has him engulfed, the darkness is familiar and the secrets he holds want to remain buried. He blends in, he fades, whilst taking on the role of a calculating, silent predator that is ready to pounce at any movement of a deemed danger or enemy. The intensity of his hidden emotions are never fully shown; they almost always lay dormant as a skill he’s come to acquire but are ready, always ready to flare into flames at the touch of the light. The light is warm and it is soft, becoming something he has slowly come to crave. The light gives him new meaning, embraces him, touches him and does the unthinkable. It ignites the most powerful weapon he possesses: his soul. The light comes in the form of Deuce and she sets his soul on fire.

  15. Danae says:

    He’s observant, attentive and smart, thinking things out before he takes them into action. He’s silent until you get close to him and sensitive yet hard when it comes to his father. He has a guarded shell of armor around him with only a single chink in it where you get to see his caring vulnerable side, Deuce. He feels helplessly vulnerable when he is powerless and is perfectly at ease fighting because somehow he gets his emotions out that way in a good use instead of just turning on people around him. His cover is the ultimate show of power he is NOT powerless. He is very loyal and the only reason he stays away from Deuce is because he does not realize she wants him. He would do anything for his friends like when Banner was killed. When he is angry his emotions flare up to such a degree that he seems to put out an electric aura, his emotions roll in waves of intensity off of him. He is reserved, used to being left alone, used to being sneered at and degraded, used to embracing his secrets and hiding them deep deep down so nobody can dig them up and hurt him. His personality is based on the hard experiences in life he had to endure, very cautious and very uneager to let people into his personal bubble. He can occasionally be too hard on himself because of things others have done. His soul is open and wounded and crying for love and to be loved and Deuce gives him that. She’s his ray of sunshine, his hope, and he does not realize to how much extent she really cares for him. Giving others comfort sort of compensates for him all of the ungratefullness and disrespect people have shown him throughout his life but he only gives it rarely to those who he thinks deserves of it.

  16. Jillian says:

    Fade is as silent and pensive as his name. He appears to be an introverted, overlook-able person but in reality he has a storm brewing under his skin, which is filled with the hate for the freaks and world he is stuck in, the misery from losing his family and the love he feels for his partner and best friend Deuce. He is brave and seemingly fearless when it comes to protecting the ones that he cares for and though he may be shy and does not divulge his every thought he remains honorable and trustworthy though his every breath. :)

    Here is my drawing(s) of Fade! The quality is pretty crummy thanks to my super fuzzy webcam but you get the gist!

    And I’d imagine fade to look something like this:

    So that would be 4 entries!

  17. Shirley says:

    OK, here is a picture of Fade better known as Robbie Amell. This is how Fade would look while underground he’ll tan up when above ground.

    Is see Fade as confident but yet stand-offish when hurt emotionally. He’s intelligent, analytical, and often views his world from the outside. He doesn’t feel as though he fits into any mold that society would have him become. He’s loyal, sometimes to a fault, and feels deeply when others are hurt by his actions. What I really like is that he views women as his equal yet has a desire to protect them (I know that sounds odd). Finally, Fade is willing to take chances and runs with the wind when a gate is opened. :-)

  18. Christina says:

    I picture Fade as someone who keeps to himself. Very intelligent, yet quiet. Something disturbing happened to him at a young age. Instead of being a victim, he has learned from the experience so it has made him stronger, and more willing to do something productive. A lot of people don’t understand him. He’s used to people passing judgement on him very quickly, but it does not bother him. To him, they are just ignorant, and are the sheep of society, and for this, he holds nothing against them. I see him as someone who does go to therapy, but merely for amusement, analyzing the Doctor and what the Doctor has to say about him. He may come off as cocky sometimes, but he truly is not. He has just created a thick skin.

  19. Shirley says:

    a bitstrip drawing of Fade which makes a total of 4 entries for me. :-)

  20. Vivien says:

    To survive, Fade had to build walls. He couldn’t let anyone in. He became almost brutal in his need to show strength. To kill anything that threatens his well being. This attitude comes off as being too harsh and too blunt. But it get’s the job done. His one shining glory is his loyalty. If he lets you in his impenetrable fort, which isn’t likely, he will protect you fiercely. To the very end. Just don’t cross him. What Deuce hasn’t figured out yet, is he’s already let her in.

    My Fade:

  21. Catherine Z. says:

    Hmmm. Fade’s personality? He’s loyal and protective, but not very open with his feelings (it seems that he’s gotten used to surviving on his own for so long that he’s forgotten how to tell people how he really feels…). I would also describe him as silent and a bit standoffish, but very caring and warm at heart when it comes to people he cares about! And as for a picture, I envision Fade as looking a bit like this:

    So that’s 2 entries :)!

  22. Karolyn S says:

    Okay so back with who I imagine Fade to be

    I kept thinking back to this model I saw in some random magazine a while time ago. Didn’t have any idea as to his name so it took me a while but here it is

  23. Danae says:

    Rough outline of how I picture Gade. thoughts? Entry #2 I emailed it to [email protected] thanks luv enclave!!

  24. Mad says:

    I made some fan art, but don’t know where to post it, so I guess I must find the likeness of Fade and the writing. I found a picture of what I think Fade would have looked like when he was younger and living Topside. It’s here: I just think that he would be paler from living underground and have a thinner less boyish face. Wait, just found this picture. He would definitely look like Enrique Iglesias.

    I think Fade is very protective and tries not to get too attached to anything because he doesnt want to lose it. Because of this I think he keeps his distance from most people and may have a hard time trusting them. He is loyal and I think that once you befriend him, you are friends for life (or at least I’ve seen that with Deuce and Banner, I don’t think he’s had any other friends). Fade is smart and he survives. I think he’s pretty confident about anything that doesn’t involve Deuce. He isn’t particularily bloodthirsty and I don’t think he likes to kill things, but does what must be done to survive. He is very compassionate, but doesn’t like it when people cry unless they had a good reason to cry. Fade is tired of corruption and this may cause him to come off as a rebel. Because he is so closed off he may seem a bit mysterious. Oh and Fade may seem frightening too. Sorry if I forgot something, but it’s been a while since I’ve read this. Still can’t wait for Outpost!!!!!!

    BTW-That was 2 entries….thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Danae says:

    Are you going to hold any more contests to get ARC’s of outpost? I love your books!

  26. Kassie says:

    Entry 1:
    Fade is quiet and thoughtful, and he tends to keep things to himself (such as pain). He becomes very close to the people he trusts, such as Banner and Deuce. When he really becomes close to someone, he takes their death unbelievably hard. He is silent and unpredictable, so it can be difficult to know exactly what he is thinking. He is always there for Deuce, no matter what, especially when she falsely confesses to setting up Stone. When Fade needs to make a choice, he always makes the right choice, and he doesn’t even consider what he wants. He decides to do whatever is best for other people. Fade is attentive, concerned for most others. Fade lives completely in the moment, and doesn’t think too much into the future. He focuses mostly on the present, and survival. He is the type of person who seems intimidating at first, but once you become friendly with him, he seems like a completely different person, who cares a lot about his friends, especially Deuce.

  27. Karla says:

    Wow its amazing how we are all different and see Fade in different ways. I know this is over but will there be one for Stalker?

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