Blogger/reviewer special

I have some books to give away. How excited are we? This excited! crazy-dance

If you’re interested, sign up here:

First preference will be given to those willing to write reviews. Yes, it counts if you post on GoodReads or Amazon but don’t actually have a blog. There are also some foreign language titles in here, so make sure to spread the world to your international peers.

Here are the titles you can request:

Silver Mirrors – Advance Readers Copy
Perdition – Advance Readers Copy
Bronze Gods
Enclave – SPANISH Language Edition
Enclave – FRENCH Language Edition
Outpost – FRENCH Language Edition
Skin Game – GERMAN Language Edition

Let the requests & reviews commence!

Note: as it says on the form, signing up also adds you to my newsletter. Which only comes to your inbox to remind you to buy my latest release. This offer is good until the books are gone. Void where prohibited, no purchase required, first come, first served, results may vary, do not taunt happy fun ball.

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24 Responses to Blogger/reviewer special

  1. athena jordon says:

    I would love to review your books for a chance at your new ones, but alas, I do not have a blog… Dedicated reader

  2. Emily says:

    I am always happy to review on Amazon! I listed Amazon as my blog, since I don’t actually have a blog. Thanks!!

  3. Robyn jones says:

    I love posting reviews. Always try to leave them on every book i read. Which is a lot lol

  4. Briony hall says:

    I would love to read and review, I loved perdition it’s one of my favourite reads so far this year and I’m eagerly awaiting havoc. I would be interested in reading bronze gods or silver mirrors as I have the rest apart from skin game but unfortunately don’t read nor speak German.
    Thank you Briony

  5. susan emans says:

    I religiously review on Goodreads, but I don’t know if I am disqualified for winning one of your Ellen Connor books. I would be unbelievably joyful to get a copy of Silver Mirrors or Bronze Gods. Silver Mirrors’s release date is circled on my calendar. I will review it even if I don’t get a copy :)

  6. Ann Aguirre says:

    Don’t forget to click the link and fill out the form! :)

  7. I don’t have a blog, but I love your books and do post regular reviews on Goodreads. The only one I haven’t read on this list is Silver Mirrors. Like another commenter, I loved Perdition and would also like a chance at Havoc, if that is available!

  8. Lina Gomez says:

    Ann, me encantan tus ideas! I just signed up :) and I can’t wait to receive your newsletter !!

  9. Jacque E says:

    I try to review every book I read on GoodReads! I hadn’t thought about doing Amazon reviews, so I’ll try to post there too now. I am looking forward to receiving your newsletter too – the thought of missing a book release of yours makes me very sad!

  10. Sandyg265 says:

    I don’t have a blog but do post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.. I’d love to read Silver Mirrors

  11. Sandra says:

    I do post reviews on Goodreads and amazon. Will fill the form out.Thanks Anne.

  12. I love your books, especially the Razorland series. I wrote a review on Amazon and I have reviewed it on SisterLit Podcast that I record with my sisters. I will definitely fill out the form!

  13. Jennzah says:

    Always willing to write a review!! This is awesome!! Thanks!

  14. Denise B says:

    Would love to review for your books on Amazon and also do Goodreads. Just purchased Outpost and Enclave, looking forward to readung.

  15. M Kraut says:

    I would love to review Silver Mirrors or Perdition. I post my reviews on GoodReads. I review a bunch of ARCs for NetGalley publishers, and for all books I receive for contests. Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. Ana Lucía says:

    I didn’t list anything where it says blog because I don’t have one but I’d review on Goodreads of course. Didn’t thought of using that in the form. Hope there is no problem with that.

  17. Niki Hawkes says:

    I would love the chance to participate! The only books from you that I haven’t yet read and reviewed (including ones not on the list) are Bronze Gods and Silver Mirrors. :) I have a blog and work for BN Bookstore, and it’s no secret in either place how much I love your work! :) I’ve been currently geeking out about the cover reveal for the new Dred novel!

  18. Lorie Mitchell says:

    I post my reviews on GoodReads and would LOVE to read ARCs by you…heck, anything by you! I love the Razorland Saga. For now, I would like to request: Silver Mirrors – Advance Readers Copy, Perdition – Advance Readers Copy, and Bronze Gods.

    Thanks so much!!! I love love love your work! HUGE FAN! Do I sound teeny-bopperish enough even though I’m an old lady?

  19. Arianna says:

    Dedicated reader interested in Silver Mirrors :) always willing to write a critical review.

  20. susan emans says:

    Thank you so much for my uncorrected proof of Silver Mirrors!! I just finished, and it is awesome! From the ending, I think we will read more of Celeste and Janus’s adventures??
    Now I am off to write great non-spoilery reviews…

  21. I’d love to read Perdition, or finally end the series that introduced me to you and turned me into huge fan, Outpost! Thanks for all the giveaways you do. Love your books!

  22. Michele says:

    Nothing like coming late to the party :-). I just finished reading Silver Mirrors – loved it! I am now patiently waiting for the next in that series (along with the next Dred book).
    I post regularly on Amazon, in the paranormal romance discussion forum mostly, although I do post reviews occasionally as well.
    Unfortunately? I have read all of your books currently released :-). So an ARC or an authors copy would be wasted on me. I will continue to post recommendations for your books; you are one of a handful of authors about who I can honestly say that I have read all of your works and have enjoyed each and every one.
    Patiently waiting for your next release…

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