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The pictures are starting to trickle in. People who know I can´t go to the store and see my books on the shelves are emailing me pictures. THANK YOU! . This one comes courtesy of Michele Lee And this one … Continue reading

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For your reading pleasure this holiday, we have been conspiring, rubbing our hands together with maniacal glee. if you peed your pants over the first one, then invest in Depends this Christmas. For we are at it again! The usual … Continue reading

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Hey, everyone. I’m back! How much did you miss me? Thanks for keeping the blog company while I was gone. It can be temperamental. Now it’s time to announce the winners. Katee (#47), you won the Jeri Smith-Ready trilogy! Dina … Continue reading

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Cathy M (#7), you won! You asked for a copy of DRIVEN by Eve Kenin, so I’ll make it happen. Just email me your address, and I’ll hook you up. In other news, I wrapped up my first revision on … Continue reading

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That’s right, people. Check out the silver beauty of that counter on the left. I’m done! I finished SKIN GAME. On Monday, I’ll get started on revisions. I’m soooooooooo happy. I stuck to my schedule of 3K a day, weekends … Continue reading

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I’ve completed the playlist. I’ll be tinkering with it to make sure the songs are in order by chapter. They mostly are, but I haven’t doublechecked with the manuscript yet. I’ll do that next week as part of the minutiae … Continue reading

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I love their heated, slightly antagonistic attraction. This is Kyra and Reyes, from the first paranormal romance by Ava Gray. Here’s my favorite snip for the day. Enjoy. “You think I want to go out in search of snatch.” Statement, … Continue reading

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Hey, everyone. If you didn’t know, I turned in Doubleblind to my editor this week. So here’s my gift to you. I’ve posted the first chapter on my website, as I usually do. Go check it out. And have a … Continue reading

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In case anyone’s interested… I’ll add to it as I go, no doubt. But so far… this is the mood music driving this bus. Playlist So yeah. Listen to the music and try not to miss me too much while … Continue reading

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So I’ve been alluding to this for a few weeks, but I now have final confirmation and permission to share. The notice has been filed officially with Publishers Marketplace. But first let me give you the backstory. A few months … Continue reading

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