Jim C Hines is Awesome

I feel like the world needs to know, so I am doing my part, right here, right now, to spread the word. If you doubt his awesomeness, go read this post. You will have no choice but to agree with me before you’re done. (And if you disagree, be sure to come here and troll in my comments. We love trolls here at www.annaguirre.com; they keep our bridges safe.)

See all the pretty books? I’m giving those all away next week. Why? Because Jim C Hines is awesome! I might give them all to one person. Or to eight different people. I’m crazy like that. It will be utter chaos for the next seven days.

To enter to win, you must play a game. How many of you are familiar with Chuck Norris Facts? (If you’re not, click the link. You’ll figure it out.)

We are, of course, doing Jim C. Hines facts here on the blog for the next week. I will start you out with one.

Jim C Hines is so awesome that when he does a book signing, the books line in up the aisles and dance, like the hot dogs on the drive-in movie screen.

ETA: Winner! TJ takes home all the Jim Hines books. Don’t you wish you were TJ right now? Of course you do. TJ, email me your details.