The Art of Nightfall

Nightfall art

The Change is coming.

[You may notice that I’ve switched this page from blog to news. There’s a reason for that. I can write books or I can write entertaining articles on the internet. For obvious reasons, I choose the former.

I’ll be posting when I have exciting stuff to announce. Otherwise, I’m offline and working. That’s how it has to be for me to keep my schedule. So enjoy the pretty NIGHTFALL art for now! I’ll have a cover for SHADY LADY shortly, too. And there are some really exciting goings-on related to RAZORLAND percolating behind the scenes. So keep checking back, as there may be contests, or revelations of thrilling secrets, but don’t expect me to entertain you otherwise. That’s what my books are for. So maybe go re-read one of them, ‘kay? Catch you on the flipside.]