It”s late at night here, I just finished my words, and everyone is asleep. I’m not quite ready for bed, so I decided to do a show & tell of the books I’ve bought recently. Note: I haven’t read them yet, but obviously they’re all titles I’m excited to check out. Andres & I are going away for a romantic tropical beach getaway over Valentine’s weekend, and I’m going to read as many of these titles as I can while lounging in the sun.

If you’ve read any of these, feel free to recommend them in comments. Please don’t post any spoilers, though.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard
Splintered by A.G. Howard
Written in Red by Anne Bishop
Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells
Doomed by Tracy Deebs
Hereafter by Tara Hudson
Shadowplay by Laura Lam
Live by Mary Ann Rivers
Dead Ends by Erin Jade Lange

One random commenter will win the book of his or her choice from this list. Let’s talk about books, readers!

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53 Responses to Books!

  1. Danielle H says:

    There is three on your list I want to read. Written in Red, Dirty Magic and Live. Enjoy your getaway and happy reading! :)

  2. Sandyg265 says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read any of those yet.

  3. Bethany C. says:

    I haven’t read any of these yet, but I’m looking forward to Jaye Wells’s new series (loved Sabina Kane,) and Anne Bishop can’t help but be brilliant.

  4. Nicole McCormick says:

    Shadowplay was an amazing follow up to Pantomime. Laura Lam is spectacular.
    The Bone Season was a fun read.
    I have issues with the love interest in Splintered, but A.G. Howard’s descriptions of Wonderland are just gorgeous. Her Wonderland is deliciously creepy.
    Haven’t read any of the others.

    I would start with Shadowplay :)

  5. Alina says:

    I want to read The Almost Girl, Splintered, Written in Red and Jaye Wells new series Dirty Magic. Your so lucky! Happy Reading!

  6. Pam Parise says:

    The only one I have read is Written in Red by Anne Bishop….all I can say is I absolutely loved it….can’t wait for the next in the series!!! I have Splintered by A.G. Howard and Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells, but I haven’t read them yet…if you do let us know how you liked them….Oh yeah by the way I just finished your book Bronze Gods….LOVED IT…I am impatiently waiting for the next one in the series!!!! Great job!!!

  7. erinf1 says:

    I recommend Live by Mary Ann Rivers. I loved her debut, the Story Guy, which if you haven’t read, you must drop everything until you do :) I’m currently at Chapter 2 of Live and I’m loving it already :)

    • Ann Aguirre says:

      OMG, I just finished Live & I was squeeing about it on Twitter. The writing was lush and gorgeous, and I just fell in love with the characters. SO many feels. <3

      • erinf1 says:

        argh!!! Life got in the way and I haven’t finished it yet :) I know it’s good… it’s like being presented with a box of gourmet chocolate. SO luckily it snowed here so I have an excuse to lock myself in the house until I finish it this weekend :)

  8. Sarah says:

    Shadowplay is fantastic, just as good as Pantomime! I enjoyed The Bone Season too

  9. I’ve heard great things about Written in Red. I’m waiting impatiently for the mass market paperback I preordered. The other books are unfamiliar to me

  10. I’ve heard of most of them, but Splintered is the only one I’ve read, and it is amazing! Enjoy your books and vacation! ^.^

  11. Krystel says:

    I have not read any on your list, but will be adding them to my TBR. But one of my close friends read The Bone Season and liked it, and she has been bugging me to read that one. So that one may be next for me! Enjoy your getaway and reading all the books!

  12. Jenni says:

    Splintered was a great read! I would definitely recommend it. :)

  13. almendra says:

    Splintered by A.G. Howard .. is cute history … you should read it :D

  14. carine verbeke says:

    Splintered is on my to be read list and I THINK The almost girl hit that list soon

  15. amorie says:

    I haven’t read any of these, but I am very excited for the recommendations!

  16. shauna says:

    I haven’t read any of them but Splintered has been on my TBR for quite awhile!

  17. Shannon Keith says:

    The Bone Season was fabulous! I enjoyed the world that Ms. Shannon built in that one. I’m reading Dirty Magic now because I adore Jaye Wells. I have Splintered, but haven’t read it yet. I haven’t read any of the others on the list, though.

  18. therealjojo says:

    Haven’t read any of those, have to them out

  19. Bea says:

    I have Live and a friend gifted me Written in Red; I want to read Dirty Magic. Some of your books I haven’t heard of but I hope you enjoy them all.

    I saw your squeeing over Live; it made me even more excited to read it.

    Happy reading!

  20. therealjojo says:

    Haven’t read any of those yet

  21. Guenivere says:

    Have actually not heard of any of these books, but I will definitely look into them once I finish writing my masters practicum paper.

  22. briony hall says:

    I’m currently reading dirty magic and enjoying! I want to read written in red. :)

  23. susan beamon says:

    Haven’t read any on your list yet. I’ve got a TBR pile almost as tall as I am, but I’m always ready to add more to it.

  24. Galena says:

    Anne Bishop is one of my favorite authors, and I was really excited when she came out with an urban fantasy! Written in Red is just soooooo goood.

  25. Charles Le Blanc says:

    Books, the escape which relies on the reader’s ability to see worlds dreamed up in the Author’s mind. It is an individually shared experience, for no one sees the worlds the same even though we read the same words.
    So thanks to all authors for sharing their words and peaks into their imaginations!

  26. Melanie Lindsay says:

    I need to read them all! I have The Bone Season but haven’t gotten to it yet.

  27. Jessie H. says:

    Splintered, Written in Red, and Dirty Magic were all wonderful reads!

  28. van p. says:

    I lovvve Bone Season and Dirty Magic! Bone Season and Dirty Magic had both incrediable world building and amazing characters. I highly recommend it!

  29. Stephanie F. says:

    The Bone Season, Written in Red and Dirty Magic would be the three I would most recommend. I loved the writing, stories and characters in them. I couldn’t put them down.
    Great list though, plenty of great reading hours.

  30. Mary Navarrete says:

    I haven’t read the Almost Girl, but I was thinking about it. I read Waterfell by Amalie Howard, it is Book 1 of the Aquarathi series, and it was really good. Can’t wait for the next one!

    Mary Navarrete

  31. Sandra Salinas says:

    Loved Hereafter by TaraHudson

  32. I’ve read Splintered. I really enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland retelling. I do think I enjoyed Unhinged (the second one) even more. I’ve had Written in Red and Dirty Magic recommended to me the most.

  33. Tiffany Webb says:

    I’ve yet to read any of the books on your list, but there are a few that I want to read. :D Esp. Written in Red :D

  34. Sarah M. says:

    All of those books are on my TBR! I read Dirty Magic and it was fantastic. For me, it was slightly reminiscent of old Anita Blake books (think book 1) due to the heavy police procedural aspects in a paranormal world. I am already looking forward to book 2!

  35. Lea Krnjeta says:

    Most of these books are on my TBR list but I read Splintered and it was one of my 2013 favorites, dark and strangely beautiful-

  36. Ana Lucía says:

    I haven’t read any of them but Written in Red by Anne Bishop is one I reaaaaaly want!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  37. Ren says:

    I’m not read all those title yet but I’m intrigued with Written in Red and Dirty Magic

  38. Timitra says:

    I haven’t read any of these books as yet but I have Live on my tbr pile and Dirty Magic and Written In Red on my wishlist.

  39. Wendy says:

    Another vote here for Written In Red, I recently reread it and it reminded me again of how skilled Anne Bishop is, can’t wait for Murder Of Crows.

  40. Barbara Elness says:

    I haven’t read any of them, but at least a couple of them are on my wish list too, namely Dirty Magic and The Almost Girl. Several others look intriguing, especially The Bone Season. Hope you let us know how you liked them. :D

  41. Alona says:

    Whatever book you say you liked, they should pay you for advertisement because thousands of your fans and followers will rush to buy them :) I have Live but haven’t read it yet. Even though you can’t wait to read all that awesomeness, please give some love to Andres too, it’s a romantic getaway, after all :)

  42. Wendy says:

    Reading these comments I went looking for Splintered, but while Goodreads has a review, none of the booksellers seem to have it listed. The second in the series is available, but not this one. Anyone had this problem or know where I can download a copy?

  43. Zee says:

    I haven’t read those yet, but I’ve heard so much about Splintered. It’s on my TBRL, too. :)

  44. Ida Stone says:

    I’d like to read most of those books. I’m always on the lookout for new books because I read constantly. :)

  45. flchen1 says:

    Haven’t read any of those yet, Ann–enjoy the time away with Andres, and happy reading!

  46. venus velvet says:

    Written In Red was the only one I’ve read, and I liked it. Similar themes to her Black Jewels series, but a little tighter and more fast paced. The follow-up, Murder of Crows, comes out March 4th, so you won’t have long to wait.

    I’m rereading Perdition today – yes, a prison ship romance is my comfort read. :) I really like how Dred and Jael’s relationship develops. Also looking forward to Silver Mirrors this year. Hope you soak in plenty of sun and great stories on your vacation.

  47. Ann Aguirre says:

    Just notified the winner! Thanks for the book chat, everyone.

  48. venus velvet says:

    Yay! Saw the Havoc cover and can’t wait!

  49. Ah, I still want to read THE BONE SEASON and SPLINTERED! I’m just hearing about THE ALMOST GIRL now but I have WATERFELL to read. And I’ve read Tracy Deebs’ mermaid books. I haven’t read any of these yet to recommend…but those are the ones I want to most. Enjoy them all!!!

  50. Ayesha Patel says:

    My friend, A.G. Howard, wrote Splintered and it’s very well done: creepy, romantic, gothic, hopeful. The great thing about it is, if you love it, you don’t have to wait for the second book! It already came out.

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