Blogger / Reviewer special

After the resounding success of my last giveaway (I mailed 144 books, woohoo!), I’m ready to do it again, this time with a twist. I just got my author copies of ENDGAME, and I’d like to get them into blogger / reviewer hands. You should know, going in, this is book six in a series. So there’s that.

If I send you a copy, it’s with the understanding you’ll review it. I’d appreciate if you cross-post: your blog, Shelfari, Library Thing, Goodreads, Amazon, basically any book-related social media site you belong to. I understand things happen, but if you request a review copy, and then just sit on it, I may not send another book your way down the line. My assistant will be following up, too; that’s why I’m asking for your website or blog, so we can keep track.

Finally, this isn’t first come, first served. I’ll decide who gets the review copies, and simply asking doesn’t guarantee you get one. These will be signed and personalized. Note: you don’t have to have a blog if you really want a signed copy and are willing to review on Goodreads and/or Amazon. Just note that in the website line.

Now that’s all settled, you just need to fill in the form below to get things started.

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The Last Jax Cover Reveal Ever

Typing those words made me a little sad. This is a bittersweet revelation, but I’m so happy for Jax, and so moved by all you readers who tell me how much you love her. Thank you for sticking with us through six books, but do come back for the Dread Queen series in 2013, okay? It’s a spinoff set in the Jax universe, so you won’t want to miss it.

Now, without further ado, here’s the final Jax cover, my lovelies.
Endgame cover

Squee! Isn’t it AMAZING? Scott Fischer has done all my Jax covers, and he outdid himself on the last hurrah. This might be my favorite cover of the whole series. I love everything about it: her expression, her intensity, her battle readiness, the gritty feel and the pose, the gorgeous background detail, and the stark colors. I could go on.

What do you guys think? In fact, I care so much about your opinions that I’ll run a contest around this cover reveal; the giveaway will run until Tuesday, April 17th. I’ll pick a winner then. What do you get?

I’ll send the first five Jax books to a lucky winner! What do you have to do to enter? Speak up in comments, don’t be shy. Just answer this simple question:

What do you think of the Endgame cover, and which of the Jax books has your favorite art?