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So I was asked for some book recs, and I haven’t made such a post since September. I figure it’s in the holiday spirit to give away a book. Here are 10 books I’ve enjoyed lately. Oh, I also feel … Continue reading

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This is a two-parter. I know you love the title of this contest. Who doesn’t? So here’s the scoop. The holidays are awesome and what-not. It’s been a long time since I did one of these mega-giveaways, and this is … Continue reading

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For your reading pleasure this holiday, we have been conspiring, rubbing our hands together with maniacal glee. if you peed your pants over the first one, then invest in Depends this Christmas. For we are at it again! The usual … Continue reading

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If you’ve never tried to coordinate vacation plans with people who live halfway across the world and are in no real hurry to get back to you regarding what they’re doing and when, while racing against the ever-increasing fares, then … Continue reading

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