I Love Your Blog

Hey, I just got an award! Lauren Dane awarded me this. Love Your BlogThank you! That means she likes popping in to see what I’m rambling about. I feel a little guilty about accepting this right now because my blog has been a little boring lately, with me living in my manuscripts. But I’ll do better, I swear! It goes without saying that I’d tag Lauren right back because I check her blog regularly, but I’ll come up with seven new awesome bloggers.

Here are the directions for this award:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog. Check. It’s in this post.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you. Check. I linked to Lauren Dane above.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. Hooboy, this’ll be fun.
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog. No problem. I have the technology.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs! It’ll do me some good to do some bloghopping.

These are listed in no particular order…

1)Carrie Lofty
2)Jeri Smith-Ready
4)Lurv a la Mode
5)Larissa Ione
6)Katiebabs / Kristie J

Now I’m off to leave some comments!

SF Movie meme

Tag, I’m it, courtesy of the lovely Christine.
Here’s how this works. Copy the list below. Mark in bold the movie titles for which you read the book. Italicize the ones you’ve watched. Then tag 5 people to perpetuate the meme.

1. Jurassic Park
2. War of the Worlds

3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
4. I, Robot
5. Contact
6. Congo
7. Cocoon
8. The Stepford Wives
9. The Time Machine
10. Starship Troopers
11. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
12. K-PAX
13. 2010
14. The Running Man
15. Sphere
16. The Mothman Prophecies
17. Dreamcatcher
18. Blade Runner(Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)
19. Dune

20. The Island of Dr. Moreau
21. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
22. The Iron Giant(The Iron Man)
23. Battlefield Earth
24. The Incredible Shrinking Woman
25. Fire in the Sky
26. Altered States
27. Timeline
28. The Postman

29. Freejack(Immortality, Inc.)
30. Solaris
31. Memoirs of an Invisible Man
32. The Thing(Who Goes There?)
33. The Thirteenth Floor
34. Lifeforce(Space Vampires)
35. Deadly Friend
36. The Puppet Masters
37. 1984
38. A Scanner Darkly
39. Creator
40. Monkey Shines
41. Solo(Weapon)
42. The Handmaid’s Tale

43. Communion
44. Carnosaur
45. From Beyond
46. Nightflyers
47. Watchers
48. Body Snatchers

Well, holy crap. I clearly watch a lot more SF than I read. No wonder people “criticize” my SF by saying it’s like reading a TV show. Go, visual media in written form!

Anyway, I tag:


Do you know this man?

Today QB invented a new meme. Go Bev! To quote her, it’s “kind of the pervy version of America’s Most Wanted.”

Here’s how it began. I visited Bev’s blog to see the luscious man-pics she posts on Tuesday. (I love the pretty faces, Bev, but I could stand to see less peen. Just sayin’) Yes, I know I should’ve been writing, but I’ve already done 4K today! After heaving a dreamy sigh, I mentioned the pic to Dionne in an email, who being fond of studmuffins, immediately reposted it. But we don’t know who this delicious creature is. He must have a name!

WHO IS THIS GUY? Does he have other pictures, preferably where he’s not wearing any clothes?
Look at those eyes, such a crystalline blue, and his delicate, almost elven features. *cue deep, heartfelt sigh*

PS — If you don’t know who this guy is, post his picture on your blog, then come back here and post the link in the comments. Maybe one of our readers out there will know who this mystery man is.