The Fade Giveaway.

Outpost Fade.

Age 17 (or so).

Black hair.
Eyes so dark they look black.
Olive skin, he tans easily.

Likes: Deuce, killing Freaks.
Dislikes: Stalker, feeling powerless.

Personality: (Here’s where you come in.)
The Contest
You can earn up to four entries. Here’s how.
Entry 1: You fill in Fade’s personality description in comments.
Entry 2: Find a picture that looks like you imagine Fade and link to it in comments.
Entries 3 & 4: You create original Fade art. This can be a sketch, computer generated image, something you produce in Photoshop or a macaroni and blackbean collage, whatever moves you. Then you share the art with me in comments. For obvious reasons, this is worth two entries, as it requires effort.

So if you do all of the above? 4 entries. Total up how many entries you have for me, please, in your final comment. That will help at the end for picking winners. ( Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up at once. Sometimes if your comment has links, it will get caught in the spam filter. But I’ll fish it out I promise.)


The prize
2 OUTPOST arcs, to be signed and personalized, then sent right out to you.

You have a week. Rock on.

ETA: Winners!

Karolyn S & Ashley B, congratulations! You’re the proud winners of the Outpost arcs.

Thanks for playing, everyone. I loved your art and your casting choices. (You can continue to chat, comment, talk about Fade if you like, but the contest is done.)

A contest that’s totally not about me

First, I have to say, whee, I have a book out today. YAY ENCLAVE! Go, ENCLAVE, go! You can learn more here and watch a trailer here.

But that’s enough about me.

WINNER: Laura Pilant! Email me, please.

hollow haunted hidden

See these sexy books? I looooove them. I glommed the first two, and then I shamelessly begged hinted on Twitter that I would do crazy things for an arc of book three to see how the epic, haunting love story between Caspian and Abbey ended. Incredibly, Jessica Verday responded by mailing an arc to me in LA, where I was heading for RT last week. I read THE HIDDEN on the plane. Soooo good. So this contest serves three purposes:

1) I don’t have to talk about ENCLAVE. (Just buy it and read it, okay?)
2) I get to go HAHA, I read THE HIDDEN already. How cool is that?
3) I hook up one lucky, lucky reader with all three books.

You read that right. I’ll send you copies of THE HOLLOW & THE HIDDEN, and then I’ll mail you my gently-read copy of THE HAUNTED. Trust me, you want to know how it ends. *dreamy sigh* If you like romantic stories, spooky ones, mysterious ones, books that make your throat thick and capture your imagination in the best possible way? Then these are for you.

To enter, answer this question in comments: how far would you go to be with the one you love?

+1 entry if you tweet the contest and post a link in your tweet (then show me you did in comments)
+1 entry if you follow me, @msannaguirre and/or @jessverday on Twitter

That’s a total of three entries possible per person. Yes, if you already follow, that’s +1. I’ll post the winner after I get back from vacation, oh, let’s say April 20th. Get to it, people!

Razorland Unveiled


Here’s my lovely, lovely cover. There will be tweak(s) in the final version, but nothing major. What do you think? Does it make you want to read the book? I’ll have some ARCs to give away soon and I’m looking to take your temperature on it. It’s dystopian post-apocalyptic YA with a tough girl heroine, Deuce, and the brooding emo boy, Fade, who fights beside her as her partner in the subterranean tunnels where they live.

Anyone interested in this?

ETA: I’ve made a Razorland Sampler (first two chapters) available on my website in both .pdf and .epub.