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First, I have a post up on Writer Unboxed that you may find interesting. Or not. I’ve been busy writing, and as you can see in the sidebar, I’m nearly done with my SKIN DIVE draft. I also wrapped up … Continue reading

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People who drive in the middle of two lanes. People who don’t own their faults. People who write one book, spend three years revising it and getting rejections, and then say sadly, “I don’t think I can start over.” Guess … Continue reading

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I get up. I shower. I work. I answer emails. Later, I go to the grocery store. To get to Superama, I drive up to Pinon and back down Alcanfores. I pass a brightly painted shopping center the right called … Continue reading

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I am posting because I desperately need your help. There’s a book on my mind, but I can’t remember enough of it to identify it: It’s epic fantasy, probably written in the late 80s or possibly the 90s. The main … Continue reading

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Have you ever thought about what this means? Are you a good listener? By which I mean, you’re not thinking about other things or plotting a scene in your head, or deciding what you’ll say when it’s your turn to … Continue reading

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Four years ago, I bought an Ibook on Mercado Libre. It didn’t cost a lot, but I had always wanted one. I didn’t care about how fast it was. I only cared that it could do word processing and let … Continue reading

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Ordinarily, the answer to that would be: “At my desk, writing.” Or “On my Ibook, writing.” But as I whoop it up during the first week of Blue Diablo‘s release, I have emerged from perpetual hermitage to run amok in … Continue reading

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Well, it was a close race, but Rachel Caine took the win by a single vote. Get your copy of UNDONE and get it read by April 23. I also have a special surprise. Over at the Bradford Bunch, there’s … Continue reading

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Do you guys remember Scratch N Sniff cards? I was trying to explain the concept of Smell-o-Vision to Andres the other night, who I suspect was convinced I had made the whole thing up on the spot. I was convinced … Continue reading

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Therefore, the only thing I can do, clearly, is cleanse the crap from my aura by explicating my problem via a Simon and Garfunkel song. I’m sure many of you do the same. So without delay, I present to you: … Continue reading

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