Don’t say I never gave you anything

I love their heated, slightly antagonistic attraction. This is Kyra and Reyes, from the first paranormal romance by Ava Gray. Here’s my favorite snip for the day. Enjoy.

“You think I want to go out in search of snatch.” Statement, not a question.

She tried to make a joke of it. “Wasn’t that a Larry Flynt show?”

He sighed then. “I obviously phrased the question wrong, if that’s what you extrapolated from it. I asked if we could take the night off. Together. You and me.”

His words hit her like a closed fist in the temple, and she felt dizzy, breathless. “I don’t understand. I have no idea what you want from me.”

“You know exactly what I want.”

“You already had it,” she protested. “Damn, Rey. I’m not Chinese food… men don’t come back in two hours, hungry for more.”

Don’t you just wish you knew what he says in response? It’s sooooooooooo good. But you have to buy the book to find out. Mwahahahaha!