Enclave guerrilla marketing contest

enclave cover So right now, Enclave is $2.99 on multiple digital platorms; that includes Kindle, BN, Itunes, Google books, and other venues as well. I would like to see the book hit the overall top 100 of books on sale on some platform. It’s a great price, and I want as many people as possible to find out that it’s on sale. But I can’t do it alone. And that’s where you come in.

I need your help in spreading the word about the price drop and all the different places where people can grab it on sale. It might help if you include links. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Tweet about the digi sale +2
  • Facebook wall post +2
  • Blog about the sale +3
  • Buy (or have bought) the ebook +5
  • Give it to someone as a gift +5
  • Talk about the book in a reader’s forum and mention the sale +3
  • Random, acceptable non-spammy idea on the part of the street team member (# entries negotiable). Like dressing up as a character from the book, putting on a sandwich board and walking around Times Square all day? I’d give 100 for that. Heh. And any creative idea you come up with, I’ll handle on a case-by-case basis, and assign a number of entries at that time.

That said, I don’t support or authorize spamming. Tweeting it 40 times a day doesn’t earn you 80 entries. That will only annoy people, not make them interested in the book. So there is a CAP on tweet entries. No more than five tweet entries, over the course of the three weeks, will be accepted, and those should be spaced out, not done on the same day. It’s up to you to track your entries and follow the rules, and we’re operating on the honor system. However, I will look at the winners’ social media footprint, so if you claim to have done something online to spread the word about the sale, there should be a record of it. Anyone who enters this contest and spams up the internet will be disqualified and permanently banned from all of my contests going forward. I want to get the word out, not bother anyone.

Which brings me to my next point. You’re competing to win an Ipad. (If you hate Apple products, you can choose another tablet computer of your preferred brand as long as it doesn’t cost more than an Ipad.) This isn’t a random drawing; the hardest working street team member will walk away from the grand prize. But so that everyone doesn’t work their butts off in vain, only to be outdone by someone who has an uncle who runs a skywriting business, there will also be random winners. So let me list the loot below:

Grand prize: Ipad (or other brand tablet of equal or lesser value)

First: $100 gift certificate to your bookstore of choice
Second: $50 gift certificate to your coffee shop of choice
Third: $25 gift certicate to your chocalatier of choice
Runner-up: Signed & personalized copies of Enclave & Outpost

This contest runs until August 30th. On September 1, I’ll pick the winners. Keep a tally in comments, please. Everything you do to spread the word about the sale, come back and report what it was, plus the # of entries you earned. Then on the last day of the contest, you will need to add them up and leave a final comment. Obviously, this contest requires some effort and follow-up, but the prizes are worth it.

I hope we can get Enclave into the hands of lots of new readers! Now go out there and spread the word.


First, I thank everyone who has written about the book. I try to keep up with all fanmail, but it’s getting more challenging, so if I miss you, don’t take it personally. I did read it, I promise. And if you really need a reply, just nudge me, and I’ll get on it.

Next, I have a few comments about the book, responding to the three biggest questions I get.

Why did you make it a stupid love triangle? I hate triangles!

The romance is not a triangle. Deuce doesn’t understand relationships the way a normal girl does; she doesn’t realize what’s causing Fade to pull away or that Stalker is pursuing her. Her emotional intuition is pretty close to nonexistent, and she misses cues that seem obvious to us because she’s very underdeveloped in that regard. Yes, it’s obvious to us that Fade digs her and that Stalker does too, and that by training with him, she’s making Fade think she doesn’t like him. But Deuce doesn’t think in those terms. Stone and Thimble were her closest friends in brat-hood, and she never encountered an either/or situation with them. And that’s really her primary source of social experience. She has no romantic history whatsoever.

How can you care so little about abuse victims? What Deuce says to Tegan is unconscionable!

First, this question assumes that I, personally, have made some statement–that I think victims should “get over it”. This is not the case. However, my modern sensibilities have no place in a dystopian novel, where the continuation of the human race is threatened. That’s part of the conflict, in fact, between kindness and survival, compassion and callous strength. It is impossible for Deuce to have the kind of understanding that I do in regard to Tegan’s situation. I wrote the character as true to her world and her upbringing.

How can Deuce like an evil monster like Stalker?

He’s an amoral survivor who lives in a dystopian society where horrible things happen every day. You’ll find out more about his past in book two and what Tegan suffered… and why. (Oddly nobody has asked why she was beaten. As a breeding female it makes no sense that she would be as the Wolves needed her to keep the population up.)

Stalker cannot be judged by our yardstick of what’s acceptable; he is a product of the society in which he was raised. How can he possess our sense of right and wrong until he’s exposed to different ways of thinking?

By that same token, Deuce and Fade are not nice people, either. They left an innocent child to die. In the Razorland world, certain mores fall away. And that provides the fulcrum for the question that I’ll try to answer before the end of the series. How far is too far? How much of our humanity can we yield in the name of survival before we become the monsters?

The whole trilogy is dark, though it ends on a hopeful note. Some people can’t roll with my story choices, and that’s all right. No book is for everyone. That said, I promise plenty of ass-kicking, more world-building goodness (you find out about the Freaks’ origin), more romance, and more heartbreak in Outpost. My beta reader said it was ten times as intense as Enclave.

A contest that’s totally not about me

First, I have to say, whee, I have a book out today. YAY ENCLAVE! Go, ENCLAVE, go! You can learn more here and watch a trailer here.

But that’s enough about me.

WINNER: Laura Pilant! Email me, please.

hollow haunted hidden

See these sexy books? I looooove them. I glommed the first two, and then I shamelessly begged hinted on Twitter that I would do crazy things for an arc of book three to see how the epic, haunting love story between Caspian and Abbey ended. Incredibly, Jessica Verday responded by mailing an arc to me in LA, where I was heading for RT last week. I read THE HIDDEN on the plane. Soooo good. So this contest serves three purposes:

1) I don’t have to talk about ENCLAVE. (Just buy it and read it, okay?)
2) I get to go HAHA, I read THE HIDDEN already. How cool is that?
3) I hook up one lucky, lucky reader with all three books.

You read that right. I’ll send you copies of THE HOLLOW & THE HIDDEN, and then I’ll mail you my gently-read copy of THE HAUNTED. Trust me, you want to know how it ends. *dreamy sigh* If you like romantic stories, spooky ones, mysterious ones, books that make your throat thick and capture your imagination in the best possible way? Then these are for you.

To enter, answer this question in comments: how far would you go to be with the one you love?

+1 entry if you tweet the contest and post a link in your tweet (then show me you did in comments)
+1 entry if you follow me, @msannaguirre and/or @jessverday on Twitter

That’s a total of three entries possible per person. Yes, if you already follow, that’s +1. I’ll post the winner after I get back from vacation, oh, let’s say April 20th. Get to it, people!