For Jo Leigh

So I’m taking part in this. If you didn’t know, author Jo Leigh lost her husband to cancer, and the medical bills are astronomical. Through the organizational efforts of Allison Kent, we’re auctioning off various goods and services. All proceeds go to help Jo pay off those medical bills.

This is what I’m offering:

Full Manuscript critique, including query letter help

(From the auction description) author for ACE and ROC (and Berkley Sensation) offers a full manuscript (romance / fantasy (which includes UF) / SF) critique and help with query letter for same manuscript, to be submitted to Ann within 6 months of auction.

If you’ve ever wanted my opinion on your book, this is your chance. I’ll give you an honest opinion on what your book needs to make it salable, and I’ll work with you to help you get there. I guess you could call this mentoring, too, because I’ll help you until your book is ready for you to start submitting to agents and editors. I’ll also help you write a totally kick-ass query letter. I’ll make myself available for attagirl (or boy) emails to help you deal with rejections, and I’ll answer any questions you might have about the process.

Signed copies of Grimspace and Wanderlust

If you’re not a writer, but a fan, now you can get signed, personalized copies of my books without traveling to see me. My next appearance will be in Orlando, but this will get you hooked up much sooner.

So that’s the deal. I hope these auctions do some good.

Nothing But Red

Dionne has an important post up on It’s Not Chick Porn. Go read it; I’ll wait.

Good cause, right? I support this antho 100%. I’ll be writing a short story for it, but that’s not all I’m doing. I received a wonderful fan letter about my fantasy novel, Stone Maiden. This reader wanted to know if there was any way she could get the book in print because she loves it so much and she has read it over and over. Since the book is out of print, and I can do whatever the heck I like with it, I promptly went to Lulu and set it up so she could, in fact, get the book in print. I set the price low because I just wanted to hook up a fan.

So this is what I’m going to do. In addition to the short story I’m writing for this initiative, I’m also putting the Stone Maiden link here. I set it so I only make $1 for each copy sold. Each copy ya’ll buy, I’m donating the $1 I earn to Equality Now to dovetail with the Nothing But Red antho. So for your money you get a fantasy novel and make a contribution to a better world.

It just doesn’t get sweeter than that, does it?