New diversions

First, I’d like to thank everyone who commented last week. I actually feel a bit humbled by the number of people who showed up to congratulate me. No, I didn’t spend the week celebrating. I have kids and they get sick, and viruses don’t time their arrival for when it’s convenient, unfortunately.

But my husband did bring me so many flowers that it took three vases to contain them all. He’s proud of me. *silly grin*

A number of you are asking when my Touch books are coming out. Truth is, I don’t know just yet. We’re still working that out with Anne, but as soon as I know, I’ll post my release dates. Anyhow, enough book-y stuff for the time being.

For the past year, I’ve had a very finite number of shows I can be arsed to watch every week. First it was Bones, Supernatural, and Monk. Then USA (I think it’s USA?) added Psych to the lineup.

I love this show. It’s Shawn and Gus’s comic chemistry that keeps me coming back week after week. But I even like Lassiter and Jules. And Shawn’s mega-control freak dad, Henry (played by Corbin Bernsen of LA Law fame) is pretty funny sometimes too.

So the number of shows I watch per week went up to four. I could handle that, right? That’s not hard to keep track of. Well, then Bones and Supernatural went on hiatus. But it’s not on the same schedule as the summer break you get in the States. I have no idea when these shows will resume and start season three. I think maybe sometime in March.

Anyway, my husband starts trolling for new TV shows. This is never a good idea because if he gets me hooked, then I have to watch it every single week. I am not a casual TV watcher. This is why I make it a point to limit my TV viewing. Witness my past addictions to weird and random shows from Barney Miller to M*A*S*H to Angel to the X-Files. In recent years I’ve done really well in preventing my TV addiction from becoming overwhelming.

However, since we were down two shows that we normally watch together, I agreed to some experimentation. So now we’re watching Jericho. I didn’t know it was a CBS show initially. We watch it on AXN. But it’s seriously pretty good. It’s a post-apocalyptic show (which was all I needed to know in order to sell me on it). I’m still waiting for the zombies from the radiation-poisoning, but surely they’ll come in time. I mean, can you really do a post-apocalyptic show without zombies? That’s what I thought. This show is scary in a low-key, what-would-we-do-if-someone-bombed-the-US? sort of way.

The next new show that I’m really liking is Torchwood. This is a Doctor Who spinoff, developed by the BBC. Frankly I’ve never watched Doctor Who. All I really know about DW is that he wears a long scarf in one incarnation. But Torchwood, set in Cardiff, is enough of its own animal and has a clear enough setup that you don’t need to be a Who-file. We watch it on People+Arts every Tuesday night.

As if that’s not bad enough…we’re both Matthew Perry fans. Chandler, from Friends? We tried to support his lackluster movie career, and when we heard he had a new show (and Warner started showing it here) we had to watch it. Sigh. I wanted to hate it, honestly. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?

I was so hoping it would suck. But I love it. It’s clever, great comedic timing, layered characterizations… which means, of course, it will be canceled, so I won’t have to worry about the addiction.

ACK! EDIT: I forgot about Heroes. This show is beyond amazing, and we actually plan our Friday nights around it (when it’s on). “Gotta be home by 9, Heroes is on tonight.” I could write a whole post about this show and its colossal awesomeness, but I’ll save the fangirl gushing. Suffice to say, we love this show too (but it’s on hiatus at the moment, which is why I forgot it).

That leaves us gearing up for yet another show that I’m hearing is fantastic. Burn Notice. Yet another USA show. I swear, they make the best cable TV shows out there. Sorry, I don’t watch anything on HBO or Showtime. Those shows may be awesome too, but I can’t swear to it.

So we’ve been hearing great things about Burn Notice, and it begins here in October. It has Bruce Campbell in it. I mean, my God. I have to watch it. I’m a huge Bruce Campbell fan — even more so since Bubba Ho-tep, only the best horror-comedy ever made!

Now here’s the problem (and it makes my brain hurt). Bones = Tuesdays, 10pm. Supernatural = Tuesday, 10pm. No problem so far, right? We have a TiVo, so we record one, and then watch it right after the other show finishes up. But just wait.

Torchwood = Tuesdays, 10pm. Now there’s a problem. But it gets worse. Burn Notice = Tuesday, 10pm. *headdesk* When the first two shows come back from hiatus, we are so screwed. (But maybe they’ll be staggered so we can just alternate? Maybe all four will never be running at the same time?!) Yeah, right. That’d just be too lucky.

Why TUESDAY?! The rest of the week, we’ve got nothing to watch, practically. Is this some kind of cosmic joke? (Is it possible to hook up multiple TiVOs to the same TV?) How would you guys solve this? These are all must-watch shows! What are your must-watch shows? And what would you do if they were all on at the same time, on the same night?