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Typing those words made me a little sad. This is a bittersweet revelation, but I’m so happy for Jax, and so moved by all you readers who tell me how much you love her. Thank you for sticking with us … Continue reading

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So I did some checking… and it turns out that what people want from me is my books. Huh, who knew? I was gonna give away some spray-on hair, a Slanket and an Abdominator, but this makes me rethink my … Continue reading

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Jax gets hotter and more bad-ass with every book. Yum. I’d hit that. Seriously, though, it’s gorgeous. It just might be my favorite in the whole series and I’ve had some amazing covers. I love the suggestion of blood, the … Continue reading

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Remember when I told you to watch this space? It’s time. Negotiations are finished, and it’s now official. *drum roll* DOUBLEBLIND and KILLBOX are a go. That’s right; Jax three and four (titles subject to change and release dates to … Continue reading

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