August Contest

You love that title, don’t you? It’s relevant in two ways because 1) this is August and 2) August also means “inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic.” Wow, suddenly this contest has a lot to live up to. But more importantly, WORD PLAY. There is also a third feature; August is the month I was born, so I’m about to level up again, life-wise. In… 10 days. Which is coincidentally when I plan to wrap up this contest. Okay, it’s not a coincidence at all. 

So basically, here’s the deal. I have a bunch of books on Amazon that are close to 100 reviews. I’m only looking for legit reviews, so don’t post one if you haven’t read the book. You also don’t HAVE to post a review to enter the contest. Simply spreading the word is good too. There will be no prizes directly given for writing or x-posting a review, either. So how will this work, you ask? Well, basically, the more books that pass the 100 mark, the more prizes I’ll give out. Winners will be random, not based on reviews posted. That way, if we stir up lots of word of mouth, I can give away tons of cool stuff. Make sense?

Here are the books that we’re working on: 

Mortal Danger (74)


As Long As You Love Me (98)


Blue Diablo (79)

Blue Diablo cover art

Perdition (79)


The Queen of Bright & Shiny Things (47)

The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things Cover

Now for some of these books, it may be impossible to make goal. Shiny needs 53 reviews. ALAYLM only needs 2. I’d also love it if you could post reviews for Public Enemies, as that’s my latest release. But I’m not trying to get from 6 to 100 in 10 days.

So, prizes: 

1 book passes 100:

1 signed, personalized set of the series of your choice (by me, 1 random winner)

2 books pass 100:

2 signed, personalized sets of the series of your choice (by me, 2 random winners)

3 books pass 100:

$50 GC to the bookstore of your choice (3 random winners)

4 books pass 100:

Guaranteed ARC of your choice, any upcoming release (of mine, 4 random winners)

ALL books pass 100:

I give away EVERYTHING listed above, plus I do a Skype call for half an hour with you and your closest friends. We can talk about whatever you want. 


How do I get in on this? 


You can…

  • tweet about the contest
  • make a post about it
  • create a graphic and share it somewhere
  • post a review on Amazon yourself or tell someone that you know likes doing that
  • ask a blogger friend if he or she minds x-posting (just be polite, appropriate and no spamming, please.)

The sky is the limit, really. I’m trying to get the word out about these books, get to 100 reviews where possible (it raises the book in the algorithms and results in more sales), and have some fun at the same time. Whatever you do, report back in comments. Obviously the more times you report back, the better your chances of winning something, because the odds will be numerically in your favor. Please don’t create dummy accounts or post bogus reviews, however. Most important, have fun!  This is my birthday contest after all.


Thanks to everyone who participated. One book passed 100, so I’m giving away one signed personalized series. And the lucky winner is… HEATHER MCFANN. 

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29 Responses to August Contest

  1. Ashley says:

    I added my review of ALAYLM and while I was at it I added one for TSOMH. :) I had already reviewed Queen.. on Amazon previously. (reviews under ‘Ashley @ Book Labyrinth’)

  2. Jambrea says:

    I did a tweet would puts it on FB too! :) Good luck.

  3. Timitra says:

    Shared on FB and posted a review for Perdition which I read back in July

  4. Jacque Engelbrecht says:

    Love this (and hooray for fellow August birthdays!) This is amazing, because I am forever telling people that I love your books, but I often forget to do helpful things like review them on Amazon! So, I just went and reviewed ALAYLM and TQOB&ST! I’ve also decided this will be my prompt to re-read the Dred Chronicles before August 25 and I’ll make sure and post a review of Perdition and report back.
    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Ann Aguirre says:

    Woohoo! ALAYLM is already at 100. So we’re already at the first tier of prizes on day one. Thank you so much! <3

  6. dr susan says:

    I just read Public Enemies, but I don’t think I posted my review to Amazon, so I will go do that now :)

  7. dr susan says:

    I posted my reviews for ALAYLM, Mortal Danger, Public Enemies, The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things, and Agave Kiss. I can’t post a review of Blue Diablo because I read it before I joined Goodreads. I apologize for not getting them posted on Amazon before now. I had them on Goodreads though!

  8. Aemelia says:

    I need to write up a review of Perdition and add my reviews of Havoc and Breakout on Amazon. :) I keep telling everyone that the NEED to read this series.

  9. Aemelia says:

    I just tweeted the contest and shared on my Rambling Reads facebook page…now for some review writing.

  10. arnie says:

    just tweeted about the contest. to post my reviews soon.

  11. Lea Krnjeta says:

    Tweeted, posted on Tumblr and left reviews for Perdition, The Queen of bright and shiny things and As long as you love me.

  12. Katie Buresh says:

    left review for Perdition on amazon…it was at 82

    good luck

  13. Arnie says:

    My review of TheQueenOfBrightandShinyThings is on IG
    photo of a page posted also on IG wity the hastag get shiny
    Will post my review on amazon when I’ll switch to desktop :)

  14. heather mcfann says:

    Posting a review of Perdition on Amazon. I am looking forward to the new book.

  15. Emmejo says:

    I wrote an Amazon review for Blue Diablo.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  16. Babel says:

    Wonderful month, no doubt ;-) And happy birthday! Thanks for everything, books and contest alike.

    I’ve posted on twitter and facebook, but the blog says I’m not allowed to copy links :-(

  17. I tweeted:
    I also posted reviews of ALAYLM and Mortal Danger at Amazon. Name it’s under is Melissa Books and Things.

    Hope you are having a great b-day!

  18. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday. My birthday is also in August. Thank you for doing this. <3

  19. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday. My birthday is also in August. Thank you for doing this.

  20. Emmejo says:

    And now that I have had time to find words to express how much I enjoyed it, I’ve posted a review for Perdition. My copy of it will be going to my sister shortly as she is also a fan of your books.

  21. Cathy/greytfriend says:

    I posted my reviews of Blue Diablo and Perdition on Amazon. They were already on Goodreads.

  22. Mighta Zerie says:

    Made a #PublicEnemies graphic and posted it on my Twitter, Blog’s Facebook Page and IG:

    Also posted my review for the Mortal Danger and Public Enemies on Good reads already. :)

  23. Emilie Clavette says:

    Just posted on my facebook!

  24. Emilie Clavette says:

    Also tweeted about the contest!

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