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My new series, Ars Numina! I’ve been teasing you with this revelation for a while, seems like since May or so, which is when the idea first took root.  But it takes time for a project to pass through various … Continue reading

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Think about your favorite SF novels. Now consider how much sex takes place in them. Think of your favorite SF films & TV shows. Is there more sex or less than the books? I’m curious about this proscription, to be … Continue reading

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…a TV show made me go WTF. After writing 4500 words, I kicked back with my husband and watched Bones. Some David Boreanaz as a reward for my hard work — what could be better, right? Well… the episode was … Continue reading

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Carrie: Samhain is running some sort of Ménage à trois anthology contest. I just can’t think of a situation where I could make it work. Ann: I can’t imagine writing one. I see it as destructive, tbh. Not hot. Carrie: … Continue reading

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