The trip in review

We got up on time on Thursday, got ready and loaded the car. It took a little more effort to convince the dog that getting in the backseat was in her best interests. When we first snapped the leash on, she was very excited, tail wagging over a walk, then she realized she wasn’t going walkies. Talk about a depressed dog.

But we delivered her at the kennel, where she has space to run and other dogs to play with, no problems. Then we made the drive to Acapulco. The new highway is really lovely. Such vast, unspoiled mountain ranges, first lined with fir trees, and then more tropical growth as we got closer. It’s just breathtaking all the way. Sometimes we went for miles without seeing civilization. I saw a lonely house on a mountain with no power lines, just a donkey track leading up to it. I imagined what life would be like there.

After about four hours (not counting the time it took to get out of DF), we arrived at our destination. Princesa That’s our hotel pictured there. It was really gorgeous, reminded me of a ziggurat, and the landscaping truly captured the essence of “tropical paradise.” It’s like a luxurious Mayan fortress full of people anxious to pamper you. Andres and I snagged the ocean view room, of course. If you’re interested in seeing more, there’s a slideshow here of where we stayed.

Once we put our things upstairs, we rested a bit and then changed into swimsuits. We spent an hour or so down at the pool. Then we had a welcome dinner to attend. The food was fantastic, some of the best BBQ ribs I’ve ever eaten, and the curried rice was lovely too. There was a totally kick-ass show with Cuban dancing, lots of nearly nekkid people. Afterward, we chatted a bit with people, but the kids were tired, so we went up to the room and got to bed relatively early.

Friday morning, we joined the extended family for the breakfast buffet. At that point, I discovered we were sharing the resort with the national soccer team from Monterrey. I had wondered why there were so many young, hot, totally ripped dudes wandering around. The kids spent the day at the pool with their grandmother, and I worked. Andres had a business meeting to attend; the vacation wasn’t all play for him, as it was a pharmaceutical convention as well. In the afternoon, we met up for lunch, and then we all went to the beach. Once we were done bodysurfing in the ocean, we headed for the pool. By nighttime we were exhausted, so we went upstairs, showered, and got in our jammies and ordered room service, which was delish, and watched a couple of movies. First we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks (not terrible) and then just before bed, we watched Mr. Woodcock (beyond terrible).

Saturday, we went down to breakfast again, but we were running late, and Andres had to be at the conference at 10, so we hurried. Then I took the kids upstairs to let their food digest. Just before noon, we went down to the pool. They weren’t interested in the ocean, and I didn’t push. We swam and played for a few hours, then they decided they could use some lunch. We got sandwiches at a little cafe on site, took them up to our room to watch Nancy Drew and eat. By the time we were done, Andres was finished for the day, so we went back down to the pool. Swam and played some more, lazed in the sun, and generally had a wonderful time. My sister / brother in law came in with their toddler, which delighted the kids. We stayed down there until almost 7pm, when we had to get out to get ready for the closing events banquet.

At eight, we went down to the restaurant, looking fine, and enjoyed an “Under the Sea” scene with sea horses and fish covered in glitter, white plaster brightening red brick walls. The place was right by the ocean, so we watched the sunset on the waves as the program went on. It was beautiful and very romantic. We had another show with a different troupe of dancers. This group pulled people out of the audience and made them dance on stage, which was hilarious as long as you didn’t get tagged. We had a good time, but once again, the kids were sooo ready for bed by ten that we said our good nights, and headed for the room.

I wasn’t ready to call it, so I read a Julia Spencer-Fleming novel, and then turned the lights out sometime after midnight. Might I add that I’m highly annoyed that I can’t get all her books in e-form? I got the first two free from the promotion they ran, but now I want the third one and I. Can’t. Get. It. It would take weeks to get here and I’m leaving in three! Which means I may as well wait until I’m in the States, but see… I HATE waiting for things I want. Grumble.

Anyway, Sunday… today… we got up in a lazy fashion, packed up and ordered room service. Breakfast was absolutely lavish. If you’re looking for a seriously decadent place to stay, try the Fairmont Acapulco Princesa. Ordinarily I wouldn’t recommend Acapulco for tourists because the old zone can be dangerous if you don’t know where you’re going. But they’ve been giving the zona diamante a real facelift, trying to make Acapulco a luxury destination in line with Cancun — and after having stayed at the Fairmont Princesa I would have to say they have succeeded. I came away feeling like I’d had a hell of a weekend vacation.

After we finished breakfast, we were ready to go. We enjoyed great roads, little traffic, and wonderful weather on the way back. Once more, I appreciated the beauty of the scenery between Acapulco and my home in Naucalpan. Though I wasn’t born here, I have come more and more to identify this country as my home. I take such pleasure in the mountains. That’s why Puerto Vallarta is such a favorite for me; it has jungle, mountains and ocean, all right there together. It’s like the best of everything combined. Sooo beautiful. Every year I find something else to admire about living here… and the best part is… even quickie weekend trips are thrilling because I see parts of the country that are new to me. I loved going to Puebla.

We even managed to get home before the afternoon storms set in. So I’ve been sitting here listening to the rain drumming on the rooftop as I type. I love the smell of it on the tiles outside, damp clay and cool mist coming through the green leaves and red blossoms on the Noche Buena tree. The sky is damp charcoal, kissed with violet, and I’m happy to be home. Wang Chung is playing on my Itunes right now, so I’ll leave you with this particular profundity:

We were so in phase
In our dance hall days
We were cool on craze
When I, you, and everyone we knew
Could believe, do, and share in what was true

Sayonara (for now)

Well, my dear readers, the time has come. My bags are packed, all the arrangements made, and I’m leaving Saturday morning for Cozumel. My PDA is burgeoning with books by Bonnie Dee, Charlene Teglia, Pepper Espinoza, Dee Tenorio, Emma Wayne Porter, and Lauren Dane, so I’ll have lots of company for my beach lounging. Expect blog squeeing if I love the books.

When I get back, I’ll take care of the contests I’m running. If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter it’s not too late. You could win an awesome prize. I’ll also have some delicious photos of our trip. I’ll be back around the 20th. Try not to miss me too much.

Until then… let this tide you over.

hey ho, what the dealio?

I am on vacation. I’ve been working like a dog on this writing gig since last July. I jumped immediately from Your Alibi to Good Touch.

That means I’m getting to know my family again because my kids are starting to ask, “Who’s that lady who sleeps with Dad?”, spending more time with my husband, who’s a pretty great guy, and sitting at the desk less, except when I’m playing an awesome computer game with lots of graphic blood spattering when I kill someone. I’m taking a break, ya’ll. I’ll post when I feel like it for the next week or so, but we’re on hiatus from the regular posting schedule.

Ironically my vacation is wearing me out. I’m taking care of everything I let slide when I was a writing machine: grocery shopping, paying bills, taking pets to the vet. So much fun stuff and I have another exciting day of errands lined up for tomorrow. The plus side is that I’m out in the sunshine. I was starting to hiss like Gollum when dragged out into the light. The next step was calling my keyboard Preciousss and walking all hunched over and shit.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my various submissions cos I know you care so much. Anyway, I’m off to enjoy a cool, juicy slice of watermelon. What’s your favorite fruit?

PS I vacationed at that spot, the last time I traveled.