The Big Mortal Danger Contest

It’s almost release time for MORTAL DANGER, the first book in my new YA trilogy about bullies, beauty, prep school, and revenge. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the cover is absolutely amazing.


I love the infinity symbol. In honor of the release of MORTAL DANGER (coming 8/5/14), I’m doing an Infinity Symbol Scavenger Hunt for the entire month of July.  Your mission will be to find and capture (take a picture of) any infinity symbols you can find or create.  The more creative you get, the more points you will earn.  Here’s an example of one I found in Vancouver, Canada.

Mortal Danger Scavenger Hunt 

I need your help in spreading the word about the scavenger hunt and the release of MORTAL DANGER. It will help if you include links, ie show us what you’re doing in comments. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Create your own infinity symbol art +2
  • Tweet your pic of an infinity symbol with #MortalDanger +2
  • Facebook wall post +2
  • Blog about Mortal Danger & the Infinity Symbol Scavenger Hunt +3
  • Pre-Order Mortal Danger +5
  • Pre-Order Mortal Danger as a gift for a friend +5
  • Random, acceptable non-spammy idea on the part of the street team member (# entries negotiable). Like renting a billboard and painting a replica of the cover on it. I’d give 100 for that. Heh. And any creative idea you come up with, I’ll handle on a case-by-case basis, and assign a number of entries at that time.

That said, I don’t support or authorize spamming. Tweeting it 40 times a day doesn’t earn you 80 entries. That will only annoy people, not make them interested in the book. So there is a CAP on tweet entries. No more than five tweet entries, over the course of the month, will be accepted, and those should be spaced out, not done on the same day. It’s up to you to track your entries and follow the rules, and we’re operating on the honor system. However, I will look at the winners’ social media footprint, so if you claim to have done something online to spread the word, there should be a record of it. Anyone who enters this contest and spams up the internet will be disqualified and permanently banned from all of my contests going forward. I want to get the word out, not bother anyone.

Which brings me to my next point. You’re competing to win a chance to fly to one of my tour locations and hang out with me. (Or, you can choose to win a laptop if you hate to travel and don’t want to come see me.) This isn’t a random drawing; the hardest working person will walk away with the grand prize. But so that everyone doesn’t work their butts off in vain, only to be outdone by someone who has an uncle who runs a skywriting business, there will also be random winners. So let me list the loot below:

Grand prize: laptop, or a trip to meet me on tour (value not to exceed $800, would include round trip airfare & 1 night at a hotel)

The second hardest-working entrant can earn:

  • Manuscript Critique from Liz Szabla (one-read, general notes & comments on marketability, no guarantee to publish)

Random prizes:

  • Skype visit with me
  • Branded flash drive containing my backlist
  • Original limited edition “Mortal Danger” as movie poster
  • Mirror compact with infinity symbol & my brand
  • Infinity symbol necklace
  • Signed books from me & other Fierce Read authors

Is this giveaway international? Yes. However, if you win the Grand Prize and you live outside the US, or if the trip would otherwise surpass $800, joining me on tour won’t be possible. In that case, you’ll receive the laptop.  All the other prizes can be mailed internationally.

This contest runs until July 31st.  By August 12th, I’ll pick the winners. Keep a tally in comments, please. Every new picture you take or new place you share, come back and report what it was, plus the # of entries you earned. Then on the last day of the contest, you will need to add them up and leave a final comment. Obviously, this contest requires some effort and follow-up, but the prizes are worth it.

I hope we can get the word out about Mortal Danger. Now go out there and find those infinity symbols.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, limitations may apply, all the usual disclaimers.