scavenger huntUPDATE 10/6/14 – THIS HUNT IS OVER

Today kicks off a Fall YA Scavenger Hunt, and there are tons of great prizes to be won. You decide how much effort to put into it, but the rewards will definitely be commensurate with the time you spend visiting various sites and gathering clues.

There are six teams: RED, GOLD, GREEN, ORANGE, INDIE and BLUE.

I’m on the RED team, myself. red team If at any point, you get stuck, check out the How to Hunt page for help.

At this hunt, you not only get access to exclusive content from each author, you also get a clue for the hunt. Add up the clues, and you can enter for our prize–one lucky winner will receive one signed book from each author on the hunt in my team! But play fast: this contest (and all the exclusive bonus material) will only be online for 72 hours!

There are six contests going on simultaneously, and you can enter one or all! Either way, it’s up to you. Pretty exciting stuff, right?

If you’d like to find out more about the hunt, see links to all the authors participating, and see the full list of prizes up for grabs, go to the YA Scavenger Hunt page.


Directions: Below, you’ll notice that I’ve listed my favorite number. Collect the favorite numbers of all the authors on the red team, and then add them up (don’t worry, you can use a calculator!).

Entry Form: Once you’ve added up all the numbers, make sure you fill out the form here to officially qualify for the grand prize. Only entries that have the correct number will qualify.

Rules: Open internationally, anyone below the age of 18 should have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit the completed entry form by October 5, at noon Pacific Time. Entries sent without the correct number or without contact information will not be considered.

I have the pleasure of hosting the talented Page Morgan, author of the  THE LOVELY & THE LOST.  Let’s get to know her better before I show you the good stuff, okay?

wp3030e4ac_05_06About Ms. Morgan, in her own words:I’m the author of the YA Gothic thriller THE BEAUTIFUL & THE CURSED, along with its sequel THE LOVELY & THE LOST. I’ve been intrigued by les grotesques ever since I came across an old, black-and-white photograph of a Notre Dame gargoyle keeping watch over the city of Paris. I wanted to tell that gargoyle’s story. Soon, the idea for The Beautiful & the Cursed was born. I live in New England with my husband and our three daughters, an English Pointer puppy, an arrogant cat, two cuddly bearded dragons, a bunch of chickens, and during the summer and fall, our neighbor’s two sweet horses.”

About THE LOVELY & THE LOST: Ingrid and Gabby Waverly moved to France expecting a quiet reprieve from London gossip, but the truth they face in their new home has a sharper–and deadlier–sting.

Paris is plagued by an underworld of demons and gargoyles who all seem to want something from the Waverly girls. Saving Ingrid’s twin, Grayson, from the fallen angel Axia nearly killed them. And they’re still being hunted–only this time, demons aren’t their only predators.

Ingrid’s blood is special: it bestows the power to command gargoyles. It’s an ability no other human has, and in the wrong hands, it could be used to send her cursed guardian, Luc, and his fellow Dispossessed to extinction. There are those who will do anything to get Ingrid’s blood–and they see no value in human life.

The Alliance has vowed to protect the Waverlys, and a new gargoyle has been assigned to guard their abbey home alongside Luc. But no one can watch over Ingrid, Gabby, and Grayson all the time–which means the three must learn to fight for themselves.

Because darkness follows the Waverlys. And sometimes darkness comes in the form you trust the most.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?


Now, let’s get to Ms. Morgan’s bonus content. You lucky readers get to check out this exclusive excerpt from THE WONDROUS AND THE WICKED, coming April 2015:

Ingrid waited until Marco had disappeared before turning around, slowly. She realized that she was afraid. It was ridiculous. She had nothing to fear from Luc, yet her pulse leaped and her breath caught in her throat when she saw him. He’d raked back his obsidian hair, and while Ingrid stood speechless he allowed his eyes to rove over her. They coasted hungrily from her messy chignon to her lips to her neck and bodice and then up again.

“You should have told me where you were,” she whispered.

Luc abruptly moved away, toward the open ballroom doors. “And now you know why I tried to keep you away.”

Ingrid followed, shivering uncontrollably. “I’m not afraid of Vincent.”

She knew Luc wouldn’t believe the lie, but it felt good to say it anyway. Of course she was afraid of him. He was an angry, powerful gargoyle and he’d just made a public vow to kill her.

Luc stopped in the center of the ballroom, underneath the giant chandelier hanging crookedly from the ceiling. He stood motionless on the cracked and stained tiles, the dance floor covered in filth, debris, and mouse droppings. The rotted piano had lost one of its legs and crashed into a tilt, yellowed sheet music scattered over the floor around it like leaves.

“He wants you dead,” Luc said, his back to her. He wore the same clothes he’d always worn, the loose alabaster linen shirt and tan canvas trousers. He looked the same and sounded the same, and yet there was something different about him. Ingrid didn’t know what it was.

He turned to face her, the fading sun setting the ballroom in a hazy gilded light.

“And he wants me out of the way so he can be elder, unchallenged. What better way to do that than to prove to all of the Dispossessed that I’ve taken a human?”

Ingrid’s stomach bottomed out as she realized what she’d done.

“Oh,” she whispered, pulling back a step. “Oh, no. Luc—”

She’d entered gargoyle common grounds and defended Luc, attacking his opposition with her demon gift. And just moments after Vincent had accused Luc of falling in love with a human. With her.

“I gave him what he wanted.” She buried her face into her palms. “I’m so sorry, Luc. I wasn’t thinking. I heard him firing up the other gargoyles and I knew they’d try to attack you and rip you apart like what happened to René and I—”

Tears stung at her eyes, and she was glad she’d covered her face. She hated when her lips and chin quivered in the effort to fight off a sob.

“Ingrid.” Luc had come to stand directly in front of her. He pulled her hands from her face, but she turned her head, not wanting to see how disappointed he was right then.

He brought their entwined hands down between them, level with his hips, and tugged her forward. With his lips at her ear, Luc whispered, “It’s not that I wasn’t impressed.”

She felt the brush of his lips against her earlobe and Ingrid forgot her embarrassment. She forgot the rundown ballroom and her dwindling time before Marco came to fetch her.

“But don’t risk yourself for me again,” Luc said, his breath hot against her ear. She angled her head toward him, wanting nothing more than his warmth.

“You risked yourself for me,” she said. “By finding me in the park. Coming for me when Vincent could have been watching your every move.”

He sighed, nuzzling her temple before letting one of her hands go. He stepped back.

“Have you healed?” he asked, rubbing his thumb along the center of her palm. “I wish I could know without asking.”

That was what was different about him. He couldn’t sense her. She didn’t understand how, but she felt the loss of that connection too.

“I’m fine now,” she assured him.

He kept hold of her hand as he started walking, avoiding a pile of old sheets clumped together in the middle of the dance floor.

Luc kept on toward the grand, Rococo-styled double doors that led into the building’s main corridor. She didn’t know where he thought they could go with the few minutes they had left together. Ingrid wanted to follow Luc through the house anyway, perhaps up the stairs to Lennier’s rooms. She wanted to stay with Luc in this decrepit, timeless place while the rest of Paris dealt with Axia’s imminent return.



Don’t stop playing! To continue hunting for clues and reading more exciting, exclusive content, click on to JENNY LUNDQUIST’s blog. I know she has some delicious goodies waiting.

Finally, this post has been sponsored by the number 88 . (Psst. This is an important clue. Remember it!)

PS – Go look for my exclusive content, too! I interviewed Kian from MORTAL DANGER for you. Happy hunting!

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Hey, readers!

So it isn’t long before the YA Scavenger Hunt begins. I hope you have plenty of time because there isn’t just one team or two or even three. This time we have 6, that’s right, 6 YASH teams which means more prizes, news, and fun! So let’s get started.














Hope you all are as excited as I am! The YA Scavenger Hunt begins at noon pacific time on Thursday, October 2nd and runs through Sunday, October 5th. That means to get through the entire hunt you’ll need to go through 1.5 teams per day!

Which books would you like to win?

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First off, congratulations! And thanks to everyone who participated. I hope it was fun. 

Olivia Campbell –  trip or laptop

 Mighta Zerie Nolasco –  manuscript critique

Zairah Divino – flash drive

Lea Krnjeta – branded compact

Lina G – Skype chat

Alyssa Susanna – signed Fierce Reads book prize package

Arnie Arce – movie poster

Chelle Pike – infinity symbol necklace

You can contact me with your shipping information using the link on my contact page. If you don’t get in touch by August 26th, we will draw for a new winner. In the event a grand prize goes unclaimed, then it will be awarded to the next hardest-working person on the roster. 

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I’m excited to tell you all about an event I’m putting together in conjunction with Harlequin, called Let It Go Day. #LetItGo

In I WANT IT THAT WAY, Ty has to let go of old pain in order to embrace happiness and open his heart to love. We all have past baggage that makes it hard to move forward. So in honor of this, we’ll be celebrating his freedom on September 3rd. 

I invite all my readers (and other authors) to participate by letting go of painful memories and reaffirming your freedom. I can’t wait for the excitement on September 3rd and I hope you’re up for it as well. Right now I can’t share all the details but I hope it’ll be a great, empowering day.LetItGoTeaser

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It’s almost release time for MORTAL DANGER, the first book in my new YA trilogy about bullies, beauty, prep school, and revenge. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the cover is absolutely amazing.


I love the infinity symbol. In honor of the release of MORTAL DANGER (coming 8/5/14), I’m doing an Infinity Symbol Scavenger Hunt for the entire month of July.  Your mission will be to find and capture (take a picture of) any infinity symbols you can find or create.  The more creative you get, the more points you will earn.  Here’s an example of one I found in Vancouver, Canada.

Mortal Danger Scavenger Hunt 

I need your help in spreading the word about the scavenger hunt and the release of MORTAL DANGER. It will help if you include links, ie show us what you’re doing in comments. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Create your own infinity symbol art +2
  • Tweet your pic of an infinity symbol with #MortalDanger +2
  • Facebook wall post +2
  • Blog about Mortal Danger & the Infinity Symbol Scavenger Hunt +3
  • Pre-Order Mortal Danger +5
  • Pre-Order Mortal Danger as a gift for a friend +5
  • Random, acceptable non-spammy idea on the part of the street team member (# entries negotiable). Like renting a billboard and painting a replica of the cover on it. I’d give 100 for that. Heh. And any creative idea you come up with, I’ll handle on a case-by-case basis, and assign a number of entries at that time.

That said, I don’t support or authorize spamming. Tweeting it 40 times a day doesn’t earn you 80 entries. That will only annoy people, not make them interested in the book. So there is a CAP on tweet entries. No more than five tweet entries, over the course of the month, will be accepted, and those should be spaced out, not done on the same day. It’s up to you to track your entries and follow the rules, and we’re operating on the honor system. However, I will look at the winners’ social media footprint, so if you claim to have done something online to spread the word, there should be a record of it. Anyone who enters this contest and spams up the internet will be disqualified and permanently banned from all of my contests going forward. I want to get the word out, not bother anyone.

Which brings me to my next point. You’re competing to win a chance to fly to one of my tour locations and hang out with me. (Or, you can choose to win a laptop if you hate to travel and don’t want to come see me.) This isn’t a random drawing; the hardest working person will walk away with the grand prize. But so that everyone doesn’t work their butts off in vain, only to be outdone by someone who has an uncle who runs a skywriting business, there will also be random winners. So let me list the loot below:

Grand prize: laptop, or a trip to meet me on tour (value not to exceed $800, would include round trip airfare & 1 night at a hotel)

The second hardest-working entrant can earn:

  • Manuscript Critique from Liz Szabla (one-read, general notes & comments on marketability, no guarantee to publish)

Random prizes:

  • Skype visit with me
  • Branded flash drive containing my backlist
  • Original limited edition “Mortal Danger” as movie poster
  • Mirror compact with infinity symbol & my brand
  • Infinity symbol necklace
  • Signed books from me & other Fierce Read authors

Is this giveaway international? Yes. However, if you win the Grand Prize and you live outside the US, or if the trip would otherwise surpass $800, joining me on tour won’t be possible. In that case, you’ll receive the laptop.  All the other prizes can be mailed internationally.

This contest runs until July 31st.  By August 12th, I’ll pick the winners. Keep a tally in comments, please. Every new picture you take or new place you share, come back and report what it was, plus the # of entries you earned. Then on the last day of the contest, you will need to add them up and leave a final comment. Obviously, this contest requires some effort and follow-up, but the prizes are worth it.

I hope we can get the word out about Mortal Danger. Now go out there and find those infinity symbols.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, limitations may apply, all the usual disclaimers.

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We are over the moon about the cover reveal for my 2B Trilogy Series!!! Published by Harlequin HQN, the 2B Trilogy Series is a New Adult Contemporary Romance series made up of 3 titles. I WANT IT THAT WAY is the first full-length novel in the 2B Trilogy and is set to be released August 26th. Book 2, AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, is releasing on September 30th, and THE SHAPE OF MY HEART is scheduled to be released on November 25th. You DO NOT want to miss this series!


I Want It That Way


Nadia Conrad has big dreams, and she’s determined to make them come true. But between maintaining her college scholarship and working at the local day care to support herself, dating’s the last thing on her mind. Then she moves into a new apartment and meets the taciturn yet irresistible guy in 1B….

Daniel Tyler has grown up too fast. Becoming a single dad at twenty turned his life upside down—and brought him heartache he can’t risk again. Now, as he raises his four-year-old son while balancing a full-time construction management job and night classes, the last thing he wants is noisy students living in the apartment upstairs. But one night, Nadia’s and Ty’s paths cross, and soon they can’t stay away from each other.

The timing is all wrong—but love happens when it happens. And you can’t know what you truly need until you stand to lose it.

“A tender, sweet, and sexy story about how life—and falling in love—can never be planned.”

—Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wait for You

Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound | Vroman’s | Book Depository | Powell’s| iTunes

IWITW Full Cover

I WANT IT THAT WAY on Goodreads

Read the First Chapter of I WANT IT THAT WAY here!


As Long As You Love Me


Most people dream about getting out of Sharon, Nebraska, but after three years away, Lauren Barrett is coming home. She has her reasons—missing her family, losing her college scholarship. But then there’s the reason Lauren can’t admit to anyone: Rob Conrad, her best friend’s older brother.

Football prowess and jaw-dropping good looks made Rob a star in high school. Out in the real world, his job and his relationships are going nowhere. He’s the guy who women love and leave, not the one who makes them think of forever—until Lauren comes back to town, bringing old feelings and new dreams with her.

Because the only thing more important than figuring out where you truly belong is finding the person you were meant to be with.

“I loved everything about this book… I just have two words: more please!”

New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack on I Want It That Way

Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound | Vroman’s | Book Depository | Powell’s

ALAYLM Full Cover


Read the First Chapter of AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME here!


The Shape of My Heart


Some people wait decades to meet their soul mate. Courtney Kaufman suspects she met hers in high school—only to lose him at seventeen. Since then, Courtney’s social life has been a series of meaningless encounters, though she’s made a few close friends along the way. Especially her roommate, Max Cooper, who oozes damaged bad-boy vibes from every pore.
Max knows about feeling lost—he’s been on his own since he was sixteen. Now it’s time to find out if he can ever go home again, and Courtney’s the only one he trusts to go with him. But the trip to Providence could change everything….
It started out so simple. One misfit helping another. Now Max will do anything to show Courtney that for every heart that’s ever been broken, there’s another that can make it complete.

“New Adult storytelling with an elegant and refined voice that is entirely unique in the genre.”

New York Times bestselling author Jay Crownover on I Want It That Way

Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound | Vroman’s | Book Depository | Powell’s

TSOMH Full Cover


Read the First Chapter of THE SHAPE OF MY HEART here!


Website **Facebook**Twitter**Tumblr ** Goodreads ** Newsletter SignUp

Comment on the covers & you could win a digital pre-order of I Want It That Way.

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Would you like to get one of my books for FREE? Then you can already start celebrating like this:


If you do not have a blog, remember that first preference will be given to you if you’ve reviewed books of mine at Amazon or Goodreads. There are also some foreign language titles in here, so be sure to spread the word among all of your bilingual peers.


Here are some of the titles you can request:

Silver Mirrors

Enclave – SPANISH Language Edition.

Horde – SPANISH Language Edition.

Horde – FRENCH Language Edition.

Let the Requests & Reviews commence!


Note: as it says on the form, signing up also adds you to my newsletter. Which only comes to your inbox to remind you to buy my latest release. This offer will last until the books are gone. Void where prohibited, no purchase required, first come, first served, results may vary.

Also, this time I’m limiting the giveaway to the US. If I have a lot of foreign editions left, I will open it up internationally later.

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Mortal Danger by Ann AguirreI’ve been hinting about this for a while and I now have permission to announce it to all of you since everything is locked in. Two times are yet to be confirmed but the dates are definite! I hope you’re as excited as I am about the authors who have been kind enough to help me celebrate Mortal Danger‘s release by signing with me!

Are you ready to get dangerous with us, readers?!

Tuesday, August 5th

Malaprop’s Bookstore
55 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801
With: Beth Revis, Alexandra Duncan, Meagan Spooner
Time: 7pm

Wednesday, August 6th

Cover to Cover Bookstore
3560 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
With: Rae Carson, Mindy McGinnis
Time: 6-7:30 PM

Thursday, August 7th

The Book Bin
450 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301
With: Colleen Houck, April Henry, April Tucholke
Time: 7pm 

Friday, August 8th

Book Passage
51 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera, CA 94925
With: Veronica Rossi, Corrine Jackson, Susan Ee
Time: 6:30 PM

Saturday, August 9th

Barnes & Noble Firewheel Mall
190 Cedar Sage Dr BB01, Garland, TX 75040
With: Rachel Caine & Rosemary Clement-Moore
Time: 3-5 PM

If I’m not near you, don’t worry. I’m also touring with Fierce Reads September 16-24, but those stops haven’t been announced yet. 

Are you excited?! I am. :)


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Dance monkey in the house! (You know what that means.) Okay, first… review this post: Riding the Dragon. Are we on the same page regarding what books I’m talking about? Awesome!

So basically, we pitched these books a while back. Remember, I said I wouldn’t talk about that process and I didn’t. Mum’s the word! We got multiple offers, but in the end, we sold my new adult romance trilogy to Margo Lipschultz at Harlequin. Harlequin 4232detail


I can’t even articulate how much my new editor loves these books! Her enthusiasm (and the excitement of the WHOLE team at HQN) has been absolutely mind-blowing.

At this juncture, you might ask, “How so, Ann?”

I’m so glad you’re curious! THIS is why:  

I Want It That Way  |  As Long As You Love Me  |  The Shape of My Heart

If you’ve clicked those links, you’ll see that the first two books are already up for pre-order. The third one hasn’t posted yet but it should be out around the end of November, if the other release dates are any clue. This expeditious production schedule requires stratospheric commitment and devotion on the part of the publisher and the author. It’s great news for readers because you get to read the first in four months instead of waiting a full year to eighteen months. Honestly, the speed at which HQN has gotten behind this series is astonishing, incredible, and amazingly wonderful.  That quickly, I have six books coming out in 2014 instead of three. I hope this thrills you as much as it does me, readers. 

These are books I wrote from sheer love and passion, wedging them around my other deadlines even though my workload is already… sufficient. (Note: others would supply the word maniacal.) I have to write on spec. I have to chase chimeras down dark alleys. And I’m so glad I did.  I’m thrilled to be working with Margo and HQN; I wanted that since 2007 when we first pitched Grimspace, so this feels like a professional milestone. I remember going to a HQN panel at RWA, just so I could meet her and thank her for the nice things she said about my book. It meant a lot to the noob I was at the time.

Pretty awesome, huh? Feel free to leave questions and comments below. A random commenter will be selected to receive an arc of IWITW.

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roflbotSo I got home from a weekend away and a surprising number of you have requested my thoughts on the SFWA petition, the forum re-posts, the libel suits, and the general wash of buffoonery that I missed while I was off the grid. I’ve read through the petition and here’s my takeaway:

“We miss the days when we could say whatever we wanted and people laughed and put up with it because we were elite and powerful and nobody dared object.”

I’ve read through the forum commentary as well. First, to be honest, I dropped from SFWA years ago, mostly because I found the secret forums to be awful to read. So many authors I had admired proved to have feet of clay, saying heinous things with apparent lack of remorse and complete equanimity. Given the way my own work was consistently marginalized, I decided the organization had little to offer other than dated attitudes and offensive remarks. I haven’t regretted letting my membership lapse. I haven’t missed finding barbs from people whose work I used to enjoy. That which was posted was about what I saw when I was a member, weighted by an inexplicable prejudice against youth and new ideas. Heavens forfend that people should treat one another with respect Period. That runs the gamut of race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, creed, etc. The people who shout the loudest against “political correctness” basically just want the old guard freedom to say horrendous things and to marginalize someone else without being made to feel bad for it. They cry censorship without having any real clue what the first amendment entails. Hint: it doesn’t apply to private organizations.

But anyone who’s stunned that the words they posted inside the secret clubhouse made it to the outside world? I suspect that person doesn’t understand the nature of the internet.

I’m not sure if this is the reaction you were looking for, dear readers, but for certain parties, this is business as usual. They dig and dig, never realizing they’re excavating their own graves with vitriol and bitterness, never acknowledging that their lack of relevance contributes to declining sales. Not all dinosaurs will become extinct in a catastrophic event. Some will just keep shouting into vacuum, puzzled as to why fewer and fewer people care about their message. Don’t we realize How Very Important They Are? Why, in the Old Days… Oh, right. In space, nobody can hear you whine.

And I’m out.

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