An unlikely love letter

First, I have a post up on Writer Unboxed that you may find interesting. Or not. true love

I’ve been busy writing, and as you can see in the sidebar, I’m nearly done with my SKIN DIVE draft. I also wrapped up the KILLBOX galleys, so that book’s in the bag now. Hard to believe Jax is rolling toward book four, right? Amazing. At the end of August — shortly after my birthday — that book will put the series at 4/6 (or 2/3) completion. That makes me incredibly proud; that I could start something and finish it. How splendid! It’s rather a milestone, too, I think.

Other than that, I have exciting RAZORLAND goodness percolating behind the scenes. I’m finalizing the agreement for my book trailer with the UK production company, and I’ve been working with the Feiwel audiobook department. As it turns out, they’re doing a special CD sampler with excerpts from the audiobook, which will be included in the galleys. Part of that CD? An interview with yours truly. I did the call today, and wow, I was nervous, but I think I did all right. So many exciting things are coming down the pike this year. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around. For instance, in the next month, I get to see my Cliff Nielsen cover art. I. Can’t. Wait. Interesting (or maybe not?) sidenote, he has done art for Charles de Lint, too, as has my Jax artist, Scott Fischer. This makes me feel like I’m playing Six Degrees of de Lint, who totally friended me on Facebook — without any prompting from me, I might add.

Along with Walter Jon Williams and Simon Green, de Lint holds a special place in my esteem, as he’s wrapped up in my courtship with my husband. Well, not literally. Geez, people. But both Andres and I love books. I logged those recommendations as another woman might gifts of perfume or jewelry; see, we communicate by recommending books to each other, and the themes say private things. The first book Andres ever told me to read was Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams. The next was Imajica by Clive Barker. After that, it was Someplace to Be Flying by de Lint. And then, of course, we discovered Simon Green’s Nightside books together. To this day, shared reading is important to us. When I find an author I love, if I love them enough, I give the book to Andres, and I say, Read this. The subtext is, I want you to love what I love. Maybe it’s goofy of me, but I see each instance as a quiet renewal of vows — that the commonalities that brought us together initially bind us still, so many years later.

I could never have imagined I would end up here… on the cusp of seeing my own words in hardcover. I marvel. Andres, on the other hand, does not. You see, he fell in love with my words first, and then the person behind them. He always knew. He always believed, even when I didn’t. His patience means so much to me now, more than I can say. And so I post a love note for all the world to see on our anniversary, vaguely blog-shaped. Love is not perfection; it is understanding and forgiveness.

Thank you for these marvelous years, my darling. May there be fifteen more and fifteen more again, until you’ve no hair, and I’ve no teeth, and I have forgotten everyone’s eyes but yours. Happy anniversary.

Love, Ann

Bits and pieces

First, I’m excited to report that I’m now official at Two Sisters Promotions. We’ve been working on this for several weeks now, and all the details are squared away. If you’re unclear on what this means, well, I have a publicist! As of yesterday, it’s a done deal.

Second, a new review came in for Boundless. Ordinarily, I don’t make a to-do about reviews, good or bad, but I really liked what Lindy said. Check this out:

“She takes a very dark character and makes him not just palatable but kind and even gentle. Once again I see why Annie Dean is one of my favorite authors. Her creative flair and likable characters take a dark and seemingly impossible scenario and turn it into a tender love story with a wonderful depth.”

You can read the entire review here.

I can’t accurately depict the awe and wonder that comes over me when I read these words: “…Annie Dean is one of my favorite authors.”

My first reaction is me? Really? ME?

See, I have favorite authors. People I think are insanely gifted and whose words make my breath catch in my throat, whose books captivate me and keep from getting other things done. So when someone comes along and tells me that, for them, I do the same thing, I don’t know what the hell to say. I want to gush like a fangirl yet I check myself so I don’t come off like a giant rubber bouncing goober. I say, “I appreciate hearing that” sedately and add, “I’m so happy you enjoyed the book” (warning, warning, Will Robinson, understatement meter overload!) and then, “thanks so much for taking the time to write me.”

Whilst inside me there’s “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” going on. This doesn’t change. No matter how often I hear it, I still have that reaction. There’s a five-year-old in my head, running circles with overexcited glee. You know how kids do that until they fall down? In my head, I so do that when someone tells me they enjoyed a book, a story, or that they like my writing. And when someone says I’m one of their favorite authors, OMG. Picture the five-year-old sucking down a Pixie Stick first. Then commence the running. I know, right?

I know this makes me an enormous geek. But I figure it’s better to own it. I am an enormous geek. And you readers thrill the pee out of me on a daily basis. Well, not literally. Y’know. Except at the usual times.

I love British humor, sci-fi flicks, superhero movies / TV shows, hot emo boys, alternative music, and all kinds of books. I’d rather buy books than anything except possibly purses (and yes, that includes shoes). I’d rather stay home with my husband than go to a club. I am what I am.

Thanks for liking me this way.