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So I got home from a weekend away and a surprising number of you have requested my thoughts on the SFWA petition, the forum re-posts, the libel suits, and the general wash of buffoonery that I missed while I was … Continue reading

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Think about your favorite SF novels. Now consider how much sex takes place in them. Think of your favorite SF films & TV shows. Is there more sex or less than the books? I’m curious about this proscription, to be … Continue reading

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So I’m writing about a book late at night, once again. Tonight, though, there’s no incoherent squee of joy. Instead I’m left with this inchoate sense of dissatisfaction, as though this novel had been a pepper pot into which the … Continue reading

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This thread tickles me. You can go read it for yourself by clicking the title of this post, but I’ll share the crucial bit. I’m no prude, but I hate reading about sex in SF, especially when it’s pornographic or … Continue reading

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