The 2010 Cat Pic Post

Everyone knows writers are crazy cat people. I’ve managed to keep my cat obsession reasonable, and thus only have two, brothers from the same litter. I’m posting a pic of Don Quixote de la Mancha (but you can call him Don) for our show and tell. His brother looks just like him, only a bit bigger.

Don the cat Anyway, this is my cat, the one I was talking about on Twitter. He follows me around the house like a puppy. Sometimes he cries if I’ve been working too long. He also wakes me up at 4 am because he’s lonely and bored and wants a butt-rub. Lucky for him, he’s adorable. As you can see, he has his paw on me, for I am his human.

I love cats like whoa and damn. There’s some sweet kitteh rescue in my 3rd Ava Gray book, SKIN HEAT, in fact, based on my real experiences working at a vet clinic. Unlike Neva, I wasn’t the doc, though. I was the office manager. But if I had been any good at science, I think I would’ve wanted to be a vet. Sadly, I have science-fail.

And now I invite you to share your kitteh pix. Post a link in comments, so we can see your fur baby! Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away. Sometimes links get the comments nudged into moderation, but I will find and save all your kittehs from the spam folder. Show us your kittehs!