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I’ve been hinting about this for a while and I now have permission to announce it to all of you since everything is locked in. Two times are yet to be confirmed but the dates are definite! I hope you’re … Continue reading

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Dance monkey in the house! (You know what that means.) Okay, first… review this post: Riding the Dragon. Are we on the same page regarding what books I’m talking about? Awesome! So basically, we pitched these books a while back. Remember, I … Continue reading

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I have some books to give away. How excited are we? This excited! If you’re interested, sign up here: First preference will be given to those willing to write reviews. Yes, it counts if you post on GoodReads or Amazon … Continue reading

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It”s late at night here, I just finished my words, and everyone is asleep. I’m not quite ready for bed, so I decided to do a show & tell of the books I’ve bought recently. Note: I haven’t read them … Continue reading

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On December 16, I tweeted (in two parts): “Sometimes a book feels like a dead albatross hanging around your neck, drowning you. Sometimes it feels like a dragon you get to ride. Either way, you have to do the work. … Continue reading

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So I was asked for some book recs, and I haven’t made such a post since September. I figure it’s in the holiday spirit to give away a book. Here are 10 books I’ve enjoyed lately. Oh, I also feel … Continue reading

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So right now, we’re three weeks from the conclusion of the Razorland saga. What a long, exciting journey it has been! I want as many people as possible to read / check out the series, but I can’t do it … Continue reading

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This list isn’t of famous books that everyone agrees are amazeballs and have sold twenty gazillion copies. Those books don’t need me to squee over them. So… in no particular order:   10. Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt … Continue reading

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Often I’m asked if I have a newsletter. I didn’t for the longest time but I want to make it easier for readers to remember when my books are coming out. This won’t be a frequent thing, and I promise … Continue reading

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Think about your favorite SF novels. Now consider how much sex takes place in them. Think of your favorite SF films & TV shows. Is there more sex or less than the books? I’m curious about this proscription, to be … Continue reading

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