Hell Fire Lottery III

As usual, I am throwing a huge party here on the blog to celebrate the release of HELL FIRE. It’s coming soon!

Here’s what you can win over the next 30 days.

Prize list:

Moira Rogers
(won by Erin)
Sanctuary (won by Sharon K)

Lauren Dane
Laid Bare
(won by Ayla_F)

Carolyn Crane
Mind Games
(won by DonnaS)

Juliana Stone
His Darkest Hunger
(won by Jodie West / JoJo)

Megan Hart
No Greater Pleasure
(won by Ms Bookjunkie)

Beth Williamson
The Stranger’s Secrets
(won by Martha E)

Denise Agnew
(won by Anna Shah Hoque)

Anya Bast
Wicked Enchantment
(won by Robin K)

Cynthia Eden
ARC of I’ll be Slaying You
(won by Chelsea B)
Eternal Hunter (won by Jane)

Shelli Stevens
Take Me
(won by MamaKitty)

Tina Leonard
The Cowboy from Christmas Past
(won by Jackie Burris)

Elisabeth Naughton
ARC of Marked
(won by Terri)

Vivi Anna
The Vampire’s Quest
(won by Pam P)

Carrie Lofty
Scoundrel’s Kiss
(won by KJ)

Maggie Robinson
Mistress by Mistake
(won by Heather H)

Victoria Dahl
Lead Me On
(won by Christie I)

Jess Granger
Beyond the Shadows
(won by Patty B)

Courtney Milan
Proof by Seduction
(Won by Michelle)

TJ Michaels (1 winner left)
Doing It the Hard Way (won by Beverly G)
Carinian’s Seeker (won by Stella)

Julie Leto
More Blazing Bedtime Stories
(won by Liz)

Jeri Smith-Ready
Wicked Game & Bad to the Bone
(won by Mariska)

Tessa Dare
Goddess of the Hunt
(won by Ina)

Joely Sue Burkhart
Rose of Shanhasson
(won by Katie)

Amy Gregg
Magic & Madness
(won by Sandy G)

Colby Hodge
(won by Lauren)

Louisa Edwards
On the Steamy Side
(won by Danny)

Shiloh Walker
Hunter’s Need
(Lisa B)

Erica Hayes
(won by Barbara Elness)

Diana Pharoah Francis
Bitter Night
(won by Adel)

Jill Myles
Gentlemen Prefer Succubi
(won by Raelena)

HelenKay Dimon
Leave Me Breathless
(won by Allison)

Please visit all these generous authors! Now admire their pretty covers.

All books in the lottery are signed. Here’s how this works. There will be “hot” times to comment, but you must comment often because you never know when you might get lucky. This contest runs until I have announced ALL the winners, at least one a day. No spamming, no random links. Your comment must contain content and pertain to the books or something a prior commenter has already said. Once I announce a winner, I will “reset” the contest, and we’ll begin again for the books left in the lottery.

Everyone understand how we play? I’ll start us off with a question, but feel free to let the conversation evolve. However, if you’re coming in later, and you can’t think of anything to say on your first comment, you can always answer this for your comment. (Do not answer it repeatedly; that will not win you anything.)

Which five (5) of these books are you most excited to read and why? Basically you make a wish-list for me, and I’ll regularly announce winners. So that’s it. There are some lovely, lovely books up for grabs, and a HUGE number of winners to be found.

By release day, April 6th, I will have given away ALL of these books. That just leaves one final giveaway: a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. Anyone who has commented to date will be entered in that; the reset function doesn’t count for the grand prize, and each comment counts as one entry. The no spamming rule still applies, though. And go for it!

First winner: Robin K & Wicked Enchantment!
2nd winner: Michelle (of See Michelle Read) & Proof by Seduction
3rd winner: MamaKitty & Take Me
4th winner: Ayla_F & Laid Bare
5th winner: Raelena & Gentlemen Prefer Succubi
6th winner: Mariska & Wicked Game / Bad to the Bone
7th winner: DonnaS & Mind Games
8th winner: KJ & Scoundrel’s Kiss
9th winner: Erin & Crux
10th winner: Jodie West / JoJo & His Darkest Hunger
11th winner: Martha E & The Stranger’s Secrets
12th winner: Sandy G & Magic & Madness
13th winner: Chelsea B & ARC of I’ll Be Slaying You
14th winner: Christie I & Lead Me On
15th winner: Heather H & Mistress by Mistake
16th winner: Barbara Elness & Shadowglass
17th winner: Anna Shah Hoque & Primordial
18th winner: Lauren & Twist
19th winner: Terri & Marked
20th winner: Katie & Rose of Shanhasson
21st winner: Allison & Leave Me Breathless
22nd winner: Liz & More Blazing Bedtime stories
23rd winner: Pam P & The Vampire’s Quest
24th winner: Adel & Bitter Night
25th winner: Beverly G & Doin’ It the Hard Way
26th winner: Lisa B & Hunter’s Need
27th winner: Sharon K & Sanctuary
28th winner: Ms Bookjunkie & No Greater Pleasure
29th winner: Jane & Eternal Hunter
30th winner: Patty B & Beyond the Shadows
31st winner: Stella & Carinian’s Seeker
32nd winner: Danny & On the Steamy Side
33rd winner: Jackie Burris & The Cowboy from Christmas Past
34th winner: Ina & Goddess of the Hunt

All winners email me their name & mailing info. You have one week to claim your prize, and then I re-draw.

(Load time was again getting long. So it’s locked now, and we’re continuing here.)

ETA: So that’s all the book winners. You can keep commenting but it won’t win you any books.