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Tall, Dark and Alien

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He's stranded. He's desperate. He's not looking for love.
Tamzir Jaarn aka Thrill Seeker, shortened to Seeker, is paying the price for risking an illicit holiday on an interdicted planet. His ride off-world never showed, and he's been stranded for 363 days. As his gear breaks down, food will become a problem, and if his camo unit fritzes, he'll wind up in a government lab. But he's met some cool humans online. He'll make some memories before he steals a billionaire's ship and heads for the stratosphere.


Space Con or bust!

She's nerdy. She's flirty. She's ready for romance.
Jennette Hammond is an endearing weirdo. All her friends agree; she was voted most likely bang an alien in high school. Her house is full of gray man collectibles, adorable tentacle monsters, and yes, in college, she volunteered for a SETI-type program. Not that she's ever had any close encounters of the sexy, alien kind. Heck, she's never even been able to convince anyone to attend Space Con. But that's about to change. Finally, she has online friends who have agreed to go, and it will be a romp to remember, finally putting faces to names like Seeker, Squid Head, and Jazzy Plum.

When alien meets adorkable, they're destined for an out-of-this-world affair...  



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