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Her hot new UF, with its totally wicked blurb from Patricia Briggs, is coming out shortly. See the sexy countdown? In honor of this, she’s got a whole lot of shaking going on. Right now, she’s giving away a BLUE … Continue reading

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Miracle sperm. Not just in books, movies too. The reason I’m thinking about this — Andres and I watched Baby Mama last week, starring Tina Fey (who I love) and Amy Poehler (who I don’t hate). The movie was funny … Continue reading

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Do you guys remember Scratch N Sniff cards? I was trying to explain the concept of Smell-o-Vision to Andres the other night, who I suspect was convinced I had made the whole thing up on the spot. I was convinced … Continue reading

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Hey, everyone. I’m back from Chicago, where I enjoyed a lovely time with Stacy, some delicious pizza, and the hospitality of a driver who knew Chicago like the back of his hand. I was able to sign some books at … Continue reading

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We’re headed to Catemaco this weekend, where we will spend a week at La Finca and explore the magic of the state of Veracruz. Did you know that it’s a town full of witches and warlocks? I intend to make … Continue reading

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Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, Wondered whatever became of me, I’m waiting on the ground in Cincinnati, Cincinnati, well C-R-A-P. Got kind of tired packing and unpacking, Town to town and up and down the dial Maybe three weeks on … Continue reading

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Getting out of Newark was a nightmare. It was like that Hotel California song. You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. So it was almost 2am when I landed in San Diego. I stayed in … Continue reading

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I don’t know where I am, but the blog is to-let for the next three weeks. Talk amongst yourselves.

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That’s right! I have tickets to see Hellboy 2 in VIP tonight. That’s a cinema where there are waiters to bring you stuff and you sit in a leather recliner instead of crappy theater seats. Oh yeah, I’m coming, Red! … Continue reading

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93 words Speed test I got three words wrong, though. Curse you, short stubby fingers! Imagine what I could do if I had normal sized hands. Note to self – you must not obsess over breaking 100. You have work … Continue reading

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