The Unfeasibly Tall Greek Billionaire’s Blackmailed Martyr-Complex Secretary Mistress Bride – Chapter Five

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And now… enjoy chapter five.

Molly gasped.

To her consternation, her nipples hardened. This was just like Nico Lefkas! All he thought about was hummus and humping, not that she objected to either.

Her face burned with mortification. To her consternation, her nipples hardened again. She rather liked the thought of Nico’s unfeasibly tall body smeared with hummus. She could take little bites of his iron hard pectorals and nibble her way down the ridged slope of his belly. Molly’s mouth dropped open, her eyes going out of focus. molly

Only when Father Apollo cleared his throat did she remember she’d been issued an ultimatum!

“Oh no,” Molly cried. “Don’t take your wrath out on the poor orphans. Your grudge is against me, Nico! Please do not punish anyone else in my stead.”

Whatever he meant to do to her, she could take it! Even if it involved four goats, a baby lemur, a tiny car full of clowns and six yards of nylon mesh. She could take anything so these poor, darling children didn’t suffer. She gulped, eyes wide and shining like two pork chops left in the pan overnight.

Nico sneered, his handsome face drawn into angry lines. “Then you will marry me, accept my seed, bear me fat Greek babies and work the PowerPoint for the global hummus presentation later today?”

Tears prickled in Molly’s eyes. Now she would never have the happy life of which she’d always dreamed. Who would live in her grandmother’s English cottage with its bower of roses and picket fence? Certainly not Nico Lefkas! He was too tall and would hit his head on the low hanging timbers. The idea of marrying without love caused turmoil in her stomach she felt sure was unrelated to hummus, even if Nico insisted she butter her muffin with it every morning.

“Yes,” she sobbed. “I will marry you, Nico. Just do not harm the children.”

“See here,” Father Apollo said, flexing his gloriously muscled chest in priestly protection. Two nearby nuns fainted. “I will not let you force this woman to do anything against her will.”

“Is it against your will, Molly?”


Nico swept her into his arms, taking her mouth in a harsh, punishing kiss.

To her consternation, Molly’s nipples hardened. They felt like twin aching BBs responding to the demand of Nico’s love-gun.

“No,” she whispered. “I want to marry Nico Lefkas.”

To save the children.
For them, she would permit all manner of shameful degradations, including spankings and oral sex.

If only she could tell him she loved him…but what was the point? Nico never believed her! Ever since he had caught her in the elevator with another captain of the global hummus industry, he thought the worst of her. He hadn’t listened to her stumbling explanation. He thought she was the sluttiest secretary ever to type a memo.

As she’d leaned to press the button, her sweater had gotten tangled on the man’s suit jacket and the more they struggled, the worse the snarl became. When the elevator opened to their floor, Nico found them straining together, the man’s hands on her hips so she didn’t lose her balance. Everything had gone so wrong that day! He’d never trusted her since.

Father Apollo clapped his hands. “Then let the preparations begin!”


Molly wore a white dress for her forced wedding, though she wasn’t pure anymore. Nico didn’t believe she ever had been. He thought she was the sort of woman who rode the pink pony in an elevator without a second thought! She sobbed aloud.

“Why, child, whatever is the matter?” A kindly old nun came into the courtyard where Molly sat weeping artistically.

She spilled out her painful, sordid tale of woe. “But what’s the point? Nico never believes me!”

“Oh my poor dear child,” Sister Helena said. “You must clearly pray over this.”


nicoWhen Nico Lefkas, CEO of ALL UR HUMMUS R BELONG 2 US, came upon Molly talking to Sister Helena, he wanted to shake that whore Molly until her teeth rattled, and then kiss her into a coma. He nearly did.

Then he heard Molly’s words. Nobody could lie to Sister Helena, so it must be true. The mighty Greek billionaire Nico Lefkas fell to his knees in a pile of incredibly handsome Greek grief. He had used her like a savage, and she was pure and gentle, giving as the spring rain that gave life to his cherished chickpeas.

How could he ever make this up to Molly?