My Computer Conundrum

Four years ago, I bought an Ibook on Mercado Libre. It didn’t cost a lot, but I had always wanted one. I didn’t care about how fast it was. I only cared that it could do word processing and let me IM my friends and check email. I’ve never been one to want the newest and shiniest; I have to confess that I find the retro Macs irresistibly charming (which is why I have a 600 mhz Blueberry Imac in my office, and yes, it works for me just fine). I ordered a cute pink skin for the top of it, carefully applied it, and christened this Ibook Pinkie. pinkie

I wrote the first novel I sold on that Ibook and pretty much every one since then, or at least a portion of it. I can’t even count the number of words I’ve pounded out on it. The feel of the keys is somehow comforting when I use it. I love this machine. The ink has started to wear off the keys from so much use.

Which is why this is such a problem for me. You see, when I hurt my ankle, Pinkie also suffered an injury. Andres cut me out of the cast early, and the day after, I was tired of staying in bed, so I tried to hobble down the stairs on my own (i was alone) to work on the couch. The dog ambushed me near the living room, I stumbled into the wall, and Pinkie took a header on the marble floor. She hasn’t been the same since.

We took her to the Mac repair shop and they managed to replace some memory and get her going again, but she’s sluggish, which she wasn’t before, and the wireless has stopped working. Would a new airport card do it? If so, that’s an easy fix.

I keep looking at the Macbooks, which are a bit bigger than Pinkie. Is it dumb that I’m so attached to a piece of hardware? Would it be the same trying to write my books on a new one? Do any other writers have this problem? I feel weird weighing this decision like I am. It should be no big deal, right? And yet it is, and I get upset over the idea of replacing her.

I welcome your thoughts.