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Chicken dinner! Actually, it’s e-readers & books. Rules: You must contact me within one week of this announcement with your full name & shipping address, or I will redraw on your prize. E-reader winners, tell me what brand you want: … Continue reading

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This is a two-parter. I know you love the title of this contest. Who doesn’t? So here’s the scoop. The holidays are awesome and what-not. It’s been a long time since I did one of these mega-giveaways, and this is … Continue reading

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In the wake of the pie in face closure of Quartet Press, I am left shaking my head. Not at the closure — I think it was probably wise to shut down before wasting a lot of time and money … Continue reading

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As soon as I realized yesterday was Bettie Sharpe’s release day, I headed over to Samhain and picked up my copy of this novella. And though I had other things I really needed to be doing, I sat down and … Continue reading

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I’m probably the last person to find this site, but… Have y’all been to It’s a veritable garden of delights! Here, I can buy almost any book I want, discounted if I subscribe to the newsletter, and I get … Continue reading

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